Ultimate Seat Box Conversion Box


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Ultimate Seat Box Conversion Box


Daiwa Team Seat Box, Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Backrest, Breakaway
Seatbox Conversion Accessory Kit, Damiltech Mini Spool Tidy, Damiltech
Seat Box Catch Repair Kit, Damiltech Tray Toppa, Best of all it comes
already made up ready to use.

This box comes fully loaded with everything needed for shore fishing,
includes the following….

Damiltech Tray Toppa

Designed to fit the Breakaway weight tray. Holds the weights securely in
place while in transit.

No more getting to your fishing mark and finding your weights have
fallen out of the tray and are now somewhere in the bottom of your seat

A simple to fit product that has been well thought out. Some customers
are also using this product to hold their weights even though they use a

Damiltech Seat Box Catch Repair Kit

This Seat Box Catch Repair Kit has been specifically designed to fit the
Shakespeare Beta Box.

So now if you have a broken catch on your Shakespeare Beta Box there is
no need for despair and no need to go out and buy a new seat box.

Simply fit the Damiltech Solutions Seat Box Catch Repair Kit.

It is made from Stainless Steel and comes complete with a Stainless
Steel internal stiffener plate and Stainless Steel pan head bolts and

Damiltech Mini Spool Tidy

Designed to hold spools of main line, shockleader line or even snood
line, so no more hunting around in the bottom of the seat box for your
spools. Makes respooling reels or adding a new shockleader easier.

Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Accessory Tray

Weight and general tackle tray to go with
Beta and Daiwa seat boxes, but may fit some other boxes too includes a
tray to hold 16 leads Leader line dispensers two multiplier reel holders
and a camlock to prevent the box opening accidentally. Keeps you tacle
bits tidy and easy ready to use.

Daiwa Team Seat Box

Daiwa Seat Box Info: dimentions:

Side to Side Width 17.5"(45cm) x Height 15"(38cm) x Depth front to back

These seat boxes are made from durable injection moulded plastic are
very tough and can be used

in most disaplines of angling

Complete with Free cushion.

Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Backrest

For years anglers have struggled along shingle beaches with boxes slung
across one shoulder either slipping and sliding or slowly strangling
there owner. Once you have arrived at your peg the best you have got is
an uncomfortable box to sit on.

The Breakaway Backrest conversion fits onto the most seat boxes the best
one for the job is the  Beta box but will fit the larger model Riva
(Team) box as well. Once fitted those long walks will be a pleasure as
the carrying harness will hold the box onto the middle of your back and
distribute the weight evenly leaving your hands free to carry your fish
and other tackle.

NOTE: Backrest comes seperate but is very easy to fit.. Supplied with a
template and fitting instructions.

Please note: Shipping for this box in mainland UK
dependant on where you live may be delivered by Courier or Royal Mail

But with over the water destinations such as Scottish highlands and
Islands Isle of Man Northern Ireland etc we are able to send via the
Royal Mail this is a much slower service but this avoids dearer carriage
costs. Best way to buy this is to call us for more infomation
it can be complex 01524-422146.

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