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Sea Fishing Footwear

Whether you're beach fishing, clambering down craggy rocks or on a deep sea wreck trip, what you wear on your feet has a profound impact on personal security and comfort. Don't leave your next fishing to chance! Choose from our range of sea fishing footwear here before your next fishing trip!

We stock a fantastic range of sea fishing footwear with wading boots, rock boots and non-slip designs when negotiating weed covered rocks. We also stock a great range of sea fishing wellies designed with longevity and sure footing in mind when dealing with salt water and fish slime.

Take a look at our range of sea fishing footwear before your next trip!

Fishing Wellies

Whether you're sat at the side of a lake, on the pier, or even on a boat, having a waterproof and warm pair of fishing wellies not only protects your feet from bad conditions but can help ensure that you retain grip even when you are on a damp and wet boat or casting off a muddy cliff. The best fishing wellies tend to be Neoprene fishing wellies with a suitable fit; that provide adequate comfort; and that offer the protection that your feet need even if you are forced to wade into the water.


It is vital that you choose fishing boots that fit well. If your boots are too tight then they will hurt as soon as you put them on, but if they are too loose you will start to experience discomfort as you start to put pressure on the boots during use. Consider grip, fit around the ankles and calves as well as the feet, and also the weatherproof capabilities of your footwear.

At Gerry's of Morecambe we have a varied selection of wellies and waders for you to choose from, enabling you to buy the most appropriate, most comfortable, and most functional pair for your needs.


If you intend to go out in water that is deeper than ankle or calf height, then you can consider a pair of beach fishing waders. These provide protection for the whole of your legs. Stocking-foot waders have neoprene or lined socks sewn in, but you need to wear a good pair of fishing wellies or fishing boots over the top in order to enjoy total protection. You can also buy different heights of waders, with some coming up to the chest and others only reaching the thighs. Buy the pair that best suits your fishing style and how deep you like to go.


If you aren't combining waders and wellies to provide total protection against the sea and the weather conditions around you, then you will need good quality, thick, warm, and even waterproof fishing socks. Typically, you will rely on your fishing wellies to protect against the weather, while thick socks will help to ensure that your feet are comfortable and warm.

Buying good quality socks means that you shouldn't have to wear more than a single pair and you shouldn't suffer as a result of poor weather or bad underfoot conditions.

Other Accessories

Of course, wellies and waders are just a selection of the fishing clothing and accessories that you can buy. Buy fishing jackets and even bags and luggage to help carry your fishing gear on your next expedition, or even a pair of boot pullers to help get your fishing wellies on easier every time.

Gerry's Of Morecambe

At Gerry's of Morecambe, we have a large catalogue of fishing wellies, boots, waders, socks, and a host of other accessories. From Neoprene to Daiwa boots and waders, we offer competitive rates on some of the most popular and some of the highest quality fishing accessories. Buy online or pop in to our shop to discuss your fishing equipment needs.

