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Breakout Roller Grip Tail Wires Breakout Roller Grip Tail Wires
16 in stock
These great tail wires have been primarily designed for our breakout mould but can be used on a wide range of moulds. There are two types. The standard tail wire and another with a bait clip. 50 per pkt
Catch faster stripes Catch faster stripes
13 in stock
This unique fish scale tape is stuck onto the side of the in-line pirks to give them a Lifelike  fish-scale effect. 10 per pkt
Gemini Glow in the Dark Breakout Heads G1004 Gemini Glow in the Dark Breakout Heads G1004
6 in stock
System 100+ Glow In The Dark Heads And Grips (No Tail Wires) New to the Gemini range is our Glow In The Dark products. This kit will allow you to simply remove your existing breakout heads, from your Gemini sinkers, and replace them with Glow In The Dark ones. This kit contains 10 Glow In The Dark heads, 40 standard grips with Glow In The Dark PVC. The ultimate way of tracing your cast at night, with an exceptionally powerful glow that will last up to 45 minutes per charge. This product will also act as an attractant to fish in clearer waters, luring fish to the sea bed and in turn your hook bait. As shown by Team England, when they fished the World Championships in 2011. This kit comprises of 10 glow in the dark breakout heads, 40 standard breakout grips and glow in the dark PVC. Fully interchangeable with all Gemini System 100+ sinkers. The glow in the dark facility is easily rechargeable with torch, flash, sunlight or similar. Product Code. G1004
Gemini Sinker System Anti Snag Fixed Grip Heads Gemini Sinker System Anti Snag Fixed Grip Heads
3 in stock
The Fixed grip wires give the maximum amount of grip because of the distance of the grip wire from the mass of the sinker, and are consequently least suitable for casting. They are therefore mainly used from piers and boats where the tidal flow is strong, but because of the height of the fisherman from the sea bed, they can be virtually lifted out of position and are not required to be dragged across a large expanse of obstacle strewn shallow water upon retrieval. However, given the right conditions they are suitable for casting. The fixed grip wires are straight when you get them and can be bent to the required shape. We consider the curved shape illustrated on this page to be the optimum for gripping power, but the choice is yours! Also, the wires can be cut shorter and/or the sleeving removed to alter the dynamics of the sinker as required. The Anti-Snag Fixed Grips are made from a 1.2mm stainless steel wire that holds well in strong currents. This variation of Fixed Grip Heads will give against snags upon retrieval, making it suitable for beach fishing. Anti-Snag Fixed Grip Kit Contents: •4 x Anti-Snag Fixed Grip Heads •16 x Anti-Snag Fixed Grip wires •4 x Anti-Snag PVC Sleeve
Gemini Sinker System Tail Wires Gemini Sinker System Tail Wires
25 in stock
Tail wires with screw thread for use in gemini moulds Approximately 95mm excluding screw Sold in 10`s
Gemini Std Grip Assembly Kit Gemini Std Grip Assembly Kit
17 in stock
The complete accessory kit to make your gemini leads.short or long tails Contains - 10 x tail wires 10 x side wires 10 x heads in each kit cols blue red yellow green or black
Gerrys Lead Pouring Ladle Gerrys Lead Pouring Ladle
3 in stock
Gerrys Lead Pouring Ladle Perfect for adding lead into moulds.
Gerrys Roller Grip Tubes Gerrys Roller Grip Tubes
14 in stock
Neat plastic rollers to fit  breakout mould in four colours enabling you to colour code you leads  . 400 per packet. Colours available Red Blue Yellow Green
Gerrys Roller Mould Grip Wires Gerrys Roller Mould Grip Wires
6 in stock
Grip wires to fit the breakout mould. Simply feed in wire through the mould and bend into place. Available in 6 or 7 inch. 100 per pkt  
Gerrys Stainless Loops (100 Per Pack) Gerrys Stainless Loops (100 Per Pack)
7 in stock
Gerrys Stainless Loops 100 Stainless loops to fit most moulds . Please note: These loops are of a medium gage.
Inline Pirk Mould spare wires Inline Pirk Mould spare wires
16 in stock
Gerrys Inline Pirk Mould Spare Wires 19cm Great wires to fit inline pirk mould. Pkt of 10
Lumi-Dip Powder Coating 1L Lumi-Dip Powder Coating 1L
4 in stock
Lumi Dip Powder Coat Super fine plastic coating powder that produces a professional and very effective finnish to Pirks ,Jigs and leads. A two part coating process to coat your pirk or jig . Full instructions are ncluded to give you that professional finnish REMEMBER: Lumi coating needs charging to glow brightly. Natural sunshine will only do so much, have a torch in your box and inbetween drops hold the torch against your lure moving up and down to recharge your pirk/jig. A Uv torch gives the best results
Mould Clamp Mould Clamp
4 in stock
Sturdy and strong mould clamp which fits the majority of moulds.
Quick Drop Galvanised Mould Loops (For Use with Quick Drop Boat Moulds) (100 Per Pack) Quick Drop Galvanised Mould Loops (For Use with Quick Drop Boat Moulds) (100 Per Pack)
4 in stock
Spare loops for our own Quick drop mould and will also fit Bo-Pedo moulds. pkts of 100
Speed Jig Stick n Shrink Stickers Speed Jig Stick n Shrink Stickers
2 in stock
The clever little stickers and shrink tube covers allow you to create a proffesional finish to your speed jigs fast. 10 stickers per packet. (Covers 5 jigs)
Stick on Eyes Stick on Eyes
1 in stock
Gerrys stick on eyes are a great final touch to put on your Jigs and Pirks. 10 Per pkt
Trace Builder Tail Wires Trace Builder Tail Wires sale
1 in stock
Trace Builder Long Tail Wires Short tail wires for use with the DCA Gripaway moulds and other moulds which have a single tail wire 25 per packet Aviliable in short, long and short with clip


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