Mainline Base Mix Pop Ups – 15mm


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Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups – 15mm

Designed to complement the Dedicated Freezer Range boilies – these 15mm
pop-up hookbaits hold consistent and dependable buoyancy to providing
valuable confidence that your rig will be well presented…

With fishing situations changing throughout the course of a season and
from lake to lake, for many anglers it is absolutely vital they have the
option to use pop-up hookbaits. Often these pop-ups need to be capable
of holding ‘heavy’ rigs such as the Hinged Stiff and Chod Rigs in the
ideal hooking position for long periods of time. You need to be
confident that your rig is working correctly, which is exactly the
confidence you buy with a tub of Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop-Ups!

What’s more these pop-ups utilise the exact same liquid attractors as
our extensive range of freezer baits – matching their appearance and
smell in every way. Meaning wary or cautious fish will not spook when
feeding within an area of these baits when seen as an established food

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