Wychwood Carp Riot Utility Rod


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Product Description

The Wychwood Carp Riot Utility Rod is a versatile and multi-functional rod designed to cover nearly all types of fishing styles from specimen angling to general stalking and floater fishing. This rod possesses an impressive blank that exhibits a delicate balance between sensitivity and power.

The Carp Riot Utility Rod features a 40T high modulus carbon blank, which provides excellent power and sensitivity, enabling an angler to detect even the subtlest of takes. The rod blank provides tremendous casting power making it suitable for long-range distance casts. Its unconventional action, coupled with a semi-retro-looking rod blank, provides a unique experience for carp anglers who want to try out something different.

The rod features a set of low-profile guides, with an anti-frap tip ring providing excellent line management, casting stability, and undisturbed and smooth response to bites. The handle is made of Japanese shrink rubber, which ensures a comfortable grip, even when tackling the biggest of carp.


The rod’s black silk Matt finish provides an impressive and unique appearance alongside its retro-style appearance. Its universal configuration, coupled with its aesthetic appeal, makes it perfect for anglers who want to try out something different and more visually appealing.

  • Matt finish carbon blank
  • Laser engraved butt cap
  • Double leg guides with anti-frap tip ring
  • Full shrink wrap handle
  • Black DPS style reel seat
  • 6inch and 12inch depth markers on blank


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