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Sticky Baits Liquid Foods

Fish Sauce

Countless hours has been spent at Sticky HQ sourcing what is, in our
opinion, the very best quality liquid food selection available on the
market today! Once considered a “luxury” item, liquid foods in general
have proven themselves time and time again as must use products that
provide a genuine edge over anglers not harnessing their awesome, 100%
natural, attraction!

This totally natural liquid packs a punch with fermented anchovy
extract, salt and sugar, giving it a pungent, salty-sweet kick that fish
seem to find difficult to resist.

Our version is human-grade (it’s used in Thai cooking), which means it’s
the very best available, and is extremely effective when mixed in with
particles during preparation. As well as a particle soak, Fish Sauce
makes a great glaze for boilies and pellets, giving them a unique boost.

It’s a thin liquid that is extremely soluble, meaning that it releases
its attractor payload very soon after your bait enters the water.

Key Features

• Fermented anchovy extract with added salt and sugars

• Powerful addition to particles during preparation

• Perfect for glazing boilies and pellets

• Human food grade

• PVA Friendly

Supplied in a 500ml bottle.

Salmon Oil

Fresh Scottish salmon oil that’s a proven fish attractor, as well as an
excellent energy source for carp.

Our Pure Salmon Oil is a particularly rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6
essential fatty acids that carp need, and its uses in carp fishing are
many and varied. The two most effective applications of salmon oil are
coating hook baits and coating freebies, be they boilies or floaters. A
thin glug of this rich oil gives an added level of attraction to your
baits, especially through the warmer months and the thinnest glaze will
help to make cork-ball pop-ups tougher and preserves them long past
their normal shelf life, once thoroughly glugged.

Key Features

• Fresh Scottish Salmon Oil

• Packed with essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

• Perfect for glugging hookbaits or freebies

• PVA Friendly

Supplied in a 500ml bottle.

Hemp Oil

As the name suggests, this bulk food oil is obtained from one of the
best angling baits of all time, and is recognised as the principal
attractor within hempseed itself.

The Pure Hemp Oil has a wonderfully-nutty taste and aroma that is simply
devine, and a nutritional profile that is up there with the very best
food oils available being rich in the omega oils, vitamins and minerals
that a carp requires.

Whether you add this to your spod mix, use it to dampen down sticks or
simply glug boilies with it, the Pure Hemp Oil is guaranteed to boost
the natural attraction of any bait and get those carp feeding.

Key Features

• Premium-grade, cold-pressed hemp oil

• Distinctive nutty taste and aroma

• Perfect for glugging hookbaits or freebies

• PVA Friendly

Supplied in a 500ml bottle.

L-Zero 30T

Following on from the discontinuation of the original L-Zero-30 and the
upheaval it created in the carp fishing world, as we promised here is a
liquid with almost identical properties and nutritional profile as its

This concentrated soluble fish protein is made from fresh raw Tuna that
has undergone the same enzyme-treatment process as the original. The new
L-Zero-30-T still offers a fantastically fishy smell and taste, while
still containing the high level of naturally occurring salts.

As always this pure food liquid is sold in it’s neatest form making it
an ideal bait glug/soak which cannot be over-done.

Supplied in 250ml Glugs.

Liquid Liver

Our premium quality, pre-digested Liquid Liver is packed with amino
acids, which provoke a strong and often instant feeding response from

The attractive qualities of meaty Liquid Liver have been known for many
years, but we’ve managed to source a version that’s of the very highest
grade. It makes a superb coating for boilies or pellets, which helps to
ramp the attractiveness of even the most effective baits. Aside from its
superb nutritional attributes, Sticky Liquid Liver is also supremely
soluble, helping to draw fish to your bait from the second it’s

Key Features

• Soluble food liquid

• Pre-digested for ultimate pulling power

• Packed with attractive amino acids

• Perfect for coating boilies or pellets

• PVA Friendly

Supplied in a 1 litre jerry can.

Cap Oil

It has taken a lot of tweaking to get it perfect, but it is now there.
This mixture of extra-refined cod liver oil and blended fish oil is made
all the more special by the inclusion of a rather fiery capsicum
(chilli) extract.

Ideal for use in the spring and summer months, this rich, deep red bulk
food oil really gives a “kick” to any mix.

As with all our liquids, the Cap-Oil is completely PVA friendly and has
proven a fantastic additive to dampen down our Active Mixes. As well as
this, it can be used as a glug/soak for boilies and pellets to really
boost their natural attraction.

Another favourite use for the Cap-Oil is to add a little to your
favourite chum mixers to really make them stand out, a definite edge for
any avid surface angler.

Supplied in a 1 litre jerry can.

Pure Tuna Liquid

Sourced from the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, this pure,
ultra-soluble tuna hydrolysate has an amino profile equal to the
legendary L-Zero 30.

Just like the Pure Krill Liquid, this is a totally raw, fresh product
and being low in fat and high in soluble, digestible proteins, it’s the
perfect food source for fish. High levels of palatable amino acids make
it a phenomenal carp attractor too.

There’s an almost endless list of applications for Pure Tuna, for all
species. You can glug or soak pellets and boilies in it, add it to a PVA
bag or stick mixes, spod mixes and groundbait, or incorporate it into
boilies at the mixing stage.

Key Features

• Rich in attractive amino acids

• Totally raw, fresh product

• Packed with soluble, digestible proteins

• Perfect for glugging baits or adding to PVA stick and spod mixes

Supplied in a 1 litre jerry can

Pure Krill Liquid

Every now and then a particular product comes along which really has the
wow factor. One of these little gems is the Pure Krill Liquid.

There are only a few liquids in the bait game that genuinely stand head
and shoulders above the rest in terms of attraction, nutrition and
long-term appeal, and Pure Krill Liquid is one of them. The most
exciting liquid to hit the fishing scene since L-Zero-30. In fact,
looking at it from a scientific point of view, the Pure Krill Liquid
edges it due to its incredibly nutrient-rich profile.

After harvesting, krill is milled into a mash and heated up for the
hydrolysis (pre-digesting) stage, here enzymes are added to produce a
controlled breakdown of the krill into a liquid hydrolysate. It is this
enzyme treatment stage which makes the Pure Krill Liquid into a superb,
water-soluble liquid protein that is highly stimulatory to a fish’s

There’s an almost endless list of applications for this product for all
species. It makes a superb coating/soak for pellets and boilies, it can
be added to a PVA bag or stick mix, it can be incorporated into boilies
at the mixing stage or added to a spod mix or groundbait. Its soluble
nature makes it suitable for year-round use in any water temperature. If
you haven’t already tried it then what are you waiting for!

Supplied in 1ltr jerry cans.

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