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When lure fishing it's often the case that you will have to try a number of different lures before you find one that the fish will take for any given fishing condition. Traditionally lures are tied directly to the trace line, which makes changing lures a real chore... nobody wants to waste time tying yet another knot!

Our solution to this age-old problem is simple... use one of our lure clips! Tie the clip onto your trace line and then changing your lure becomes a matter of seconds! No more lost time on expensive wreck fishing trips and no missing that fish you can see swimming away from you when you need to change to a weedless lure!

Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack) Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack) exclusive
15 in stock
Behr Magic-Power Link The Magic Power Link is an absolute must for anyone using big pirks, jigs and heavy duty lures. There exceptional strength offers peace of mind when targeting big fish species, constructed from stainless steel, they offer durability and longevity from there construction. Available in 2 sizes 6/0 89kg (195lb approx) 8/0 140kg (308lb approx) 2 Per Packet
Behr Pilker Assist Hook (2 per pack) Behr Pilker Assist Hook (2 per pack)
22 in stock
Behr Pilker Assist Hooks An ideal '2nd' hook for any big shad, pirk or live bait. Simply clip it on a rigging point or hook eye to double your chance of hooking up. 2 per pkt.
Breakaway Spinlink Clips (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Spinlink Clips (10 Per Pack)
6 in stock
Breakaway Spin Clips Smaller version of the fastlink which makes a good connector for lure fishing or light beach casting super tough clip with a breaking strain of approximately 35lb these are not recomended for long distance tournament casting but will cope with every thing a lure angler can do! In Packets of 10.
Gerrys Oval Split Rings (50 Per Pack) Gerrys Oval Split Rings (50 Per Pack)
8 in stock
A very popular strong quick change link ideal for changing weights etc. Designed on the basis of the Mustad Eze Link. Can be used for both boat or beach fishing. Available in packets of 50 in sizes 1/0 or 3/0.
Gerrys Power Split Rings (25 Per Pack) Gerrys Power Split Rings (25 Per Pack) best
14 in stock
Gerrys Power Split Rings (25 Per Pack) With your smaller sizes 6,8 and 10mm this covers your smalles lures for sea and pike fishing. Then we have our extra powerful split ring in sizes 15mm & 20mm. Excellent extra strong split rings for Norway fishing, These are perfect items of tackle for those big Icelandic Cod.  Just add to your Pirks and Jigs for complete satisfaction.  They will not break. Made of Stainless Steel Available in packets of 25. 
Gerrys Swivel Link Quick Change Gerrys Swivel Link Quick Change
6 in stock
Gerrys Swivel Quick Change Now available in 4 sizes swivel and link clips . These neat links have multiple uses from attaching leads in the bigger sizes or the smaller sizes are perfect for lighter rigs even attaching lures , swim feeders etc. Features; 10 per pkt Quick change link clip Strong rolling swivel attached to link clip
Kinetic Spinner Blade Kit Kinetic Spinner Blade Kit
6 in stock
Kinetic Spinner Blade Kit Spinning blades and clevis’s in a variety of the most popular colours. 8 Compartment box containing 80 pieces. Perfect for adding that extra bling to your rigs! 8 Compartment Box 80 Piece Kit Full Metal Blades
Tronix HTO Egg Snap Tronix HTO Egg Snap
62 in stock
Tronix HTO Egg Snap An egg shaped lure clip that has to be closed to retain the lure and opened to release the lure. This creates a very strong link between your lure and leader. Available in Small 26lb, Medium 34lb and Large 42lb 10 Clips Per Packet


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