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No country in the world can offer sea fishing in the same class as Northern Norway. The combinations of the Gulf Stream and Arctic Ocean together with Norway's strict commercial fishing policy have actually created an increase in the big coastal cod and halibut populations! With strict commercial limits Norway leads the way in fisheries management. The coastal cod stocks have shown an increase in recent years.


Big Cod - In spring/early summer big shads produce due to the bigger cod being lazy. As the water warms in the summer the big Cod take the pirks with zest. Drifting over underwater reefs and structures, you can often drift for 30 - 90 minutes at a time find the bait fish and you will find the Cod. You can fish in 30m to 200m deep.

Big Coalfish - Coalfish patrol the mid and upper levels. During the daylight hours of night time in the north they drive the baitfish shoals to the surface. The method is to drop your pirk down into the bait fish and make a fast retrieve, the big coalies smash into the pirk with aggression so a lightly set drag is essential. Use smaller hooks than you would for Cod and pirks generally in the 200g - 250g size. Red/Black and Silver are good colours.

Halibut - They can strike at any time, when winding up small Cod and Coalies or when pirking near the sea bed. If targeting them use a coalie dead bait or a large shad. There are lots of known halibut areas and 200 kilo fish have been landed, with fish exceeding 400 kilos for comercial fisherman. If you hook into something huge that stripes your spool, its usually a monster halibut.


Do not be tempted to fish with heavy 50lb class outfits. This is unnecessary and you will loose fish, as invariably they are far to stiff to use with non strtch braid and tend to rip hooks out. Always ensure all lures are rigged with very strong split rings and swivels, and if targeting big Cod, Coalfish, Ling or Halibut be sure to upgrade your trebles to 10/0 & 12/0's. Slim line Jigs are becoming increasingly effective when fitted with either trebles or assist hooks. Finally makes sure your knots are 100% reliable, especially leader to braid knots, always ensure that the reel clutch is correctly set, otherwise youwill loose fish. 4 piece travel rods are the best rods to use in Norway, which are not only much more conveniant for travel, they reduce your baggage weight.

Chrome, Silver/Green and Silver/Blue are the most effective colours in northern waters. Shads, pirks and jigs all work well.

Very strong swivels and split rings are critical, a number of large fish are lost each season to poor gear. Halibut to 400 pound plus have landed on rod and line. Cod have been caught to 126lb commercially.



The number one sea angling destination in Norway. The catch rates here just get better and better. Huge cod potential in March/April. From May to September the fishing gets better and better as the fjord warms and more food/baitfish move in attracting vast numbers of predators. There's always fish around, early on they shoal up more tightly but as summer progresses the fishing gets better as more fish shoals move in and are more evenly distributed. Here you fish relatively sheltered waters, targeting underwater features around 40 to 70 metres in depth. It's boat drift fishing, covering quite a bit of ground each drift. Big cod are in abundance with doubles and twenties common. 30's and 40's are caught most weeks and there's the chance of much bigger cod. The Halibut fishing is exceptional, usually producing bigger numbers from August onwards but in 2008 the halibut turned up in numbers in April! Lots of species, great fishing reasonably close to the lodge and a great setup with all the facilities of a smalltown close by.

The town has 2 supermarkets, cafes, restaurant and 2 bars. Tackle shop and shops for all your needs. All surrounding a scenic harbour.

In September the big coalfish are around and the halibut and cod fishing is still very good. High summer is May to August with daylight hours at their longest, 24 hours of daylight with the potential to fish right around the clock. The fishing in the daylight hours of nightime is usually the best, a unique experience. The sea generally flattens right out and fish feed on the shallower marks.


Excellent fishing for cod, coalfish, halibut, haddock close to the cottages. Spring time you catch big cod to 40 pounds and big wolffish to 20 pounds plus. Big coalfish 20 to 30 pounders in July through to September. Summer cod fishing is brilliant May to September. Halibut is best July to September. Stunning scenery, great fishing, away from crowds. Boats, come with echo sounders and GPS. 18 foot aluminium with 30hp outboards.

About 2 hours from Troms� in the Lyngen Fjord near the junction with the Rotsund Fjord. Beautiful views of the Lyngen Alps, quiet location and great fishing.


