Prologic Firestarter Landing Net


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Prologic Firestarter Landing Net 42inch

Prologic is a brand that manufactures all of its tackle with
practicality in mind. This is why the Prologic Firestarter Landing Net
is built for both total fish protection and durability. The net uses
composite carbon in both the handle and the net arms in order to ensure
that it can guarantee unbelievable strength. With this net you can
tackle even the largest of the UK’s carp, as well as impressive
continental doubles, in complete confidence. However, not only is this
carbon composite material incredibly strong it is also feather light.
This ensures that you don’t have to battle with any unnecessary weight
when you’re attempting to haul your monster carp onto land. The handle
of the Prologic Firestarter Landing Net is 180cm in length
(approximately 6ft). This is the ideal length for the average carp as it
allows you to target a huge range of the UK’s finest carp fishing
waters, offering you the perfect combination of compact size and
impressive reach. The full 180cm of the handle has a non-slip finish.
This ensures that you get a great grip on the pole, even when your hands
are numb or wet.

The Prologic Firestarter Landing Net has a metallic spreader block that
forms a strong join between the main body of the landing net handle and
the 42 inch arms. The mesh of the net is completely fish friendly, too,
as Prologic understands the importance of practising proper fish care.
The net comes in a classy all black, so it will look great with your
carp rods, supports, and other tackle items. What’s more, Prologic
always aims to offer incredible value of money, so this net is as ideal
for the novice angler as it is the experienced carper who fishes on a

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