Reuben Heaton Limited Edition England 120 x 4oz Scales


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Reuben Heaton England Scales

Based on a standard 4000 series scale but with special edition dial
face. With improved weight specification, this range is designed to meet
all the basic requirements of the modern angler whilst retaining those
features that have made the 4000 series so successful in many other
commercial markets. The range features a large tare/zero facility with
an accuracy of over one part in 250. A good performance scale for all

◾Tough shatterproof polycarbonate body and lens

◾ Stainless hook and hang point.

◾ Single Revolution, easy to read dial.

◾ Generous tare/zero range.

◾ Diameter 170mm.

◾ Weight 800g.

◾ After sales support

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