Reasonably sheltered fishing for cod, halibut, haddock and coalfish. Your hosts at Lyngen Havfiske will offer advice on what and where to catch and they keep a yearly 'big fish' log. Skippered fishing is available on Lyngen Havfiske's own boat (8 hour trips - max 4 anglers) and for 2009 a larger boat (6 to 10 anglers) will be available for day trips (or even longer trips with full board facilities on the boat).

The nearest shop is 1km away and can be reached on foot or by using your boat. There is a cafe 100m from the cabins which sells a variety of snack meals. A communal barbecue area is available to guests. There is an excellent fish gutting and cleaning facility on site.

Alongside the Nordlenangen fjord in the North West of the Lyngen Peninsula overlooked by the impressive Lyngen Alps. Lyngen Havfiske is 90km from Tromso.

Flight to Tromso then private transfer or car hire by road and short ferry crossing (total transfer time approx. 90 minutes).


This is an excellent area for cod, halibut, coalfish etc. Charter boat fishing with a local guide is available. Especially recommended is guided spring fishing in February and March when the really big migrating cod and large halibut are around. It is possible to book these trips for shorter durations with 4 nights accommodation and 3 days guided fishing. It is possible to hire rods and reels and there is a well equipped tackle shop on site.

The nearest shop is 18km away and Lauklines have a car available for hire for shopping trips (approx. £30 for 3 hours) or taxis can be booked (approx. £60). There are no restaurants or bars at Lauklines but meals can be organised for small groups (pay locally).

Lauklines is situated by the waters edge in Kattfjord on the island of Kvaloya (Whale Island), amid picturesque coastal and mountain scenery and only 35km from Troms�.

By private transfers or self-drive car hire. The island of Kvaloya is connected to the mainland by road bridges so ferry transfers are not required. The private transfers take under an hour and include a short stop for shopping. Taxi/transfers can be arranged for additional shopping trips at a modest fee.


Sheltered fishing in Solberfjorden for Cod, Halibut, Coalfish, Redfish and Wolf fishetc. Recent catches have included several cod over 45lb with one at 57lb. Skippered fishing can be aranged. Rod and reels available for hire.

The nearest shops are located in the nearby town of Sorreisa and it is possible to hire the camp minibus to do your shpooing. Alternatively, you can give your hosts a shopping list and they will fetch the goods for you. There is a sauna, solarium and outside hot tub.

Situatedin the troms area of northern Norway overlooking Reisfjorder only a 30 minute drive from Bardufoss Airport.

