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Daiwa Tournament Mono Mainline - SALE Daiwa Tournament Mono Mainline - SALE sale
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Daiwa Tournament Mono This mono has been designed especially for sea anglers and tournament casters alike. It's fluorescent colour is a familiar sight all around the UK. An extremely durable and the smooth linethat offers excellent breaking strain for its small diameter. The small diameter allows the line to be carried further through the air, resulting in further casts. Repetitive casting can cause the line to fray or become rough, the smooth coating of the Daiwa line ensures consistent line travel on every cast throughout the life of the line. Available in Orange or Yellow. Breaking strains/ Dia 10lb 0.28mm 12lb 0.31mm 15lb 0.35mm 20lb 0.43mm 25lb 0.52mm 30lb 0.57mm 50lb 0.70mm
Drennan Greased Weasel Drennan Greased Weasel
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Drennan Greased Weasel Drennan Greased Weasel has got to be one of the best selling shock leaders ever made for sea fishing. Its high strength and abrasion resitance makes it one of the most popular sellers. It is available in 3 colours and 3 breaking strains. Clear, Orange and Grey. 40LB, 50LB, 60LB. Ideal for shock leaders and rig bodies.   Colours: Grey Orange Clear Breaking Strains: 40lb 50lb 60lb Spool Size: 40m
Trabucco Taperline 250m Trabucco Taperline 250m
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Trabucco Taperline 250m The Trabucco Tapered Surf line is a 250m spool of Hi-Tec nylon with a knot free built in tapered leader. This makes for a very consistent line which casts very well on both fixed spool and multiplier reels. The lack of a leader knot gives you very smooth line flow, particularly noticeable with a fixed spool long rod set up. Also it is a great help when landing a fish in weedy conditions as with no leader knot you have far better control in those crucial moments when the fish is in the edge of the surf line. XPS uses a Ceramic Powered Molecular Treatment which gives it High Abrasion Resistance and superior Knot strength. It also features a multicolour marking system to help you gauge your casting distance. This can be particularly helpful if you are aiming to consistantly fish to the same feature. The unique feature with the Trabucco tapered surf line is that they have built a tapered leader into both ends. This means that when the front end of the line becomes worn, or worse still you lose the leader, then you can reverse the line and therefore double its effective life span. 250m spool
Trabucco XPS Tournament Tough Mono 500M (Ultra Thin) Trabucco XPS Tournament Tough Mono 500M (Ultra Thin) exclusive
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Trabucco Tournament Tough Mono 500M The New Trabucco Tournament line is Spooled with the system "parallel" that eliminates completely the line torsion during the production process. This version Tournament Tough is particularly soft and with an extraordinary traction strength. As well as being a very durable mono, Tournament Tough offers superb diameter to strength ratio overing a reduction in diameter of upto 60% over standard mono's. This offers itself massively to shore anglers wanting extra distance as well as boat anglers wanting to reduce the pull of the tide against thier line without having to sacrifice strength. The color is clear dicroic. Delivered in single box with spools of 500 mts, with diameters from 0,205 up to 0,50 mm.
