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Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb mono Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb mono best
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Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb Will crimp 15-80lb mono. Ideal for rig making. These simply are the best crimps around with anodised finish no rough edges brilliant for rig making 4mm and 8mm lengths the longer the crimp the more the grip and brilliant value for money! Pkt of 100 or even better value 1000s, 
Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance URFE (3 per Pack) Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance URFE (3 per Pack)
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Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance URFE (3 per Pack) A superb addition to the bottom of any rig. Simply add it between your lead and rig. In the middle of the Urfe there is a moving swivel which you can add a small snood to target smaller species. We have found this is very effective when its used with moving leads and when targetting flatfish. This model has been design for use at distance. 3 per pack Length 8cm
Tronix Crimps (100 Per Pack) Tronix Crimps (100 Per Pack)
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Tronix Crimps Available in in 3 sizes covers mono's from 0.6mm to 1.0mm, great crimps for keeping your rigs neat and tidy. Features- 100 Per Packet Three sizes available small 0.5m - medium 0.7mm - Large 1.0mm Save £££ when you buy in packs of 5 or 10
Tronix Rubber Stops 4L (30 Per Pack) Tronix Rubber Stops 4L (30 Per Pack) best
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Tronix Rubber Stops 4L (30-80lb Lines) Tronixpro rubber stops have become a must have item in rig tying. The 4L size are fantastic on rig bodies to trap swivels. Use in place of crimps for adjustable rigs. Features- Size 4L is for lines 30lb-80lb. 30 per pack Great for a number of thing bait stops, pulley bead stops etc Save £££ when you buy in packs of 5 or 10
Breakaway AC1 Adjustable Crimps (20 Per Pack) Breakaway AC1 Adjustable Crimps (20 Per Pack)
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Breakaway AC1 Adjustable Crimps As the saying go all good things comes to those who wait, at long last the black crimps have arrived from China and we can now start distributing this extreamly popular item. This is a useful feature for altering the snood positions on multi hook rigs and means you can make a 3 up trace into a 2 up 1 down in seconds. They can also be used for adjustable bait stops to cater for different sized baits. Crimps plus tapered pieces of pre-formed rubber. Push rubber through crimp to the shoulder and cut off surplus,Insert line upto 80 lb slide into position and crimp to desired friction. This does not damage line and allows hook changes without new trace lengths prolongs the life of rigs indefinetly. 20 per packet
Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Kit Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Kit
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Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Tool The new crimping tool for the new adjustable crimp. The body of this ingenious tool is made from heavy duty plastic so you can keep it in your tackle box without fear of corrosion. The metal blade that produces the lateral crimp is specially hardened to give maximum durability.Crimp Tool For too long crimps have been the weak link in trace design especially with crimping tools that produces serrated cuts accross the crimp. damaging the trace body in the process. This new tool crimps length ways in a neat controlled way allowing the adjustable crimp to be virtually locked or to a leeser degree so the the crimp can be moved to suit the trace design. The tool will come complete with 20 crimps and rubber inserts but may only be used with the new soft adjustable crimps
Breakaway Escape Links (6 Per Pack) Breakaway Escape Links (6 Per Pack)
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Breakaway Escape Links The Breakaway Escape Link is a 'rotten bottom' device which unlike traditional rotten bottoms does not involve the use of lengths of weaker line. The Escape link instead relies on the sprung tension of the locking pin to release the lead when pulling free from a snag. The amount of force needed to 'trip' the Escape Link can be set by slightly altering the angle of the locking pin. A sliding plastic ring is pushed down towards the sinker before casting and this locks the locking pin so safety is insured with even the most powerful of casting styles. When the rig hits the sea water pressure pushes the plastic ring up the link so that the Escape Link works correctly and frees the lead in the event of it becoming snagged. Packs of 6 *The versatile rotten bottom lead release *No specialist rigs necessary *No monofilament weak link required *Adjustable overload setting *Safe powerful casting *Tie on or add to an existing clip *Safe casting releases at about 12lb pressure *Always use fine wire hooks and heavier main line when using any rotten bottom clip *6 per pkt
Breakaway Fastlinks Breakaway Fastlinks best
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Breakaway Fastlinks As still as popular as ever. Fastlinks are designed to be very quick and easy to use espacially in cold conditions when the fingers dont work as they should. Designed to be tied to your leader so rigs can be clipped and unclipped as quick as possible. Also suitable for attaching leads.