Guy Cotten Top Surf Smock Guy Cotten Top Surf Smock
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Guy Cotten Top Surf Smock This is without doubt the best designed fishing smock on the market. This hard wearing smock has an incredible waterproof rating of 25000mm which will keep you dry in any conditions for any length of time. On top of this it is very breathable with a rating of 5000g/m2/24h allowing you to reach further away marks without melting and becoming wet. On top of this it has a host of features designed to help with fishing situations. Like all Guy cotten clothing it is made to a specification rather than a price point to ensure no corners are cut and you can rely on it 24/7. Features - Strong and durable fabric Waterproof rating 25000mm Breathable rating 5000g/m2/24h Roll away hood Large front cargo pocket Side pockets under slaps for hands Adjustable neoprene waist Double cuffs. Inner neoprene cuffs and additional over cuffs Neoprene lined collar to stop water ingress Self grip chi guard
Penn Battle II 8000 Longcast - Free 300M of Spiderwire Smooth 8 Braid Penn Battle II 8000 Longcast - Free 300M of Spiderwire Smooth 8 Braid gift
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Penn Battle II 8000 Long Cast - Free 300M of Spiderwire Smooth 8 Braid RRP £29.99 The new Penn Battle II LC, brings you a fantastically crafted reel, at a reasonable price, with its slow oscillation, awesome cranking abilities and good line capacity, Penn really have produced a great sea fishing reel. The construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment. The Longcast spool and the slow oscillation system provides great linelay and casting distances. Features: •Capacity mono spool 370yds 15lb •Capacity braid spool 220yds 0.22mm (approx 50lb braid dependant on the braid!) (Whiplash 60lb) •Spare braid spool •Ratio 4.7:1 •T-100 Versa Drag system •5 Sealed Stainless Bearings •Instant Anti Reverse Bearing •Heavy Duty Aluminium Bail Wire •Line Capacity Rings
Penn Surfblaster II 8000 LC Penn Surfblaster II 8000 LC
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Penn Surfblaster II 8000 LC The all new Penn Surfblaster II reel features a strong but lightweight graphite frame with graphite side-plates, a forged and machined long-stroke aluminium spool with line capacity rings. Its got guts where it counts as well. It features 5+1 stainless steel shielded ball bearings for smoothness under heavy retrieve pressure, a powerful but smooth HT-100 carbon fibre drag system which offers peace of mind when tackling larger specimens. It also offers super slow oscillation resulting near perfect line lay which reduces friction in the cast and results in much improved distance. Just to finish off. This beauty is salt water resistant! Features - Capacity - 370yds of 15lb Ratio- 4.7.1 5 +1 Stainless ball bearings HT-100 carbon drag system Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates Forge Aluminium Spool 2 line clips Manual Bail arm Super slow oscillation Rotor brake Salt water resistant Gerry's will always try to price match call us 01524-422146
Sonik Gravity X5 14ft 5-7oz Sonik Gravity X5 14ft 5-7oz freepost
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New Sonik Gravity X5 14ft 5-7oz A brand new equal section 14’ powerful shore rod reinforced with the very latest X5 Nano-carbon technology. Supreme long casting performance combined with incredible power and fast recovery, for fishing heavy ground rock marks with ease. With excellent bite registration and a smooth power transfer down the blank, capable of extreme long range casting in the right hands, the SONIK GRAVITY X5 rod takes high performance shore fishing rods to a new level. SPECIFICATION • Ultra-High modulus, low resin carbon construction • X5 multi-directional nanofibre tip section lay-up • Fuji Alconite guides with sleek black finish and anti-wrap tip ring • Double leg 3D guide frames for increased support and ceramic protection • Grip paint above and below joint section • High quality Japanese shrink wrap handle • Custom Sonik ‘slide-lock’ reel seat for perfect placement • High impact rubberised end cap • Length 14ft • Casts 5-7oz • 2 Piece
Westin Sandy Andy 300g 28cm Westin Sandy Andy 300g 28cm
8 in stock
Westin Sandy Andy 300g 28cm Possibly the best big Sandeel/Launce imitation lure we have ever seen and is absolutely devastating for big predatory species such as Cod, Pollack and Coalfish. The lure is fitted with a specially designed paddle tail which imitates an injured fish with a simple retrieve/jig. This causes any predators to become hot and sweaty behind the gills and strike. Each lure is pre weighted and fitted with a 9/0 single and comes with a spare body. Weight 300g Length 28cm 9/0 single hook 2 rigging loops Each pack contains 1 complete lure and 1 spare body
Akios AIRPOWER 435 RXP 14ft 6 Akios AIRPOWER 435 RXP 14ft 6"
