Fox F Box Disc & Rig Box System – Large


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Fox F-Box Disc & Rig Box System
– Large

Product Overview

•Part of a new innovative, interchangeable rig storage solution

•Comprises 1 x large double-ended rig board and 1 x large magnetic Chod
disc and boom storage board

•Supplied with 2 x Short Chod Discs and 4 x Standard Chod Discs

•Supplied discs have designated areas on them for users to write the
hook size, type and hooklink breaking strain on

•Comes with 6 magnetic disc inserts that are placed into the centre of a
Chod Disc to then fix the disc inside the Rig Box

•Anglers can remove the supplied Chod Discs and replace with the Edges
Ready Tied Chod Rig discs

•High density EVA foam on rig board ensures rig pins stay securely in

•Profiled hook bars at both ends of the rig board stop rigs from sliding
and bunching together

•Boom storage features small, moulded hooks for holding one loop or
swivel end of boom section – other end then pinned in place on the board

•Magnetic hinges allow the two boards to be separated from one another

•Compatible with the F-Box Magnetic Large Rig Box Lids

•Magnets ensure firm closure

•Moulded ruler on outside allows for accurate rig tying

•Supplied with 60 pins

Additional information

Weight 50 g






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