Breakaway Imp Assembly Tool Breakaway Imp Assembly Tool
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Breakaway IMP Assembly Tool The Breakaway Imp is probably the most popular bait clip if you use them a lot it's a pain to put a load together, particularly if you do not have the most dexterous fingers! This tool has been designed to literally take the pain out of assembling the Imp and allows you to put a pack together in no time at all. As well as assembling Imps the tool also has a handy built in knot puller. Features : Imp Building Tool Pain Free Assembly Easy to Use Build A pack in seconds Features a Knot Puller Full Instructions Made In UK Genuine Breakaway Accesories
Breakaway Impact Shields (10 Per Packet) Breakaway Impact Shields (10 Per Packet) best
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Breakaway Impact Shields Breakaway Impact Shields are the ultimate in bait release clips. Releases bait on impact with the water every time. Also avoids bait being smashed on impact. The Breakaway Impact shields are one of the biggest advances in trace technology. Its a neat foolproof system which ensures almost 100% certainty of clean release. no more wondering whether the hook on the sea bed is still tangled in the bait clip. The hook is thrown clear it doesn't disengage if your lucky,no relying on leader slackness to un-connect the hook as with ordinary wire or plastic clips, When set the hook should be tight into the clip use only enough rubber to stop impact shield moving through wind resistance. Available in packets of 10
Breakaway IMPS Breakaway IMPS
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Breakaway Imps Minature combination impact bait clip which works in conjunction with a fast link (supplied). Easy to use with fool-proof hook release excellent in flight stability and offers bait protection during the cast. They can be used with any type of sinker and full instructions are included. Packets of 10 
Breakaway OTG Impact Clips Breakaway OTG Impact Clips
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Breakaway OTG Impact Clip This will surely be a bonus to anglers using pulley rigs and large baits. Designed to be fished when casting off the ground without coming unclipped, but it will still release your hook on impact with the water. Supplied in packs of 4, red in colour with a fast link to attach a lead. Designed to accept hooks all the way up to 8/0 in size but depending on wire diameter. When loading leave the hook bend clear of bait to give smooth ejection, also put a small bait on the hook point to stop the hook falling out of the holder. This is an original idea sent to Breakaway to allow anglers to fish a long trace or with slack hook line. A most to have in your tackle box if you do alot of casting of the ground.
Breakaway Relay Clips (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Relay Clips (10 Per Pack)
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Breakaway Relay Clips Secure traces and tackle during casting enabling greater distances to be reached. For streamlined rigsthat cast farther and minimise loss of baits. Relay Clip acts as a normal bait clip and supports the swivel attached to the next paternoster snood. Can be used by themselves or with Pivot Booms. In Packets of 10
Breakaway Silicone Knot Protector (15 per pack) Breakaway Silicone Knot Protector (15 per pack)
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Breakaway Sillicone Knot Protector (15 per pack) The New Silicone Anti-Tangle Knot Protectors these soft flexible tubes fits over any of the Minilink.Spinlink or fastlink clips or most large swivels as used in rig building.Not only protects the knots but streamlines the rigs and helps to eliminate tangles. Just snip of the end of hollow tube. sold in packets of 15 Colors may very
Breakaway Spinlink Clips (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Spinlink Clips (10 Per Pack)
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Breakaway Spin Clips Smaller version of the fastlink which makes a good connector for lure fishing or light beach casting super tough clip with a breaking strain of approximately 35lb these are not recomended for long distance tournament casting but will cope with every thing a lure angler can do! In Packets of 10.
Breakaway Twin Links (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Twin Links (10 Per Pack)
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Breakaway Twin Links Versatile Double Ended Clip for lead and rig changing Ideal for connecting 2 swivels or loops. In Packets of 10
Cox & Rawle Quick Link Clips Cox & Rawle Quick Link Clips
36 in stock
Cox & Rawle Quick Link Clips Quick link clips are ideal for use as a quick change link or lead , the smaller size is ideal as a connector for lure fishing. Made from high grade Stainless steel for safety and strength to satisfy even the most powerful of casters. Available in 3 sizes  15 clips per Pkt
Cox & Rawle Rig Clips 90 Extra Long Cox & Rawle Rig Clips 90 Extra Long
5 in stock
Cox & Rawle Rig Clips 90 Extra Long Made in stainless steel for security and strength, these clips allow you to cast and fish with confidence. Eye turned through 90-degrees for easy clipping with extra long bait clip for fishing with bigger baits. 15 clips per pkt
Daiwa Emblem Surf 45 Spool 4000 QD Daiwa Emblem Surf 45 Spool 4000 QD
3 in stock
Daiwa Emblem Surf 45 Spool 4000 QD A great idea for carrying extra line options for your reel on your next trip. Gives an extra dimension to your reels for swapping between breaking strains or Braid and Mono options. Spool Weight: 120g Capacity: 300m 0f 0.30mm
Drennan Big Grippa Stops Drennan Big Grippa Stops
7 in stock
Drennan Big Grippa Stops Big Grippa Stops are a new larger size of the popular tapered rubber float stops which hold position on the line exceptionally well. The bulbous end makes a perfect stop for small sliding rings, or for trapping big pellet wagglers into position. Two or three Grippa Stops next to each other provide adjustable stops for link legers, light bombs and small feeders. The direction of the stop on the main line can also be reversed by taking it off the wire onto a loop of nylon and then transferring it to the reel line. They are made from a tough yet forgiving material that doesn’t damage the line. Also, these are proving very popular with sea match anglers looking for a finer presentation.