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Akios Airpower 435 RXP 14ft 3" Arguably the most powerful three-piece continental style rod on the market, the AKIOS AIRPOWER has been designed with one thing in mind, to offer EXTREME casting capabilities. With its insanely powerful high modulus HMX46T carbon construction, progressive action and lightning fast recovery, the rod sets new standards for modern three-piece rods. This rod is ideal for people wanting a heavy duty rod in 3 piece and is ideal for travelling when targeting bigger species off the shore. - Length 4.35M (14ft 3") - Casts 120g - 225g (4-8oz) - 3 Piece - High Modulus NRG – HMX46T Carbon Blank - Hybrid / Spliced Carbon Tip For Ultimate Bite Detection - Fuji Alconite K Guides For Effortless Casting & Durability - Fuji Graphite DPS Reel Seat Giving Secure Reel Seating - Powerful Blank Casting From 4.2oz-8oz (120g-225g) - FAST Blank Action Giving Quick Recovery and Hook Set - Very POWERFUL Blank Giving Ultimate Performance - Reinforced N-Gage Joint System - Counter Balance Weight System in Handle
Akios Hellrazor SS 420 14ft 4-8oz Akios Hellrazor SS 420 14ft 4-8oz best
2 in stock
Akios Hellrazor SS420 14ft 4-8oz The HELLRAZOR is a significant evolution in rod dynamics, offering outstanding performance at an affordable price. Specifically developed for the angler that’s seeking to add extra yardage to their cast, the AKIOS HELLRAZOR combines a powerful yet easy to load blank with a high energy carbon power tip. The high modulus carbon rod blank with Neoteric Reinforced Graphite (NRG) allows for the progressive accumulation of power during compression, whilst the super-fast recovery facilitates an efficient transfer of energy enabling baits to be sent out remarkable distances, even with a simple over-head thump. The Carbon Power Tip provides a blend of power and sensitivity making this an extremely versatile fishing rod that’s truly a joy to use. With its high build quality, including Fuji KWAG guides, Fuji DPS reel seat, and stainless steel reinforced spigots, the AKIOS HELLRAZOR seriously punches above its price tag. Features- High Modulus Carbon Rod Blank with Neoteric Reinforced Graphite (NRG) Technology for Phenomenal Casting Performance Carbon Power Tip for a More Powerful Action Fuji Anti-Tangle Alconite KWAG Guides Fuji DPS Screw Lock Reel Seat Ergonomic EVA Shaped Casting Rear Grip Stainless Steel Metal Band Reinforced Spigots for Added Strength N-Gage System for Perfect Guide Alignment Sure Grip System (SGS) to Aid Rod Dismantling Supplied with Akios Rod Bag SPECIFICATION: Rod Length: 4.20m / 14ft Overall Weight: 527g Butt Diameter: 23.5mm Casting Weight: 112-225g (4–8oz) Includes Fuji DPS reel seat Sure grip System 3 sections
Behr Bananen Lumimous Pilker Behr Bananen Lumimous Pilker exclusive
13 in stock
Behr Bananen Luminous Pilker These Banana shaped pirk's are deadly. They have an irresistible action as they fall through the water when jigged they flutter and tumble due to their unique banana shape. Originally developed in Norway now used all over the world, as one of the most effective pirk shapes for all big bottom dwelling species but they are a must for big Cod,Coalfish and Halibut fishing etc. This pirk has a full luminous body, so can be picked out by fish even in the deepest of depths. Finished off with ultra strong hooks and split rings. Available in the following sizes: 300gm, 400gm 500gms.
Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack) Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack) exclusive
27 in stock
Behr Magic-Power Link The Magic Power Link is an absolute must for anyone using big pirks, jigs and heavy duty lures. There exceptional strength offers peace of mind when targeting big fish species, constructed from stainless steel, they offer durability and longevity from there construction. Available in 2 sizes 6/0 89kg (195lb approx) 8/0 140kg (308lb approx) 2 Per Packet
Century Eliminator T1200 14ft 10 Century Eliminator T1200 14ft 10 uk
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Century Eliminator T 1200 This is basically a stepped up T1000. It offers additional power for the casting field as well as that little bit extra for targetting the biggest species that swim around the UK including Skate and Porbeagle sharks. The rod is designed to bend and recover gradually releasing its power right through the cast giving a smooth yet powerful cast right throughout the cast no matter what casting style you use or if you are using fixed spool with braid / multiplier with mono this rod deliverers in every way. Match this with a low diameter blank and the ability to handle large baits and big leads at long range it should appeal to Anglers that fish the harshest conditions but still want a rod that is comfortable to use. Please Note: All new Century Titanium K Guide built rods do not come with a reducer, if you wish to purchase one then please add one to your basket. Features; Gearbox Design-Autoclave technology Casting weight 5-8oz Length 14ft 10" 2 Equall sections Century Rod Bag Juji Titanium K-Guides Etched Stainless steel trim bands upper and lower butt section Japanese Shrink tube grip handle Century Coasters fitted due to blank diameter 3m Reflective tip tape
Century Eliminator T900-SGT 14ft 4in Century Eliminator T900-SGT 14ft 4in new
