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Zziplex Zeteque TXL GT


Make a rod & reel Combo for 5% discount.

This covers manufacturing rod faults for 2 years from the original date of purchase. This doesn’t cover Guides, reel seats or shrink tube.

Our dedicated team of technical staff and rod builders ensure only the highest quality fittings are used and the rod finish is perfect.

Each rod is hand built in the UK in Zziplex red white and blue colours.

We have chosen American Tackle Company Ti-Forged Duralite K style guides to be added on the rod. They are hard wearing and the Duralite insert has a super low friction surface allowing both braid and mono to pass freely and maximise distance.

We also add an adjustable ATC reel seat over shrink tube which allows you to position the reel exactly where you want. If you have any questions about the build please call us on 01524422146 or drop us a message.

Zziplex Zeteque TXL GT 14ft 1″ 5-8oz 

The Zeteque TXL GT is the stiffest rod in the Zziplex range. It has a very powerful and stiff 7ft butt section with a powerful yet forgiving tip section and a softer glass tip for bite registration. Ideal for anglers wanting to fish over rough ground for big fish at distance yet still retaining great bite registration.

• Length 14ft 1

• Casting range 5-8oz+

• 2 PieceBlank

This Model as been built by our in house building Roger Nowell and is fully finished in Zziplex colours (red, white and blue colours)  Hybrid built for use with both multiplier & Fixed spools with Quality Fuji Alconite guides. The rod comes with a ATC premium butt cap, ATC Premium Sliding reel seat and a High Quility cloth bag.