Tronixpro Uptide Pennel Rig 6/0 1 Packet


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Tronixpro Uptide Pennel Rig 6/0

A great rig for finding big fish such as cod in tidal conditions. The
pennel rig setup allows you to mount a large bait with multiple hooking
points.Also benefits from having a running lead system which allows the
fish to take the bait with little resistance so as the fish swims away
the hook sets in when the line reaches the weight self hooking the fish.


Strong Size 6/0 Hook

1 Rig Per Pack

Great for fishing big baits for Cod in winter

All Tronixpro rigs are made using high quality tronixpro components

Save money when you buy in packs of 5 or 10

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Weight 30 g



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