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Sticky Baits Signiture Squid Pop Ups – Mixed Colour Pot – 16mm

The Signature Squid pop-ups are packed with the most awesome natural
attractors that they could source. Crucially, they contain a rather
special Norwegian squid hydrolysate that’s exclusive to sticky. The
potent attractor package also includes that all-time classic Squid and
Octopus flavour, in harmony with other soluble fish proteins, powdered
fish palatants and green-lipped mussel powder (GLM); a combination
designed to trigger a strong feeding response in carp.

Now, because  we know that yellow hook baits might work best one day, on
one lake, but pinks, or whites, rule the roost the next week, or on a
different venue, the Signature Squid tubs contain yellow, pink and white
versions of the same hook bait. This gives you ultimate freedom to
experiment, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got all that attraction
backing you up. Sticky have chosen to produce the Signature Squid
Pop-ups in slightly more subtle colours than some attractor baits that
you’ll see. The result is eye-catching baits that have a slightly
washed-out look to them, rather than super-bright fluoros.

Signature Squid Pop-ups can be used as potent single hook baits, or over
any free offerings, either on their own or as part of a snowman bait.
They have been able to take advantage of new sources of ingredients and
advances in research to significantly improve an absolute classic… in
fact, Sticky are confident that this is the now ultimate squid hook bait!

Signature Squid Pop-ups are available in 12mm, 14mm and 16mm

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