Megabass Giant Dog X SW 9.8cm 14.2g – (Sp-C) Gg Kohada


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The Megabass Giant Dog-X’s realistic profile is paired with a unique sharp side-to-side, roll-walking action that will draw vicious strikes in the toughest slick-calm conditions. Featuring Megabass’ original Side Stepping Balancer System (PAT.), Giant Dog-X incorporates a lateral tungsten balancer that moves left/right for sharper turns, making crisp dog-walking action accessible to all. This patented system also powers the uniquely sharp roll-walking action of the Megabass Giant Dog-X.

Driven by this laterally-moving weight, Megabass Giant Dog-X rolls flat against the water as it walks, giving predators underneath an irresistible flash of its detailed profile. If a pencil bait simply skates left and right without rolling, it creates less surface activity and only shows its slim belly to the fish below.

Giant Dog-X is most effective when water temps are between 55 and 85 degrees. Slick, early mornings and cloudy, rainy days will often produce the best results with the Giant Dog-X.

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