Tronixpro 2 Down Boat Rig 5/0

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Tronixpro 2 Down Boat Rig 5/0

This is the ideal rig from the boat to fish two bait in a small area to
get plenty of scent out. Also benefits from having a running lead system
which allows the fish to take the bait with little resistance then when
the fish swims away the hook sets in when the line reaches the weight.
Meaning that when you get the knock the fish is already hooked. Great
rig for fishing for Cod, Rays, Smoothounds and many more.


Hook Size 5/0

1 Rig Per Pack

Great Boat Rig For a variety of fish

All Tronixpro rigs are made using high quality tronixpro components

Save ££££ when you buy in packs of 5 or 10

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