Amnesia Snood Length Mono Amnesia Snood Length Mono best
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Amnesia Snood Mono Genuine Spools of Amnesia this memory free solid monofilament leader and snood line made by Sunset. A multitude of sea, game and coarse applications. High knot strength even when wet. Colours: Black Clear Breaking Strains: 15lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 50lb :
Asso Bullet Proof Asso Bullet Proof
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Asso Bullet Proof Asso Bullet Proof is a brand new product from Asso and has been developed using a new secret compound which gives this line the ultimate abrasion resitance, whilst remaing very soft and limp for distance casting. Bullet proof offers exceptional linear and knot strength and is a truely groundbreaking fishing line that is certain to take both the Carp and Sea market by storm. Available in Silt Brown 4oz Spools *The latest in Copolymer Technology *Amazing abrasion resistance without stifness *Superior casting distance – supple and soft with low memory *Outstanding stress resistance and amazing strength
Asso Casting Mono Asso Casting Mono sale
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Asso Casting Mono - 4oz Spools Some people stay away from cheaper mono's because sometimes the quality isnt there. However Asso Classic breaks the trend. This is a very good line especially for the price. Its tough and casts brilliantly. 4oz spools Durable - High abrasion Smooth finish
Asso Classic Shock Leaders Asso Classic Shock Leaders
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ASSO CLASSIC SHOCK LEADER Asso Classic Shockleader has been designed to offer a strong reliable leader material at a sensible price for UK shore anglers. Asso Classic Shock leader is soft with low memory meaning knots are neat and small. Available in Clear and Fluro Yellow. Key features: Strong Reliable Shock Leader Low Memory High Abrasion Resistance Knots Neatly with Maximum Strength Breaking Strains: 50lb - 0.65mm (55y) 60lb - 0.70mm (55y) 70lb - 0.80mm (55y)
Asso Hard Skin Mono Asso Hard Skin Mono
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Asso Hard Skin Asso Hard skin is our best selling copolymer, its amazing strength, suppleness and abrasion resistance coupled with the fact it casts brilliantly has been noticed by lots of sea and carp anglers. Hard Skin has a special coating which makes it 12 times more abrasion resistant, this means it’s the perfect choice in any tough situation, fishing in lots of weed or debris, fishing venues where your getting tangled with other anglers or fishing rough days when line is getting battered by the surf. Available in 3 very popular colours, Solid Black, Solid Red and the newly launched Solid White. Features: Easy Handling Extraordinary Turnover Superior Casting Distance Outstanding Stress Resistance Increased Abrasion Resistance: 12x High Line Visibility Assured Hook-Setting Great Feeling of the Fish Easy Knots Colours: Black Solid White Breaking Strains: 12lb - 0.30mm (1430m Spools) 14lb - 0.32mm (1205m Spools) 16lb - 0.35mm (1050m Spools) 18lb - 0.37mm 20lb - 0.40mm (800m Spools) 25lb - 0.45mm 30lb - 0.50mm
Asso Oblivion Snood Mono Asso Oblivion Snood Mono
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Asso Oblivion Snood Mono Asso Oblivion is a memory free line which is perfect for hook lengths and rig making. Being memory free it sits nice and straight and if it does become twisted by a fish then a gentle pull will see it return to its previous form. 100m 4oz 15lb - 0.40mm 20lb - 0.45mm 25lb - 0.50mm 30lb - 0.55mm
Asso Protector Tapered Shock Leaders Asso Protector Tapered Shock Leaders
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Asso Protector Tapered Shock Leader A very durable tapered leader which has very high knot strength. Features: Ideal Surf and Beach Casting Shock Leader Superior Knot Strength Superior Shock Strength 5 Leaders Per Spool (15m Lengths) High Abrasion Resistance Colours: Clear Fluo Yellow Solid Orange Red Breaking Strains: 12/30lb - 0.30mm/0.50mm (15m Lengths) ( clear only) 15/50lb - 0.35mm/0.65mm (15m Lengths) 15/60lb - 0.35mm/0.70mm (15m Lengths) 18/70lb - 0.38mm/0.75mm (15m Lengths)
Asso Super Fluorocarbon Asso Super Fluorocarbon sale