Drennan Float Stops Drennan Float Stops
24 in stock
These excellent rubber stops avoid the risk of line damage and have a wide variety of different uses. Ideal for trapping wagglers excellent for light bomb and link ledger stops or act as a great buffer or slim rubber bead on all sorts of rigs from heavier pike / carp rigs to light slider float rigs. Available in two sizes, small & medium.
Drennan Grippa Stops Drennan Grippa Stops
5 in stock
These Drennan Grippa Stops are a tapered extra large rubber float stop. Ideal for small sliding rings or locking wagglers in position. 14 per pack.
Drennan Power Gum Drennan Power Gum
33 in stock
Drennan Power Gum Power gum has been used for longs periods of time by all anglers, used for multitude of disciplines, from feeder fishing to float fishing and carp fishing.   •Ideal for finishing stopper knots •Excellent for shock absorption on feeder & legering rigs •Diameter: 0.65mm •Breaking Strain: 14lb / 6.3kg •Spool Size: 10mtrs Available in 14lb (Red or Clear)
Gemini Big Bait Rig Clips (10 per pack) Gemini Big Bait Rig Clips (10 per pack)
32 in stock
Genie Big Bait Rig Clips A unique take on the popular Gemini Genie Rig Clips, a quick and easy lead link that incorporates a bait clip. These neat little clips incorporate an extended bait clip, simple but ideal for those bigger hook baits to stay clipped down until the rig hits the water. 10 per pkt
Gemini Genie Bent Rig Clip G3001/2 (10 Per Pack) Gemini Genie Bent Rig Clip G3001/2 (10 Per Pack)
39 in stock
Gemini Genie Bent Rig Clip The bent Genie Rig Clip has been angled to allow it to hang parallel to the main line and can be used as a pulley clip for a long snood. This clip can also be used as a bait clip for a `clip up` rig or as a bait clip for a secondary snood. 10 Per Packet
Gemini Genie Connector G3007 (10 Per Pack) Gemini Genie Connector G3007 (10 Per Pack)
14 in stock
Gemini Genie Connector A double ended ‘Genie Link Clip for adding swivels to booms clips etc. Perfect for keeping in your box for an alternative double ended quick change link. 10 per packet
Gemini Genie Link Clip G3002 (15 Per Pack) Gemini Genie Link Clip G3002 (15 Per Pack) best
54 in stock
Gemini Link Clips A quick and easy link clip for attaching the rig to the shock leader for the sinker to the rig. Made from stainless steel. Packets of 15
Gemini Genie Mini Crimps G3801 (50 Per Pack) Gemini Genie Mini Crimps G3801 (50 Per Pack)
15 in stock
Gemini Genie Mini Crimps Blackened mini crimps for use on line up to 60 lbs. Perfect for using near your hooks, keeping everything neat and streamline. Packet of 50
Gemini Genie Rig Clips G3001 (15 Per Pack) Gemini Genie Rig Clips G3001 (15 Per Pack)
48 in stock
Gemini Genie Rig Clips An excellent quick and easy lead link incorporating a bait clip that places the bait close to the weight. Tying your own rigs is probably the most rewarding, relaxing and cost effective way of using rigs that suit your fishing, taking the fishing experience further than just fishing! Why not give yourself the edge and use the best bits around! Packets of 15
Gemini Genie Snood Clips G3022 (10 Per Pack) Gemini Genie Snood Clips G3022 (10 Per Pack)
40 in stock
Gemini Genie Snood Clips The latest clip is the small (18mm long - 0.8mm dia) and strong snood clip made from heat treated stainless steel. Designed for use on the end of the snood the Genie Snood Clip allows you to make and use replacement or alternative snoods on your clip down rigs. Ideal for when the rig is fine but the hook is spent! Packet of 10


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