Savage Gear Gravity Stick Pulse Tail 14cm 15gm


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Product Description

The Savage Gear Gravity Stick Pulse Tail 14cm 15gm is a high-quality fishing lure designed for anglers who enjoy casting and retrieving. This lure is a perfect choice for catching predatory fish species. The Gravity Stick Pulse Tail is 14cm in length and weighs 15gm, which makes it easy to cast and retrieve. The lure is designed with a realistic swimming action, which mimics the movement of live baitfish. The swimbait is also equipped with a ribbed body, which adds to the lifelike appearance of the bait. The lure features a flexible, soft body construction that enables it to vibrate and pulsate in the water, attracting fish with its natural movement. The body material is also durable and resistant to damage, making it suitable for frequent use. The Gravity Stick Pulse Tail is equipped with a hook that is sharp and strong, ensuring that it will remain firmly attached to the fish once it is hooked. The hook is also designed with a weighted system that balances the lure in the water, making it easy to control during retrieves. Overall, the Savage Gear Gravity Stick Pulse Tail 14cm 15gm is an excellent choice for anglers looking for a high-quality fishing lure that is both realistic and durable. Its lifelike swimming action and flexible, soft body construction make it an effective bait for catching predatory fish species, while the sharp and sturdy hook ensures that the lure remains firmly attached to the fish once it is hooked. A slim-profile, long-casting range of soft lures with a high specific gravity. All the lures have a rattle slot in the main body plus an insert weight slot in the tail area to add even more distance to your cast if required. The nose of the lures are perfectly designed for easy rigging on our small hitchhikers. The back of each lure has a recessed slot for 6/0 weedless hooks, plus a hook guide entry point on the belly for precise and easy rigging. Pulsetail – offers a very subtle and realistic pulsing tail action on a simple straight retrieve, where the body of the lure deliberately has a “no-action” profile while the tail seductively pulses all the time. The Pulsetail swims perfectly at a variety of speeds plus it also


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