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Century Eliminator T900-SGT 14ft 4" Rated at 6oz, and is 14ft 4” in length, also in two equal sections, These rods are beasts designed for mixed to rough ground, where weed and rocky snags are a factor. In testing they have fought and tamed halibut, big cod and double figure rays. In the right hands, this rod will put a big bait, a long way.The greatest advancement is in the bite detection, it’s hard to believe a rod this powerful can pick up even the slightest of bites at range, but they record every touch. This new addition to the “T” series range are without a doubt, one of the finest sea rods that Century has ever made. Features ; Length 14ft 4" Casting range 125-200gm 2 Equal sections Fuji Titanium K guides Japanese Shrink tube Seperator grip on the base of the tip section and top of the butt section Now fitted with a FUJI DPS Movable reel seat
Century Excalibur Braid Boat 20-50lb Century Excalibur Braid Boat 20-50lb new
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Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Century Excalibur Braid Boat 20-50lb 8ft 4" We have been quite excited for this rod to come in and now it has, we havent been let down. The Century Excalibur braid boat is built with HPR carbons making it lighter, more sensitive and still retain bags of power making it better than any other rod on the market. If your wanting the best rod. Here it is. The Century Excalibur Braid rods have a very supple tip, a slow progressive increase in power in the mid section to accommodate the non elastic properties of braid and the power then increases rapidly in the butt. The design principle separates the rod into 3 distinct zones: the tip zone cushions the braid and protects light hook holds, the mid zone develops a subtle increase in stiffness that controls the fish during the main lift phase and the final zone delivers leverage to control a specimen fish diving back for cover in snags. These 3 zones work collectively to bring the benefits in using braid together and the transition between the zones is seamless. The carefully considered guide spacing and sizes allow a smooth transition of braid through the guides even when maximum down force is applied and are selected to last many years. • Length 2.55m (8’4”) 2 pieces: Short butt – Long tip for design integrity. • Guides – Fuji • Guides: single leg intermediates and double leg lower 2 guides: 9 guides + tip guide. • Fuji DPS Black 20 reel seat. • JSR joint grips and stainless steel trim band. • JSR lower handle and rubber butt cap • Black EVA grip with flat upper for braid control • Multi modulus carbon construction: advanced resin system -Autoclave cured for action retention • Anti Twist Technology (AT-T) • Petrol blue translucent colour blank with metallic marine blue and Royal blue wrappings.
Century Tip Tornado Graphex Sport 13ft 11 Century Tip Tornado Graphex Sport 13ft 11" uk
1 in stock
Century Tip Tornado Graphex Sport 13ft 11" The design principles behind the Tip Tornado Graphex ranges incorporate common technical themes that takes construction and technology to the highest achievable levels. Graphex technology is a bespoke combination of the resin matrix and Graphene to benefit the rods; durability, distance, tracking, sensitivity, dampening recovery to neutral and weight saving. This 3rd generation of Tip Tornado Graphex rods captures the best of the past and brings new and defined benefits commensurate with advances in manufacturing and material technology. The Tip Tornado Graphex Sport takes design cues and feedback from anglers and leading casters alike with the design requirement being a rod suitable to fish both heavy and medium ground. The light weight tip is still more than powerful enough to deal with the roughest of ground. The 13’ 11” length and reduced blank diameter compared with other longer performance rods will benefit anglers who have require this style of rod design. Delivering abundant practical benefits to anglers seeking the best available to complement their dedication. - Length 13ft 11" - 2 piece - Equal sections - Casts 4-8oz - Autoclave Technology for maximum resin matrix consolidation - Graphene reinforced resin matrix. (Graphex) - AT-T (Anti -Twist Technology) – assisting directional control - Customised IM (intermediate modulus) – high tenacity carbon tip - Gearbox Design (phased composite taper in butt section) - Blank colour – Midnight Black, flexural 2-pack polyurethane. - CNC machined, tapered reverse fit joint. - Factory Finish: Fuji Titanium K Guides configured for multiplier or fixed spool - Tied in metallic blue, white inlays and tippings. Jet black intermediates. - Marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands – upper and lower butt - Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle - JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt - 3M Reflective tape between tip guide and first intermediate - Century carbon reducer available as optional extra - Century CNC machined Fuji DPS sliding reel seat - Century partition rod case
Cuda 6 Cuda 6" Titanium Bonded Flex Fillet Knife & Fishermans Sheath Set - 5 Year Warranty best
