Korda Distance Swivel Leads

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Korda Distance Swivel Leads

As the name suggests this lead is designed purely for casting long
distances, the nose heavy design makes it very stable indeed and also
keeps the lead condensed giving good hooking efficiency. The lead is the
brainchild of Alan Partridge an 'Old School' angler well known in the
higher echelons of carp fishing for his innovative thinking and his long
range casting. He had ridiculed Danny for years saying 'my leads cast
further than yours' so one day Danny bit and said 'go on then, prove
it'. So the two of them went over to a local big pit and Danny cast as
far as he could with his original slender and pointed Distance Casting
lead, the slack was taken out and an elastic band was fitted tightly
around the line before the lead was wound in. Danny's lead was taken off
the lead clip and Alan's was put on, Danny again gave it the big un and
pulled the elastic band straight off the spool plus about 30 yards of

To add insult to injury Alan allowed Danny to put his style of lead back
on and see if he could hit the elastic, try as he might Danny could not
match the distance, so he had to use Alan's design which has remained
the same to this day!This is without Danny's favourite style of lead, he
says 'I love fishing at range in open water and building up a baited
area fishing all 3 rods only feet apart, the nose heavy shape of this
lead means it flies straight as an arrow, it just goes where you want it
to go. For this type of fishing I couldn't think of using anything else!

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