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Sea Fishing Rig Body Line | Rig Body Mono

Anyone who has ever had to de-tangle pre-made rigs and sets of feathers will tell you that the quality of mono used for the rig is paramount, not only does this add time to the useful life of the rig but quality, low memory monofilament can mean minutes saved de-tangling a rig!

We stock a great selection of very low memory monofilament fishing line that can be used as shock leader or to build rigs for sea fishing. Popular brands like Drennan and Sunset offer the kinds of low stretch, low memory mono rig line that has made them a must for every tackle box. We stock a variety of different diameters and breaking strains for every application.

Give us a call on 01524 422146 or drop in and see us, our large store is located in Morecambe.

Drennan Greased Weasel Drennan Greased Weasel
2 in stock
Drennan Greased Weasel Drennan Greased Weasel has got to be one of the best selling shock leaders ever made for sea fishing. Its high strength and abrasion resitance makes it one of the most popular sellers. It is available in 3 colours and 3 breaking strains. Clear, Orange and Grey. 40LB, 50LB, 60LB. Ideal for shock leaders and rig bodies.   Colours: Grey Orange Clear Breaking Strains: 40lb 50lb 60lb Spool Size: 40m
Sufix Zippy Shock Leader Clear Sufix Zippy Shock Leader Clear best
11 in stock
Sufix Zippy Shock Leader Clear When you demand the highest knot strength and crimp strength with a highly supple formula. then ZIPPY is the logical choice. Made with a super copolymer, ZIPPY is truly a step above traditional nylon mono leaders. Offering superior strength to diameter while delivering easy handling, ZIPPY will perform under the toughest fighting conditions. ZIPPY's suppleness enhances lure action and bait action. * Please note these spools have a line class rating on the spool and the box .This is not the breaking strain it's the traditional US Rating .We have put the true breaking strains in the options box . If you are confused just give us a call on * 01524-422146 Breaking strains Available: 53lb 0.60mm 100mt 60lb 0.70mm 100mt 82lb 0.80mm 100mt 101lb 0.90mm 80mt
AFW Hi-Seas Grand Slam Mono Leaders AFW Hi-Seas Grand Slam Mono Leaders
18 in stock
AFW Grand Slam Mono Leader Exceptionally reliable and designed to perform under the toughest of conditions. A state-of-the-art copolymer nylon monofilament leader line with an excellent diameter to strength ratio. This line is exceptionally reliable and designed to perform under the toughest of conditions and is ideal as either a shock leader, rig body or snood line. 50 yard spools
AFW Triple Fish Mono Leader - 50 yards AFW Triple Fish Mono Leader - 50 yards save
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26 in stock
AFW Triple Fish Mono Leader - 50 yard spools No matter where you're headed or what you're headed for, Triple Fish Monofilament Leader provides a great combination of quality and value. This rugged mono stands up well to chaffing, bottom bouncing, surf fishing, and trolling. It is economy-priced for anglers looking to shed costs without shedding reliability.
Amnesia Snood Length Mono Amnesia Snood Length Mono best
In stock
Amnesia Snood Mono Genuine Spools of Amnesia this memory free solid monofilament leader and snood line made by Sunset. A multitude of sea, game and coarse applications. High knot strength even when wet. Colours: Black Clear Breaking Strains: 15lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 50lb :
Asso Ultraflex Shock Leader Asso Ultraflex Shock Leader save
52 in stock
Asso UltraFlex Shock Leader Asso UltraFlex has been specially engineered to offer a top qulaity Rig body and Shock leader material. Ultra Flex is very soft and supple yet maintains strength and abrasion resistance. With breaking strains from 20lb upto 80lb ultraflex is ideal for any kind of rig body from light lines for continetal rigs upto heavy rigs for fishing big leads over rough ground. Ultra flex offers excellent knotting, making it the perfect choice for shock leaders. Available in Clear or Orange on 50M Bangles or 4oz Spools We at Gerrys would go as far to say this is one of the best rig making shock leaders on the market, well worth £3.99 a spool. Breaking Strains: 40lb - 0.60mm 50lb - 0.65mm 60lb - 0.70mm 70lb - 0.75mm 80lb - 0.80mm
Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader
6 in stock
Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader This special mono is the most popular big game leader material in the world. A combination of toughness and high abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and ease of use makes this the ideal shock-leader. Spooled on large wrist spools to eliminate coiling. Features: Superior Abrasion Resistance Super Strong High Knot Strength Smooth Handling Ideal Saltwater Shockleader Colours: Clear Breaking Strains: 30lb - 0.56mm 40lb - 0.61mm 50lb - 0.74mm 60lb - 0.79mm 80lb - 0.86mm Spool Length: 50m
Gamakatsu G-line Shock Leader Gamakatsu G-line Shock Leader
11 in stock
Gamakatsu G-Line Shock Leader 50mt clear Special manufacturing technique using different copolymer nylon materials bonded together, achive a very impressive breaking strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. The G-Line monofilament shock leader is easy to use and offers excellent knot strength. Extreamly supple enough to present bait's in the most natural way. At the same time, it is strong enough to absorb casting and hard hits/ fights. Clear in colour 50 mt spools Features: 50mt spool Available in 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb Clear in color IGFA Class Made In Japan
Sakuma Supacast heavy Duty Mono - 10mtrs Sakuma Supacast heavy Duty Mono - 10mtrs
10 in stock
Sakuma Supacast Heavy Duty Mono Sakuma Supacast is a competition quality monofilament line. It's high knot strength and super abrasion resistance qualities make it the perfect choice for leader material for hard fighting species such as Tope, Conger and Ray. 10 metre spools
Sufix Memory Free Snood Mono Sufix Memory Free Snood Mono
12 in stock
Sufix Memory Free Clear Mono 100 mt Sufix is a highly versatile line that can be used for both shock leader in the higher braking strains or snood and rig body material. With its memory free properties you get perfect tangle free leaders and booms, to straighten simply stretch between the hands or fingers. Features- Color Clear 100mt Spools Bangle spool for better storage Tangle free leader line High knot strength Ultra soft and smooth
Sufix Superior Heavy Duty Mono Sufix Superior Heavy Duty Mono
31 in stock
Sufix Superior Heavy Duty Mono We at Gerry's have been selling mono for over 40 years and Sufix in our opinion has been one of the best alround performing we have sold. This Superior is a great leader or rubbing trace thats supple, tough and has a low diameter. Use for heavy snood lengths, great for Sharking or mono for Conger or Blue water species. 100% Co Polymer mono subtle amount of stretch and great knot strength Lo diameter compared to other especially cheaper monos 100mt easy use spools
TronixPro Blackout Memory Free Snood Line 200m TronixPro Blackout Memory Free Snood Line 200m
19 in stock
TronixPro Blackout Memory Free Snood Line An advanced, memory free line that is ideal for hook snoods, rig tying and leader building. Its memory free properties mean it won’t twist or tangle making sure that snoods and leaders are always fishing correctly. It also helps to eliminate line twist when catching species like whiting and eels that tend to induce memory twist when retrieved. The memory free nature and line coating make it an excellent knotting line too, making it dependable when targeting almost any species. It is also excellent for tying boat leaders and as a hooklength when fishing with livebaits below floats. Not only is it a fantastic line for sea anglers but it is also a good quality, affordable line for fly anglers looking for shooting head and fly line backing. For carp anglers, Blackout is good for tying combi rigs, D-Rigs, booms and other carp rig variations. Braking strains from 10lb - 58lb in clear


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