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Snood Line

Sea Fishing Snood Line | Fluorocarbon Snood Line

It might seem overkill to use a completely different type of line for hook snoods, but bear with us... Some fish are finnicky feeders, anything you can do to present bait to these fish in a natural, non-threatening way will result in more fish in your basket at the end of your fishing session. That's where fluorocarbon line comes in...

Refractive Index and Fluorocarbon

Especially in clear, shallow water and bright sunlight conditions, regular Nylon monafilament can be visible to fish because the refractive index of Nylon is very different to that of the surrounding water. This means less chance of enticing bites resulting in a catch.

Fluorocarbon line overcomes a lot of the visibility of line when in water because the refractive index of Fluorocarbon closely matches that of water and infact is an even better match in salt water. This means fluorocarbon line is almost invisible to fish, making it the perfect sea fishing snood line. Fluorocarbon snood line is therefore perfect for those fish which are more cautious feeders.

We stock a large range of sea fishing snood lines, many in Fluorocarbon formulas offering low stretch and low visibility in salt water.

AFW Hi-Seas Grand Slam Mono Leaders AFW Hi-Seas Grand Slam Mono Leaders
73 in stock
AFW Grand Slam Mono Leader Exceptionally reliable and designed to perform under the toughest of conditions. A state-of-the-art copolymer nylon monofilament leader line with an excellent diameter to strength ratio. This line is exceptionally reliable and designed to perform under the toughest of conditions and is ideal as either a shock leader, rig body or snood line. 50 yard spools
AFW Triple Fish Mono Leader - 50 yards AFW Triple Fish Mono Leader - 50 yards save
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65 in stock
AFW Triple Fish Mono Leader - 50 yard spools No matter where you're headed or what you're headed for, Triple Fish Monofilament Leader provides a great combination of quality and value. This rugged mono stands up well to chaffing, bottom bouncing, surf fishing, and trolling. It is economy-priced for anglers looking to shed costs without shedding reliability.
Amnesia Snood Length Mono Amnesia Snood Length Mono best
In stock
Amnesia Snood Mono Genuine Spools of Amnesia this memory free solid monofilament leader and snood line made by Sunset. A multitude of sea, game and coarse applications. High knot strength even when wet. Colours: Black Clear Breaking Strains: 15lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 50lb :
Asso Oblivion Snood Mono Asso Oblivion Snood Mono
43 in stock
Asso Oblivion Snood Mono Asso Oblivion is a memory free line which is perfect for hook lengths and rig making. Being memory free it sits nice and straight and if it does become twisted by a fish then a gentle pull will see it return to its previous form. 100m 4oz 15lb - 0.40mm 20lb - 0.45mm 25lb - 0.50mm 30lb - 0.55mm
Asso Super Fluorocarbon Asso Super Fluorocarbon sale
10 in stock
Asso Super Fluorocarbon Fluorocarbon is available at many prices, basically the more you pay the less easy it is for the fish to see it, add to this this Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very tough too it has some great uses where bigger fish are your quarry! Lets face it this is the bit the fish see's so the more invisible the better! Most fluorocarbons are stiff and brittle, however Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very soft and supple, you may not believe it is 100% fluorocarbon just by looking at it! Features: *The Latest Development in Fluorocarbon *Higest Quality 100% Fluorocarbon *Super Smooth *Maximum Strength *Virtualy Invisible in water Asso Super Fluorocarbon is our highest quality fluorocarbon. Used by anglers around the world for a number of years Asso super fluorocarbon is one of the best lines in existence. Suitable for Sea, Carp, Fly and Match fishing, this is one of Asso's biggest selling lines and should be the choice of any serious angler. Available on 50 meter spools
Berkley Flourocarbon Trilene 50 mt Berkley Flourocarbon Trilene 50 mt
14 in stock
Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon - 50m Spools This Fluorocarbon has got to be the best we have seen yet . Most fluorocarbon's have a high memory and tend to be wirey,very brittle and knotting is always an issue. However this fluorocarbon is none of the above.Its strong but very limp with superior knot strength To add to this it sinks like a brick, so is perfect for fooling wary fish. Ideal for leaders ,tippets ,snood line the perfect solution for bass spinning, Features: 50 mt spools 100% Flourocarbon Supper supple High knot strength Maximum invisibility Sinking
Berkley Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon Berkley Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon
13 in stock
Berkley Trilene Big Game 100% Fluorocarbon (beaware of cheaper coated fluorocarbons!) Most have heard about fluorocarbon, but how many of us have given it a try? The fish can,t see it! The flagship Berkley fluorocarbon is the Berkley Big Game Fluorocarbon leader material. Berkley Big Game is a name that every angler can trust, and when you use this fluorocarbon you will see why. Available in a wide range of breaking strains up to 80lb to cover most angling situations you are likely to encounter. It can be used for Saltwater angling, Bass, Pollock etc great also for Blue water species Tarpon-Tuna etc. Also Carp fishing with heavy leaders or many Carp rig permutations. Berkley Big Game Fluorocarbon is also perfect for leaders when lure fishing for Bass in conqunction with braided mainline. Be warned this stuff could seriously increase your catch rate! Features: Maximum Invisibility Maximum Durability 100% Fluorocarbon Spooled on Large Leader for Minimal Coiling Breaking Strains: 30lb (100yds) 40lb (100yds) 50lb (100yds) 60lb (75yds) 80lb (75yds)
Hi Seas 100% Flourocarbon Heavy Duty Leaders (25 yards) Hi Seas 100% Flourocarbon Heavy Duty Leaders (25 yards)
2 in stock
Hi Seas 100% Heavy Duty Fluorocarbon Leader This Fluorocarbon has been designed and tested by some of the USA's best charter boat skippers ensuring that it won't let you down, whatever you hook. The beauty of Fluorocarbon is that it goes pretty much invisible when in the water. The team at Hi seas have ensured it does this as well as being supple and durable. This is the ultimate snood for UK species such as Tope and Conger. 25 yards.
Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon
53 in stock
Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon Fluoro Carbon is much less visible underwater than regular monofilament and virtually invisible to fish. 100% Soft Fluoro Carbon is UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent and the super soft formula gives the perfect presentation and action in the water of your bait or lure! • Invisible In Water • Super Soft • High Knot Strength • 100% FluoroCarbon • Shock absorbent leader
Sufix Memory Free Snood Mono Sufix Memory Free Snood Mono
22 in stock
Sufix Memory Free Clear Mono 100 mt Sufix is a highly versatile line that can be used for both shock leader in the higher braking strains or snood and rig body material. With its memory free properties you get perfect tangle free leaders and booms, to straighten simply stretch between the hands or fingers. Features- Color Clear 100mt Spools Bangle spool for better storage Tangle free leader line High knot strength Ultra soft and smooth
Sufix XL Strong Monofilament 330yds Clear Sufix XL Strong Monofilament 330yds Clear sale
15 in stock
Sufix XL Strong Mono 330 yds Clear This smooth line is exceptional for casting, offering less twist, fewer kinks and less backlashes. Made with a super copolymer nylon formula, Xl Strong offers added toughness with excellent abrasion resistance. The Xl Strong is a very versatile mono fishing line that is perfect for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater fishing applications .This smooth line is exeptional for casting by offering a low memory,reduced twist and fewer backlash than other stiffer monos . This low stretch nylon provides quick and controlled hook sets with high shock strength helping you land more fish . Perfect for when you are fishing rough ground / snaggy swims . This is a line that wont let you down * Please note these spools have a line class rating on the spool and the box .This is not the breaking strain it's the traditional US Rating .We have put the true breaking strains in the options box . If you are confused just give us a call on * 01524-422146 Features: 300 mt spool Clear Superb casting propertys Xtra Strong Low memory High tensile High knot strength


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