Salmo Freediver Super Deep Runner 9cm 11g

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Salmo Freediver Super Deep Runner 9cm After a year of hard work by the Salmo designers and dozens of tests with use of 3D printing techniques we proudly introduce the all new Salmo Freediver 9 SDR. This is a floating/diving lure with unique, elongate shape and large size lip like no other on the market. The internal workings of the Freediver also sets it apart from all others. Two rattle chambers for a low and high pitch sound and Long Cast (LC) weight transfer system enables longer casts with fewer tangles. The all new Salmo Freediver writes the final chapter and sets new standards in how anglers will be fishing with a true mega deep diving lure. The use of the best quality components like excellent Mustad KVD Triple Grip and newest techniques to produce and finish the lures allows achievement of features unavailable in the other similar competitor baits. The tear strength is about 30 kg. Laboratory testing shows that this durability is a parameter that the competition can only dream of! The effectiveness of Freediver was tested at several fisheries in Europe and in the US. In every one of them, the "new baby" of Salmo, shows its claws and entices the predators. The purpose of the bait is mainly to catch Predators at extremely deep depths. The tests proves that the predator fish also appreciates the efforts of the Salmo designers. The new wobbler was used to catch numerous fish, including some spectacular specimens! 9cm Floating Lure 3D holographic eyes Premium quality Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip Super tough ultra sonic welded plastic construction


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