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Cuda 6 Inch Titanium Bonded Fillet Knife - 5 Year Warranty This knife features Titanium Bonded German 4116 Full-Tang Stainless Steel. The 4116 steel is known for its corrosion resistance and incredible edge retention. As with all Cuda products, it has a scale grip pattern for the perfect grip. It also features a full-tang window proving the knife blade goes all the way through the handle giving strength and control to the blade. Features - - Wide blade - Titanium Bonded blade stays sharper longer - German 4116 corrosion resistant stainless steel blade - Visible full-tang construction - Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grip - Great for all-purpose filleting, with the perfect amount of flex - Precsion ground edge - Oversized backbone - Seath included - 6 Inch blade Please note, that under the Offensive Weapons Act 1996, this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.
Cuda Titanium Bonded 7 Cuda Titanium Bonded 7" Ring Splitter Pliers best
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Cuda Ring Splitters - Lifetime Warranty This 7" Ring Splitter is perfect for cutting line, wire and open/close hook eyes. With High Carbon Titanium Bonded steel and full tang construction that can be seen through the non-slip Cuda scale pattern handles. Features an integrated wire cutter and ring splitter. Features - - Integrated Titanium wire cutter & ring splitter - Perfect for cutting line, wire and open/close hook eyes - Visible full-tang steel construction - Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips - Lifetime Warranty
Daiwa Crossfire Spin 10ft Heavy 40-100g Daiwa Crossfire Spin 10ft Heavy 40-100g exclusive
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Daiwa Crossfire Spin 10ft Extra Heavy 40-100g The Crossfire rods come along with a completely reworked design. This Extra heavy model is a great choice as a serious all rounder. You can work heavier lures at home and abroad when targeting bigger fish. The rod can also double up as a light bait fishing rod and will cast upto 3.5oz weights. The blank is extraordinary within this price segment and significantly contributes to the pleasant handling of these rods. Each rod has a crisp action produce good distance and allowing you to effectively work lures with ease. The X-wrap at the blank makes these rods even stronger and more distortion-proof. Equipped with titanium oxide guides, modern handle made of EVA and rodbag. Length 10ft Casts 40-100g 2 piece Fixed reel seat Braid friendly guides EVA grips Hook keeper
Daiwa Freams LT 4000D-C Daiwa Freams LT 4000D-C exclusive
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Daiwa Fleams LT 4000D-C Spinning Reel The Daiwa Freams LT reels are not just a thing of absolute beauty they are 'work horses' and are a real pleasure to use. So why is it so good? Firstly the reel is fully waterproof thanks to Daiwa's Magseal technology. It has also been fitted with Digigear technology which provides seamless, super smooth winding and direct contact in the fight ensuring it will never let you down. Oh and did we mention its drag is pretty dam quick. The reel is also incredibly light for a reel which offers so much power and technology making it very easy to use and balance really well on any modern lure rods. The 4000D-C is ideally suited for rod upto 9ft Key Features Air Bail, Twistbuster II, Magseal, Air Rotor, an ultralight aluminium spool featuring Long Cast ABS, a redesigned line keeper, High Grip I-Shape knobs, and a super-sized ATD drag provide unmatched design and performance enhancements, while the heart of the reel, LT's new Tough Digigear delivers unmatched refinement, strength, and power. Reel features Ratio 5.2.1 300m x 0.20mm braid 12kg Max Drag Weight 240g
Daiwa Saltist Black Gold BG 35H Daiwa Saltist Black Gold BG 35H sale
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Daiwa Saltist Black Gold BG 35H Multi When your fishing for large Blue Water Species ,or any oversized fish to be honest ,you need a reel you can be sure it will not let you down.  This Black Gold 35 h is designed and built to give you the ultimate in performance time after time in the most extreme of battles. The Saltist BG is built on the original legendary Saltist frame and structure but with a few useful extras.  Delivering increased durability the 'BG' features an all new anodized finish to improve corrosion resistance from the harsh saltwater environment.  The presence of centrifugal brakes makes this reel  ideal Sharkfishing from the shore.  The ultra smooth drag from the UTD - Ultimate Tournament Drag system will add to the enjoyment of every catch and could be the difference in landing the fish of a lifetime. Features : Capacity 370 mt 25lb mono Ratio 6.4:1 Bearings 4CRBB +1 Weight 24.3 oz Aluminium Frame and Side Plate Protective Anodised Finnish UTD Ultimate Tournament Drag Centrifugal Antiback-lash Control System Spool Ratchet Powerful High Strength Alloy Gears Machined Aluminium Spool
Daiwa Tournament Boat 7ft 6 Daiwa Tournament Boat 7ft 6" 15-25lb save
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13 in stock
