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Cox & Rawle Crab Hooks Cox & Rawle Crab Hooks
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Cox and Rawle Crab Hook With their short shank and offset hook point, Cox & Rawle have delivered the classic crab hook, ideal for peeler and other soft baits. Forged for strength and chemically sharpened. We have extensively tested this crab and have found it very reliable and strong when targeting larger spcies such as Bass, Rays and Smoothounds. Available in sizes: • Size: 6 - Packet of 10 • Size: 4 - Packet of 10 • Size: 2 - Packet of 10 • Size: 1/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 2/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 3/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 4/0 - Packet of 6 • Size: 6/0 - Packet of 5
Gerrys Bronze OShaugnessy Hooks Gerrys Bronze OShaugnessy Hooks
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Gerry's Bronze O'Shaugnessys The O'shaugnessy range is an extra stong hook designed for big fish. It features a heavy gauge forged bronze wire wide gape and an extra sharp hook point. Ideal for Tope, Skate, Rays & Hounds. •Forged •Bronzed •Extremeley Strong •50 per pkt (Unless otherwise stated)
Gerrys Lip Grip Circle Hooks Gerrys Lip Grip Circle Hooks
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Gerry`s Lip Grip circle hooks have been designed to lip hook fish which makes it much easier for un-hooking purposes. The hook although it looks a strange place for the hook point to get hold the circl hooks turn in the fishes mouth and have a much better chance of hooking especially in the lip than a conventional hook try some and see. It is also believed to be less stressful on the fish and is a very popular with modern day catch and release. Made from a High Carbon with a Black Nickel finish.  Super sharpe hook points and availble in packets of 25 in a size range from 1/0 to 6/0 then in 15 from 8/0 to 12/0 then in 10s at 14/0. High Carbon Construction Black Nickel Finish Out Turned Eye Inturned Circular Point Fantastic Value Circles
Behr Pilker Assist Hook (2 per pack) Behr Pilker Assist Hook (2 per pack)
22 in stock
Behr Pilker Assist Hooks An ideal '2nd' hook for any big shad, pirk or live bait. Simply clip it on a rigging point or hook eye to double your chance of hooking up. 2 per pkt.
Cox & Rawle Chinu Hooks Cox & Rawle Chinu Hooks
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Cox and Rawle Chinu Hooks Extra strong and super sharp, this classic Sea bream hook is made using high carbon steel and has a forged bend for added strength. The bend is offset giving even greater hooking potential and is ideal for peeler crab and other soft baits. Available in Sizes: •Size 8, pkt of 10 •Size 6, pkt of 10 •Size 4, pkt of 9 •Size 2, pkt of 8 •Size 1, pkt of 7 •Size 1/0, pkt of 5 •Size 3/0, pkt of 4
Cox & Rawle Meat Hook Extra (1 Per Packet) Cox & Rawle Meat Hook Extra (1 Per Packet)
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Cox and Rawle Meat Hooks Extra New Cox and Rawle Meat Hooks Extra even stronger than the standard Meat Hooks . Aimed at the big fish angler, especially the Shark and Skate angler with sizes going up to 13/0. They are thicker in the wire than standard Meat Hooks but still have super sharp ground points for lasting sharpness, perfect for Big Cod Pollock, Bass etc etc When it comes to big fish, there is really only one contender and thats the Cox and Rawle Extra Strong meat hooks, the best big fish, big hook on the market. 1 Hook Per Packet Features: •Forged Heavy Wire •Chemicaly Sharpened •Eyed
Cox & Rawle Mutsu Circle Hooks Cox & Rawle Mutsu Circle Hooks
38 in stock
Cox & Rawle Mutsu Circle Hooks The Mutsu Circle is a great hook from Cox and Rawle as it is a versitile addition to the range. The Mutsu Circle is perfect for small plaice, flounder, dab and bream yet the larger sizes of the hook are strong enough to land rays and tope. Pack sizes vary dependant on size. See size options for details.
Gerrys Assist Hooks (3 Per Pack) Gerrys Assist Hooks (3 Per Pack) best
1 in stock
Gerrys assist hooks have been designed to be fitted onto Jig and pirks. They are made from thick gauge hooks and heavy duty braid and split rings. A great value hook to catch most deep water fish. pkt of 3
Gerrys Bronze Trebles Gerrys Bronze Trebles
20 in stock
1000s sold this is a great value strong hook to put on the base of pirks when wrecking to give the ultimate in big fish hook ups! These hooks are also ideal used in many other fishing situations from adding to big plugs and spinners. 2/0 to 8/0 in boxes of 25 10/0 and 12/0 in boxes of 10 Bronzed Extra Sharp Points Strong Great Value  
Gerrys Smart Point Hooks (5 Per Pack) Gerrys Smart Point Hooks (5 Per Pack)
7 in stock
These hooks are the largest strongest sharpest hooks Gerrys stock.  Made from a forged high carbon material with a an offset barb. These hooks are superb for all the bigger swimming species including catfish. Available in packets of 5 in sizes 10/0 and 12/0. Offset Point Super Strong  
Mustad 3407 BR (Was 3406) OShaughnessy Mustad 3407 BR (Was 3406) OShaughnessy
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The Mustad O`shaunessy 3407 BR Bronze is the most popular hook used for `big fish` in the UK. This hook would be found on pretty much any angling trip targeting Skate Conger Ling or any of the Shark family.From 4/0 to 14/0s tough with a pont that can be sharpened by a stone if needed! Please: Note the hook number has changed from 3406 to 3407 only Mustad know why this is as the hook is exactly the same! in bxs of 25 up to 10/0s then 12/0 & 14/0 in 10s! It is made form a very strong heavy  forged steel has a special bend and features a bronze finish. This hook is ideal for conger traces wire traces and all heavy duty fishing situations. An absolute must for the big fish angler. Special Bend Bronze Heavy Forged Steel Extra Strong
Savage Gear Big Fish Trebles Savage Gear Big Fish Trebles
15 in stock
Savage Gear Big Fish Trebles These are the perfect trebles for big fish fishing, hence the name!, The larger sizes are spot on for replacing trebles on big soft lures such as norway shads, the smaller sizes are great for replacing the hooks on Bass lures, 8 sizes to choose from, theres a treble covering all fishing situations in this range! Super strong Stainless Steel
VMC 8382 3 x Strong Sport Circle Hooks VMC 8382 3 x Strong Sport Circle Hooks exclusive
60 in stock
VMC 8383 3 x Strong Sport Circle Hooks pks of 5 VMC top notch Circle hook, this 8382 is 3 x times stronger than most circles with ultra sharp cone cut point. Made from forged Hi Carbon steel with a reverse point to give brilliant hook ups. A great hook for many Blue Water species like Tarpon, Tuna etc but can be used in UK situations including Cod Pollock even fresh water big Cats.
VMC 9255 OShaughnessy VMC 9255 OShaughnessy best
29 in stock
VMC 9255 OShaughnessy VMC tough hi carbon steel forged hooks with O'Shaugnessy bend is the perfect hook for many big species Shark, Tope, Common Skate, Cod etc etc. ultra sharp cut point for good penitration Hi Carbon Steel Forged long shank pks of 6 hks to 8/0, 9/0 in 5pk


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