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Bait Needles

Breakaway Bait loader (1 Per Pack) Breakaway Bait loader (1 Per Pack) best
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Breakaway Bait Loader Much easier to use than conventional bait needle. You can either Slide the bait  on to the needle .Then put the hook in the loop and wrap with elastic or bait hook as normal then put onto needle and whip this method works well for smaller baits and for tying in fish strips once the worm bait is on the hook. Perfect for Fish strips all Soft baits like Mussel Prawn etc
Gemini Baiting Needle Gemini Baiting Needle
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Gemini Bait Needles Gemini Baiting Needles are made from hardened marine grade stainless steel reducing tendency to bend, comes with a plastic sheath for protection, 12" are ideal for bigger more vercitile baits while the 7 & 9" and better for more delicate baits. Incorporating a deep holed flush stainless steel ferule for hook point protection and streamlined profile for optimum bait presentation. Available in: •12" 1.5mm •12" 2.0mm •9" 1.5mm •7" 1.2mm 1 Per Packet
Trabucco Bait Needles Trabucco Bait Needles best
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Trabucco Baiting Needles These are some of the bait needles we have seen in quite some time. They are a little different to your basic needle. Each pack contains 5 hollow, open ended needle tubes and 1 fine needle. You push the fine needle through the tube allowing you to to put on delicate baits such as creeper onto a standard sized needle without bursting the worm. Due to you have 5 tubes, so you can have 5 baits ready which is ideal when fishing in a match. There are 4 sizes. 200mm 0.6mm is ideal for the lightest and most delive baits such as small creeper, mussel and small crab. 200mm 0.9mm this is good for light baits but being a little thicker it can be used for blow lug and black. 300mm 0.9mm this is good for a lot most sea worms and due to it being longer ideal for big black lug baits during the winter. 200mm 1.4mm This is the thickest needle which is great for heavy duty baits such as Mackerel and squid
Tronix Baiting Tool Tronix Baiting Tool
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Tronix Baiting Tool This ingenious little device makes baiting up small and delicate baits easier than ever before. Featuring two bait spikes and a hollow spike, simply thread your bait onto the tool, locate the point of the hook into the hollow pointed spike, and whip on with bait elastic. Perfect bait presentation every time. Features- Great for crab and fish baits Gets your presentation right every time Available in medium and large


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