Savage Gear Polar Boots Savage Gear Polar Boots
16 in stock
Savage Gear Polar Boots Simply the perfect fishing boot! Ultralight & Warm! Extremely tough 100% Oxford polyester shell fabric with water-repellent finish Insulated by one layer of 100% sponge and artificial warm berber fleece of 70% polyester/30% acrylic as inner lining Adjustable at upper collar Removable breathable foam innersole for extra comfort Ultralight 100% waterproof EVA mid-sole 100% strong rubber outsole with special grip pattern
Vass Evo Thermal Winter Boots Vass Evo Thermal Winter Boots
3 in stock
Vass Evo Thermal Winter Boots ( Non Studded ) These superb boots offer possibly the best sole we have ever seen. It has been designed specifically for fishing and can comfortably cope with bait collection and walking over rough stones and mussels. The hard wearing boots are completed with a warm thermal lining to ensure warth all year round. Features include:- • Double reinforced upper body of boot includes ankle, lower shin and toe area •Wider calf & foot fitting •Deep heel kick (easier to take the boots off) •Ultra chunky sole •Ladder grip on sole bridge (extra grip & reinforcement when walking over rock ridges, stones and debris)
Vass Fleece Lined Boots Vass Fleece Lined Boots best
37 in stock
Vass Fleece Lined Boots with quick release Velcro straps, easy on and off, and benefit from 'no metal zips or eyelets, no rust' and no more broken laces caused by rusty lace eyelets. Waterproof to halfway with textile upper is water resistant. Features include Lightweight, Flexible high quality PVC, easy and quick to put on and take off. These are a very comfy warm boots that will keep your feet warm in most conditions. Good for rock work slipping from bolder to bolder, and have the now famous Vass tough sole that has good grip! (Please Note: Sizes are more fitted on this style compared to our normal boots, you may need to go up a size dependant on preference) Gerry's Highly Recommend this product.
Imax Sea Boots Imax Sea Boots save
7 in stock
IMAX SEA BOOTS MKII The mark 2 version has taken the best parts of the original boot and added some improvements. The first thing you notice is the weight, these boots are lighter than the previous model but still retain a sturdy feel around the ankle to provide decent support. This boot is 30% lighter than most other PVC boots you hardly know your wearing them! The sole has had a new pattern added to improve grip and the boot it waterproof to where to tongue splits. Features- Foil insulation in the sole seperates you from the cold ground to make these boots extra warm and thermal. 100% strong dirt-repellent Oxford Nylon main material. Lightweight 100% waterproof TRP outsole. Warm felt lining with 200g Thinsulate insulation. Easy lacing system with durable laces and saltwater-resistant buttons. Padded ankle cuff for maximum comfort. Tough multi-grip outsole.
Imax Tira Rubber/Neoprene Boots Imax Tira Rubber/Neoprene Boots
12 in stock
Imax Tira Rubber/Neoprene Boots These new boots from Imax are probably the best boots they have made. They feature a hard and durable sole and foot casing. The upper part of the boot is made from 6mm neoprene which is warmer & comfier than your average boots.Please be informed these are a large fitting boot Features- Waterproof 100% genuine rubber bottom shell 6mm neoprene shaft for thermal insulation & great comfortability Reinforced at toe Nice red contrast colour inside Superior sole construction with light EVA mid-sole High-tech 2-tone rubber outsole – very robust, durable & flexible with multi-grip pattern
Vass Evo Thermal Winter Studded Boots Vass Evo Thermal Winter Studded Boots
1 in stock
Vass Evo Thermal Winter Boots ( Studded ) These superb boots offer possibly the best sole we have ever seen. It has been designed specifically for fishing and can comfortably cope with bait collection and walking over rough stones and mussels. The hard wearing boots are completed with a warm thermal lining to ensure warmth all year round. This model is complete with a fully studded sole. Features include:- • Double reinforced upper body of boot includes ankle, lower shin and toe area •Wider calf & foot fitting •Deep heel kick (easier to take the boots off) •Ultra chunky sole •Ladder grip on sole bridge (extra grip & reinforcement when walking over rock ridges, stones and debris)
Vass R-Boot 3/4 Length Vass R-Boot 3/4 Length
48 in stock
Vass R-Boot 3/4 Length New Winter Fur lined Vass R-Boot. Tough, comfortable ¾ height waterproof boot with fixed fur Winter liner. Also easy and quick to put on Features include:- Fixed Fur Warm Winter liner ¾ height for comfort Double reinforced upper body of boot. Includes ankle, lower shin and toe area Wide calf & foot fitting Deep Heel Kick (easier to take the boots off) Ultra Chunky Sole Ladder Grip on sole bridge (extra grip & reinforcement when walking over rock ridges, stones and debris) Fixed insole for warmth and comfort Studded & Non Studded Sole available