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Asso Super Fluorocarbon Fluorocarbon is available at many prices, basically the more you pay the less easy it is for the fish to see it, add to this this Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very tough too it has some great uses where bigger fish are your quarry! Lets face it this is the bit the fish see's so the more invisible the better! Most fluorocarbons are stiff and brittle, however Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very soft and supple, you may not believe it is 100% fluorocarbon just by looking at it! Features: *The Latest Development in Fluorocarbon *Higest Quality 100% Fluorocarbon *Super Smooth *Maximum Strength *Virtualy Invisible in water Asso Super Fluorocarbon is our highest quality fluorocarbon. Used by anglers around the world for a number of years Asso super fluorocarbon is one of the best lines in existence. Suitable for Sea, Carp, Fly and Match fishing, this is one of Asso's biggest selling lines and should be the choice of any serious angler. Available on 50 meter spools
Asso Tapered Line 220 mt Asso Tapered Line 220 mt
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Asso Protector Tapered Fishing Line Key features *Quality Copolymer Tapered Fishing Line *Low Stretch *Low Memory *Maximum Strength *Banded in 20 meter colour sections Asso Protector Tapered Line is a single 220 Meter line which has a built in shock leader. Tapered lines offer 200 Meters of the lower diameter line then there is a knotless taper going upto the thicker leader which is 20 Meters long. Tapered lines offer a number of advantages to both Sea and Carp Anglers all of these stem from there being no knot. Firstly there is no leader knot for weed to snag on, which makes the Asso Protector the perfect choice in weedy fishing conditions. Another advantage of having no knot is there is no weak point, which ultimately means less lost tackle. Many Carp waters do not allow knots above the lead, which means no leaders can be used, limiting casting, however a tapered line gets around this problem and means a full power cast can be used. These tapered lines are also made in coloured bands, so each 20 meters is a different colour, this is very helpful in working out how far you have cast and ensuring you keep putting your bait in the same place. Each spool contains one single 220 meter tapered line.
Asso Ultra Low Stretch 300M Asso Ultra Low Stretch 300M
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Asso Ultra Low Stretch 300M - Fluorocarbon Coated This low stretch line offers superb strength for its very small diameter and is becoming incredibly popular with beach and boat fishermen. It is incredibly smooth and is an ideal alternative to braid especially if your trying to improve your distance from the beach or trying to use smaller leads on the boat. 300M spool Flourocarbon coated Super Smooth Parallel spooling Colour - Smoke Grey
Asso Ultra Mono Asso Ultra Mono
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Asso Ultra Mono Asso's  premium mainline. Its brilliant and an awesome line for distance casting. It's just a brilliant all round line. It has great knot strength, strength to diameter and low memory. You can't get a better mainline. Features: Exceptional Transparency Supreme Knot and Linear Breaking Strength Very High Performance Thanks to a New Copolymer Colour: Clear Breaking Strains: 12lb - 0.30mm 15lb - 0.32mm (1205m Spools) 20lb - 0.36mm (917m Spools) 25lb - 0.40mm 30lb - 0.45mm
Maxima Chameleon 100 mtr Maxima Chameleon 100 mtr
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Maxima Chameleon 100 mtr spool Chameleon is premium mono thats specially formulated to change color .By absorbing rether that reflecting light below the waters surface .Chameleon becomes invisible,thus presenting your lure or bait most naturally .Its superior abrasion resitance provides optimum protection from nicks and cuts while offering excellent knot strength. Features: Produced using unique chemical compositions Optimum blen of strength and elasticity for superior fishing performance Super Tough Special surface coating prevents water absorption Hardened surface provides superb abrasion resistance High knot strength wet or dry
Sakuma fluorocarbon Sakuma fluorocarbon
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Sakuma Flouocarbon 50m Spools This offers the angler a massive advantage when fishing in clear water as it is almost invisible when submerged. It is stiff, sinks like a stone and has very little stretch. The wide range of breaking strains cover anything from estuary mullet to deep water wrecking. 50m per spool.
