Sunset RS Team Sunset Competition Twin Tip 14ft (4.20m)

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Sunset RS Team Sunset Competition Twin Tip 14ft (4.20m)

So you have trolled our website and the rest of the web looking for the ultimate 3 piece  ‘continental style’ rod effortless distance, superb bite detection and something which sits well in stronger tides. We are happy to say, look no further.

The RS Team Competition Twin tip rod has been designed using some of Europes top anglers to cover most fishing situations making it ideal for most of the UK’s coastline (exlcuding rough conditions and kelp beds).

How has this been done? Well Sunset has used a special 40T carbon mixed with a special resin which has produced an ultra light blank with lightening quick recovery allowing you to hit incredible distances. In test with the stiffer tip we have hit 204 yards with a plain 5oz lead. This is the futhest we have tested a rod with an simple overhead thump.

What takes this rod to another level is it having two very impressive tips designed for different styles of fishing rather than trying to have one rod which does everything which is impossible.

Lighter tip – This basically has a similar action to compliment the fast action bottom sections but has had a softer top 40cm’s allowing for incrediblebite detection. It’s not just good, it’s as good to see crabs…..passing wind. Suprisinginly you can tighten down when the sea chops up and it sits pretty well at the same time.

Stiffer tip – This has the stiffer action from the bottom two sections right through the entire tip section. It gives the user the ability to hit distances they have never dreamed with ease. It also sits brilliantly in decent swells and stronger tides making it ideal for targetting Smoothound and rays.

The rod features Fuji SiC guides which offer high durability and low friction to ensure maximum distance. It also features a high quality fixed reel seat.

Length 4.2M (14ft)

Casts 3-8oz

Sections – 3 piece

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Weight 7000 g








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