Wiley X Alfa Captivate Polorised Sunglasses

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Conquer the world in style!
With the WX ALFA’s square frame and rubberized, thin, adjustable, bayonet temples you get a clean, comfortable, and timeless look, which ensures that you are kept in style for your everyday ventures into the world. Additionally, it comes with our Side Shields that can easily be added or removed, adding yet another layer of versatility. The WX ALFA is the perfect pair of sunglasses for you, who wants maximum protection, everyday wearability, and total comfort, wrapped in a classic design.

The lenses equalize the visible light spectrum to help light enter the eye more uniformly. They keep most colors neutral while enhancing greens; they reduce glare across reflective surfaces; and contrast and color in outdoor environments are highlighted.
100% UVA/UVB protective
Blue Light (HEV) protective
Lens base color: Grey

– Intense sun / Bright sun
– Outdoor sporting activities
– Deep water fishing, as they maximize the reduction of excess blue light (HEV) that is reflected by the water
– General daytime outdoor activities
– General day driving

Leash Cord, Adjustable Bayonet Temples, Removable Side Shields, Extra Side Shields for permanent installment, Rubberized Nose Pads


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