Drews Berwick Wellington Boots Drews Berwick Wellington Boots
2 in stock
Drerws Berwick Wellingtons Berwick from Drews is ideal for work or leisure .The deep cleated sole offers excellent grip .Made in waterproof construction, and durability for all weather. Available Options Colour: Green Size: 5- 11
Imax Featherlite Boots Imax Featherlite Boots
10 in stock
Imax Featherlite Boots The New Featherlite Boots from Imax are a Ultralight boot with a deeper tread outsole than the normal EVA boots on the market.Great for when you have a long walk to your fishing mark, as you cant tell you have them on. With the soft inner lining which ensures great insulation to keep your feet warm. Features- 100% EVA material rich in micro bubbles (foam rubber) for perfect insulation Extremely lightweight – weighs 30-40% less than PVC boots Removable soft inner lining with shaft of polyester fleece & foam and insole of felt & aluminium foil to ensure insulation as well as absorb & wick away moisture Nice decorative collar Deep tread outsole for multi-grip
Imax North Ice Rubber Boot Imax North Ice Rubber Boot
9 in stock
Imax North Ice Rubber Boot The NEW Imax Boot is set to be a great allrounder with the new innovative outsole design and Strong & superior rubber boots. Making it ideal for both fishing, walking  with the side strap givin you extra support and comfort. Features Waterproof genuine rubber boots Improved last for ultimate walking comfort Nice red contrast color neoprene lining inside for extra warmth Gusset with adjustable strap Removable inner sole High performance sole construction with light EVA mid-sole Innovative 100% rubber outsole reinforcing toe and heel and with deep multi-grip pattern Available in sizes 6 - 12 Please note these boots are a bigger fitting boot
Jack Pyke Boot Puller Jack Pyke Boot Puller sale
6 in stock
Jack Pyke Boot Puller A strong heavy duty boot puller / jack with foot grip. Ideal for taking off muddy hunting boots. Tough tread on top for stability when anchoring with opposite foot. Alternatively can be fixed to floor using hole at bottom. Features; Covered in smooth flexable sleeve to protect boots from scuffs Made from heavy duty plastic Tread on top for extra stability Can be fixxed to floor using hole at bottom Approx Size: 33cm long 10.5cm wide at boot end
Savage Gear Off Road Boot Savage Gear Off Road Boot
11 in stock
Savage Gear Off Road Boot These boots are tough in both performance and design, this Savage Gear Boot offers you the perfect solution for keeping your feet comfortable and warm during all outdoor activities. Great for use on rock marks ,or when a long walk is on the cards. Features: 100% Waterproof hydro-guard construction Sealed seams Durable ,reinforced protection on all exposed areas Padded and lined with soft micro fleece 200gm 3m thinsulate insulation keeping your feet warm Quick-pull lacing system Durable laces and intragrated leather loops Superior Rubber Outsole Hidden EVA mid sole for lightweight constrution Multi grip sole pattern for stability Comfort range down to -30 degrees
Tronix Neoprene Boots Tronix Neoprene Boots sale
4 in stock
Tronix Neoprene Boots Brand new for this year and what a lot of welly you get for your money. These 100% waterproof wellies are made from 2 main materials. The sole and lower section is made from a hard wearing PVC material to ensure durability and reliability. The Top section is made from a 4mm neoprene which gives the wearer comfort and insulation making this a very impressive set of wellies. Features- 100% Waterproof Warm & Comfortable Hard Wearing High grip, lightweight sole Ideal for beach fishing but great multi-purpose fishing boot Available in sizes 7 - 13
Vass Wader Bag Vass Wader Bag
3 in stock
Vass Wader/Boot Bag Another great product from Vass showing that they have the angler in mind with every product they design. This bag as a number of uses from carrying your wader's to storing your waterproofs in. ‘Vass Wader Bag’. These bags offer a great & compact way to carry your waders whilst ensuring that the dirt from your waders doesn’t affect your other kit or car boot! The bag size is deceptive and will even take the largest sized chest wader (Vass-Tex 740 chest in size 13). Then when inside the draw-cord can be pulled to close the opening fully. There is a breather ‘mesh panel’ on each side to reduce moisture build up internally (mainly when in warm conditions ie in the back of a car after a fishing session). Note: It’s worth noting to customers that if your waders (any make of wader) are wet it’s advisable to dry them when they return home and not to keep wet waders folded up in a bag for long periods of time. For best drying results use a ‘Vass Wader Hanger’


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