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4 IN 1 Distance Mould 4 IN 1 Distance Mould
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4 IN 1 Distance Mould Please use loops named: Gerrys Galanised Lead Loops: Code AA0917 These great moulds allow you to make 4 different sizes of plain beach leads at once. Available in the following 3 sizes. - 1.5oz 2.25oz 3oz & 4oz - 2oz 2.5oz 3.5oz & 4.5oz - 3oz 4oz 5oz & 6oz.
Gemini Splash Down Mould Kit Gemini Splash Down Mould Kit
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The Splash Down allows a baited hook to be locked directly behind the sinker until impact with the sea. 100% Reliable Secure bait clip. Releases every time Precision engineered and aerodynamic Ideal for off the ground casting In flight stability Easy to assemble and use This pack contains everything to get you up and running to produce your new Gemini Splash Down sinkers. The concise instruction sheet contains a step by step guide of casting techniques and guides for safety will see you through the satisfaction of making your own weights with the minimum of fuss. Mould kit contents:- 1 x Splash Down mould (2 Piece aluminium alloy) 1 x Mould sizing spacer 5 x Splash Down bait clip assemblies 5 x Stainless steel tail wires (1 x 130mm 3 x 150mm 1 x 170mm) 5 x Breakout heads (1 x green 3 x blue 1 x red) 20 x Standard stainless steel breakout grips Full Instructions
Ball Weight Mould Ball Weight Mould
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Ball Weight Mould This mould produces high quality ball weights in a variety of different sizes. Please use code: AA0917 for correct lead loops The 6+8oz is a 2 in 1  mould. All other sizes are singles.  Instructions enclosed.            
Gerrys Bucket Mould Gerrys Bucket Mould
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Gerrys Bucket Mould Thsi mould make a bucket shaped sinker that casts well and offers some  grip on the sea bed. But not like wired lead the bucket can be moved  to entice bites , either by you winding in some line or just by tide pull . The length of tail helps with the grip also help reduce the risk of the rig tangling. Moving a bait can help catch on difficult days but without the loss of grip. Also great for fishing over snags. Features : 3 sizes of mould available  3oz ,4oz,5oz Single chamber mould Weight forward helps on the cast Flat back helps protect bait on impact Single tail wire
Gerrys Dumpy Distance Mould Roller Grip Gerrys Dumpy Distance Mould Roller Grip
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Dumpy Distance Mould Neat and compact, this new mould is based around the pear lead .With a weight forward profile but a compact lead. Fit long tail wire that help with a straighter cast ,and that can be useful with large baits that are likely to wobble when cast. A long tail help cut down on properties when a snood below the weight is used. Holds great in fast tides with the twin tensioned grip wires that snap open on retrieve allowing it to be pulled over stones and weeds without the wires catching in the sea bed. Features : Compact pear Profile Long tail wire Roller grip twin tensioned grip wires Weight forward long casting * Pound coin is just for size reference .The lead in the picture is 4 oz *
Gerrys Quick Drop Boat Lead Mould Gerrys Quick Drop Boat Lead Mould
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This mould produces pear shape weights which are great for general boat fishing. Available in 8oz 12oz 16oz 24oz 32oz 48oz
Gerrys Roller Grip Mould Gerrys Roller Grip Mould
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Gerrys breakout mould is a great way to make your grip leads on the cheap. Available in 3, 4, 5, 6. 7oz To complete your mould you will need Rollers, Tail wires and Grip Wires
Gerrys Roller Grip Quick Lift Mould Gerrys Roller Grip Quick Lift Mould
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Gerrys Roller Grip Dumpy Distance Mould This mould is designed to make a dumpy distance lead. A small and compact weight forward design lead. Designed for fishing over rough ground ,the fins help to lift your lead free of the bottom on the retrieve. Perfect for keeping tackle loses down to a minimum. All the roller grip spares fit this mould Sizes available: 4oz 5oz 6oz 7oz
Watch lead mould 2 in1 Watch lead mould 2 in1
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The Watch lead weights are great for fishing on muddy or sandy ground. Comes as a double mould. Available sizes - 4+5 oz 6+71/2oz


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