Sufix Memory Free Snood Mono Sufix Memory Free Snood Mono
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Sufix Memory Free Clear Mono 100 mt Sufix is a highly versatile line that can be used for both shock leader in the higher braking strains or snood and rig body material. With its memory free properties you get perfect tangle free leaders and booms, to straighten simply stretch between the hands or fingers. Features- Color Clear 100mt Spools Bangle spool for better storage Tangle free leader line High knot strength Ultra soft and smooth
Sufix Superior Heavy Duty Mono Sufix Superior Heavy Duty Mono
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Sufix Superior Heavy Duty Mono We at Gerry's have been selling mono for over 40 years and Sufix in our opinion has been one of the best alround performing we have sold. This Superior is a great leader or rubbing trace thats supple, tough and has a low diameter. Use for heavy snood lengths, great for Sharking or mono for Conger or Blue water species. 100% Co Polymer mono subtle amount of stretch and great knot strength Lo diameter compared to other especially cheaper monos 100mt easy use spools
Trabucco Tapered Leaders 15m x 10 Trabucco Tapered Leaders 15m x 10
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Trabucco Tapered Leaders 15m x 10 Trabucco have designed the XPS Taper Leader to meet the needs of the fixed spool angler who is using a light mainline. Each 15m leader features a 6m length of 'heavy' leader which then tapers over a further 7m down to the 2m tip which you connect to your reel line. They give you safe casting and also the security of a stronger line when your catch is in the surf line. 10 leaders per spool 15m Long Clear in Colour
Trabucco XPS Velvet Accurate Cast 300M Trabucco XPS Velvet Accurate Cast 300M sale
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Trabucco Xps Velvet Pro Accurate Cast 300m Based on the same, successful formula of Velvet, this soft monofilament is perfect for accurately casting or use on the boat because its colour markings. The line changes colour ever 30 meters allowing you to get back to the fish every time. It's silicone finish tmakes its surface extremely smooth, allowing to achieve long casts without risk of tangling. Its elasticity is reduced to transfer the hook all the striking power, even at a considerable distance. No mechanical memory Available in breaking strain from 12lb - 28lb
Trabucco XPS Velvet Pro Cast 600m - SALE Trabucco XPS Velvet Pro Cast 600m - SALE sale
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Trabucco XPS Velvet Pro Cast 600m Specially developed for Surf Casting competitions, it’s produced in an intense, warm yellow colour which is quite visible both under daylight and during the night, when the head lamp allows to immediately find the real direction taken by the line. Extremely soft, velvet skinned thanks to silicone treatment and without memory, it flows easily out from the reel’s spool, allowing long casts and preventing the inexpert user from creating line tangles. On the knot side, it’s easy to pull tightly, even in larger diameters: on the hook’s shank as well as on shock leader it creates neat and small knots. The range of diameters is wide enough to satisfy every need of the modern surf caster. Available in 2 sizes 12lb & 28lb
Tronix Axia Mono Mainline Tronix Axia Mono Mainline
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Tronix Axia Mono Mainline Tronix have a habit of producing a tackle which is unbelieveable for the price point and their Axia mono is exactly the same. This line is strong, durable and has superb knot strength and sells for less than £3 a spool. You can't really get better value anywhere. Features- 4oz spools Available in clear or red Abrasion resistant High knot strength Low memory Low Stretch Low friction
Tronix Xenon Tapered Shock Leaders Tronix Xenon Tapered Shock Leaders sale
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Tronix Xenon Tapered Shock Leaders Tronixpro Xenon Tapered Shockleaders are made from advanced copolymer to create a strong and supple leader. Each tapered leader in continuous and knotless, tapering from 15lbs to 50lbs and 15lbs to 60lbs, this taper enables the angler to tie neat, tight and compact knots when attaching a shockleader to their mainline. These compact knots lend themselves to anglers who fish with fixed spool and multiplier reels, when using a level wind. The smaller knots are ideal for fishing with continental style, surfcasting rods, many of which use smaller tip eyes than standard beachcasters. The smooth line flow created by smaller knots and a tapered leader can also help increase casting efficiency. When shortened, our Xenon Tapered Shockleaders can be used by boat anglers who prefer smaller, tapered knots when fishing with braid to a mono leader. Features - Available in two taper breaking strains - 15lb to 50lb (0.35mm to 60mm) and 15lb to 60lb (0.35mm to 0.70mm) - 5 x 15m Shockleaders per spool - Ideal for shore anglers who use fixed spools and level wind multipliers - Allows creation of smaller shockleader knots - Amplifies line flow for smoothness to help increase casting distance - Colour - Clear


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