Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g Medium Heavy


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Product Description

Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g Medium Heavy The Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g rod is a versatile fishing rod designed for medium-length casting distances and accuracy. This rod range is perfect for a wide range of saltwater fishing locations, including ports, rocks, and beaches. The super versatile action blanks offer a perfect balance of casting distance and accuracy, making them ideal for targeting sea bass, pike, zander, perch, bluefish, bonitos, and anything in between. One of the standout features of the Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g rod is its SeaGuide Gold Label reel seat. This high-quality reel seat provides a secure and comfortable grip on your reel, ensuring that you have complete control over your fishing line at all times. The SeaGuide Gunsmoke SW Guides are also a highlight of this rod range. They provide exceptional line control and prevent tangles, even when casting medium distances. The Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g rod features super versatile action blanks that are designed to deliver precision control of both hard and soft lures, depending on the casting weight you choose. These blanks are made using Toray high modulus carbon fiber, which is one of the strongest and lightest materials available in the fishing industry. This material ensures that the rods are both durable and lightweight, making them easy to handle and maneuver. The CCS guide setting on these rods provides excellent line control, which is essential when casting medium distances. The guide setting works with the super versatile action blanks to deliver maximum casting distance and accuracy. The end result is an exceptional fishing experience that is both enjoyable and productive. The Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g rods are also built to last. The tough EVA handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, even when reeling in large or heavy fish. The deluxe rod bags are also a great addition to this rod range, as they offer additional protection during transportation and storage. In conclusion, the Savage Gear SGS2 All-Round 9′ 15-50g rod range is an excellent investment for any angler who wants a versatile and durable fishing rod that can handle a wide range of saltwater fishing situations. It is built to provide exceptional casting ability, superior line control, and excellent durability. The SeaGuide Gold Label reel seat, SeaGuide Gunsmoke SW Guides, and super versatile action blanks all work together to deliver an exceptional fishing experience. The tough EVA handles and deluxe rod bags make this rod range an all-around excellent choice for any angler, regardless of their level of experience. • SeaGuide Gold Label reel seat • SeaGuide Gunsmoke SW Guides • Super Versatile Action Blanks • CCS Guide Setting • Toray high modulus carbon fibre • Tough EVA handles • Deluxe rod bags


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