Daiwa Tournament Boat 7ft 6" 15-25lb This rod is incredibly versatile It can be used for fishing for Bass on shallow reefs to targetting Tope in deeper water. The blank of this Tournament boat rod is made from X45 carbons producing a rod which has a quick recovery and loads of feel allowing you to stay in control when playing a fish. •HVF – High Volume Carbon •V-Joint •X45 •Fuji DPS reel seat •Fuji K guide with alconite rings •Premium EVA grips •Fuji Gimbal butt cap •Length 7ft 6 " •Rated 15-25lb •2 piece
Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4 pc 7ft 6 Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4 pc 7ft 6" 25-40lb save
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12 in stock
Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4pc 7ft 6" 25-40lb The New 4pc Travel rods from Daiwa are set to be a big hit in the travel market high quality throughout the whole construction from the new unique carbon technology HVF ( High Volume Fibre) making the rod lighter weighing only 320g but with the X45 technology and the v-joint to keep the blank nice and stiff. They are two models in the four piece range the lighter 15-25lb great for most aspects of fishing. Then there is the 25-40lb version for when you need that bit more grunt. This rod is a perfect partner for anyone traveling abroad with its compact length of 25inch it will fit in most suitcases saving money on extra baggage. All of the new travel models offer 4pc equal length sections assembly and are furnished with premium Fuji K Alconite guides,Fuji DPS reel seat and a Fuji Gimbal. All rod also feature a white tip with luminous green indicator Features- 7ft 6 in length 25-40lb class Four section construction for travel Each section breaks down to 25inch HVF – High Volume Carbon V-Joint X45 Fuji DPS reel seat Fuji K guide with alconite rings Premium EVA grips Fuji Gimbal butt cap Supplied with easy to keep clean bag
Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4pc 7ft 6 Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4pc 7ft 6" 15-25lb save
Buy a rod & reel together and get 5% off
15 in stock
Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4pc 7ft 6" 15-25lb The New 4pc Travel rods from Daiwa are set to be a big hit in the travel market high quality throughout the whole construction from the new unique carbon technology HVF ( High Volume Fibre) making the rod lighter weighing only 320g but with the X45 technology and the v-joint to keep the blank nice and stiff. This rod is a perfect partner for anyone traveling abroad with its compact length of 25inch it will fit in most suitcases saving money on extra baggage. All of the new travel models offer 4pc equal length sections assembly and are furnished with premium Fuji K Alconite guides,Fuji DPS reel seat and a Fuji Gimbal. All rod also feature a white tip with luminous green indicator Features- 7ft 6 in length 15-25lb class Four section construction for travel HVF – High Volume Carbon V-Joint X45 Fuji K guide with alconite rings Premium EVA grips Fuji DPS reel seat Fuji Gimbal butt cap Supplied with easy to keep clean bag
Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels best
99 in stock
Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels These small stainless steel swivels have double the strenght of typical brass swivels, finished off with a dark coating; these have a multitude of uses from light snood swivels to big game swivel. Available in five different sizes and breaking strains, sold in quantities of 50s and 10s. These are Gerrys biggest selling swivel that will cover all disciplines of angling! Available in Sizes: Size 18 (30lb test) Size 14 (45lb test) •Size 12 (60lb test) •Size 10 (100lb test) •Size 8 (195lb test) •Size 5 (225lb test) •Size 2 (700lb test)
Gerrys Power Premium Braid Blue 300m Gerrys Power Premium Braid Blue 300m
69 in stock
1. Gerrys Power Premium Braid Blue 300m This is a classic braid and is unmatched in value!. It's super smooth finish makes long and effortless casts possible. Gerrys Power Premium Braid is super strong and super sensative with all the qualities of a much higher priced braid. Compact and round No stretch High performance PE Braid
Imax FR 35 Litre Rucksack Imax FR 35 Litre Rucksack
4 in stock
Imax FR Rucksack 35L An updated version of the original Imax 35L rucksack but now lighter and more weather resistant, built around a super comfty harness this rucksack swallows tackle but due to its clever design makes access to tackle easy. Adjustable fully padded harness built in storm wrap Waterproof toughened base Rain guard pocket tops Reflective logos 60 x 45 x 30cm
Nomura Kanji Lure Rods Nomura Kanji Lure Rods
9 in stock
Nomura Kanji Lure Rods These rods are the answer to the needs of an extreme lure angler that's targeting big, powerful predators from fresh and saltwater, they can cope with large crankbaits, top water poppers and big spoons, a very powerful rod range that are superbly,finished, they feature an EVA handle in three sections, a reinforced graphite reel seat and an eye catching finish very little money for a very good rod!
Penn 525 Mag3 Penn 525 Mag3 best
