Sunset Breakwater Boat Rod 7ft 6′ 20/30lb Class


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Sunset Breakwater Boat Rod 7ft 6′ 20/30lb Class

We have gone back to scratch when designing this rod. We wanted to produce a lightweight and responsive blank yet making it as durable as possible due to how much abuse rods normally get on the boat. After 7 different testing models we finally created the final product which is perfect.The equal section blank also features a slightly softer glass tip for bite registration and to give more control when playing larger fish on braided lines.We have also updated the rods to be suitable to both fixed spool and multiplier reels we have noticed fixed spools becoming much more popular on boats.We have used black K guides finishing with a 10mm tip which easily allows, a swivel, clip or large knot through without interfering too much.The reel seat is fixed in an suitable position for both comfort and usability and features ergonomic grips either side. Each rod also features a durable gimbal style butt allowing it to be used in and butt pad.The range consists of 3 models, 12-20lb, 20-30lb, 30-50lb to cover most boat angling around the UK.


  • – Length 7ft 6″- 2 piece
  • – equal section- K style, braid friendly guides
  • – suitable for both fixed spool and multipliers
  • – Ergonomic grips
  • – Gimbal butt cap

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