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Frozen Sea Fishing Bait

You can’t beat frozen sea fishing bait for convenience as you are able to keep a supply at home, ensuring that you are always ready for action. You won’t have to visit the shop or go digging for worms before your trips and our bait has been blast frozen to ensure that the natural quality of the fish is maintained.

We are confident that our frozen sea fishing baits will work well for you and will create the scent trails you need to attract your intended catch. Our range features the choices you need to tailor your offering to both your chosen species and the prevailing conditions. You will probably already have your favourite baits, but it is always worth experimenting if you haven’t been achieving good results. Choose from our blueys, Mackerel, mussels, sand eels and more to create a tempting menu that fish will find it impossible to resist.

Mackerel is the most popular choice of fish bait. It possesses a high oil content which ensures that fish are readily attracted to it. Better still, mackerel’s firm flesh enables it to withstand casting and impact with the water. Pacific saury (blueys) has become very popular in recent years while sandeel is another excellent choice for targeting numerous species including bass, rays and pollock. Whitebait and pilchard would also be excellent additions to your bait collection and will give you viable alternatives when the fish remain elusive.

About blast freezing

When food is frozen, the water inside it is crystalised. If freezing takes place at warmer temperatures, the ice crystals which form are large and can rupture cells. But with rapid blast freezing at lower temperatures, the crystals formed are smaller. This results in less damage to the foodstuff being frozen. In short, blast freezing ensures that your bait is the next best thing to fresh and it can be stored in your home freezer.

Baitbox Calamari Squid 1Lb Box Baitbox Calamari Squid 1Lb Box
5 in stock
Baitbox Calamari Squid 1Lb Box Baitbox Calamari squid comes in boxes weighing 1lb, perfect session size.
Baitbox Mussel 4oz Baitbox Mussel 4oz
15 in stock
Baitbox Mussel 4oz Baitbox mussel comes in packets weighing 4oz, The mussel is raw and has been shelled
Baitbox Razor Fish Baitbox Razor Fish
40 in stock
Baitbox Razor Fish Baitbox fresh frozen Razor Fish are blast frozen fresh from the sea and then packed. 3 or 4 razor per packet depending on size
Baitbox Unwashed Squid Baitbox Unwashed Squid
In stock
Baitbox Unwashed Squid Baitbox unwashed squid comes in vac packed sealed bags
Gerrys Frozen Black Lug x100 Gerrys Frozen Black Lug x100
4 in stock
Gerrys Frozen Black Lug x100 Gerrys Frozen Black Lug is frozen from fresh to keep as much smell and goodness in the bait as possible meaning you get a much better bait once defrosted. You will recieve 10 packets of worm in wraps of ten.
Gerrys Whitebait Gerrys Whitebait
16 in stock
Gerrys Whitebait Gerrys whitebait is perfect for tipping off baits or making cocktails, Its also popular with pike anglers who like to pre bait swims


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