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Penn 525 MAG 3 The 525 model has been around for a long, long time and is regarded by many as the best type of shore multiplier available. Its a serious 'all rounder' suitable for refined beach estuary fishing all the way to heavy rock fishing. Now the brand new mk3 Penn mag is here and looking lovely with its new grey and red colour scheme. But who cares what it look like? It's what's under the hood that counts. Features : Retreive 6.1:1 Capacity 300 yds 15lb Mono Aluminium reinforced side plates Stainless Pinion Gear Live Spindle ' allowing free float for reduced drag and increased perfoemance - Forged and machined aluminium spool sits on a `live` spindle which allows it to `free float` for reduced drag and increased performance. - The spool is controlled by the patented adjustable magnetic brake which is adjusted by a dial on the left hand sideplate. - The drag has been upgraded to a the full HT-100 drag system offering improved strength - Shielded stainless steel ball bearings and anti reverse help ensure that everything runs smoothly. - Capacity - 300ds of 15lb
Penn Ally Boat 30-80lb RS 6ft CNV Penn Ally Boat 30-80lb RS 6ft CNV exclusive
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Penn Ally Boat Rod 30-80lb mono 50/100lb braid RS 6ft CNV With a solid tip fiberglass blank design for increased durability, and top-end components, the Ally rods are one of the best value boat rods on the market today. If you’re looking for a workhorse to do the heavy work on your boat, look no further than the Penn Ally Boat Rods.The perfect combination of durability and performance. Whether you’re pitting yourself against big Common Skate, deep water Cod fishing or even hard fighting Sharks and powerful GT’s. With ergonomic EVA grips that are shaped to provide a fantastic feeling through the rod . The composite blanks have solid tips (STT) that ensures power and great feeling during first contact with the fish . Perfect for Common Skate fishing , Shetland Isles Cod Fishing ,Hard Fighting Sharks and Powerfull Blue Water Species. If It Swims This rod will Tame it ! Features : Length 6ft Line class 30-80lb STT (Solid Tip Technology) Heavy Duty Reel Seat Pac Bay Guides TRQ EVA and slick butt grips
Penn Fathom II 15 SD Mag Penn Fathom II 15 SD Mag
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Penn Fathom II 15 SD Mag The Penn Fathom II star drag reel is built with a rigid metal frame and sideplates, now with added features to make it more angler friendly than ever. Featuring the fast gear access sideplate, allowing any angler to service the gears and the HT-100 drag system quickly and effciently. The Penn live spindle design offers long, effortless casts, while the power gear ratios give ultimate torque for winching big fish. Magnetic casting brake is now available on 12 and 15 sizes only. Features: - Full metal body and sideplates - fast gear baccess sideplate - Machine cut marine grade bronze main gear with hardened pinion gear - Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers - Live Spindle with free flopating spool - Line capacity rings - 6 shielded stainless steel ball bearings system - Instant anti reverse bearing - Ratio 6.1:1 - Cap 325M of 0.35mm - Weight 485g - 13.6kg max drag
Penn Fathom II 20 level Wind Penn Fathom II 20 level Wind save
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Penn Fathom 11 20 Level Wind Star Drag This PENN Fathom II heavy duty construction and powerful gears make it a true workhorse and firm favorite of charter boat Skippers. Designed to handle extreme abuse day-in and day-out. Whether you are bottom-fishing or casting live bait, the Fathom II will stand up to the hardest fishing conditions. Full Metal Body keeps precise gear alignment while the Fast Gear Access Side Plate allows for easy maintenance. The Fathom II also houses Penns powerful HT-100 drag system to stop any fish.. Features: Capacity mono 290 yds 25lb Capacity braid 450 yds 50lb Ratio 5.5:1 4+1 stainless steel bearing system HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers Full metal body and sideplates Line capacity rings Fast gear acces side plate
Penn Rampage II 7ft 6 20/30lb 4pc boat rod Penn Rampage II 7ft 6 20/30lb 4pc boat rod save
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Penn Rampage II 7ft 6" 20/30lb 4pc Boat rod New improved models of our most sold 4pc boat rods . Built using a special mix of 24-ton carbon, these 4-piece, lightweight, slim diameter blanks feature a modern fast taper action with supple tip, with a power build up that increses quickly through the mid-section into a stiff butt for maximum pressure to be applied when they reach their full compression curve. Fitted with Fuji rings, an EVA fore grip and aluminium reel seat finnisehd off in a classy deep red . The 4-piece construction makes for easy transportation .Supplied in a hard cordura carry case perfect for protectiing the rod when in transport Features. Length 7ft 6" Line class 20/30lb 4pc equal sections 24t carbon blank Fuji Braid friendly guides Supplied in a hard cordura carry case 74cm (29") Perfect for suit cases or the boot of your car EVA grip Rubber push on butt cap


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