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Shrink Tube

Century Shrink Tube Century Shrink Tube uk
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Century Shrink Tubing Century shrink tubing is strong and durable, helps with anti slip and keeps the rod butt protected. 1.6M Lengths Available in: 22mm - TT, LD, TT UL 25mm - TTS, TTSM, TTM, CREST, CM, CME, C3LD 28mm - TTR, BB, KWR, KSS, KS
Japanese X-Wrap Shrink Tube Japanese X-Wrap Shrink Tube
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Japanese Xwrap Shrink Tube Shrink Tubing, designed to be heat shrunk directly onto the rod blank, it gives good finish and a comfortable grip.X-Wrap will shrink up to 30%, (On diameter & length) use steam from a kettle or boiling water. On short lengths you can use a hair drier. length 1.5 meters long Available in size 30 - 25mm  ( 20mm in black at 1mt lengths) Available in 5 colors Black - Red - Blue - Yellow - Red/Black
Plain Shrink Wrap 2M Plain Shrink Wrap 2M
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Plain Shink Wrap 2 Meters HSP1 is a tough, flexible, general purpose tubing with good resistance to common fluids and solvents and a high dielectric strength. Available in 2:1 shrink ratio. it's unique blend of chemical, electrical and physical properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications including electrical insulation, strain relief, cable bundling, colour coding and identification of wires, cables, pipes and electrical and electronic components and mechanical protection. Features & Benefits: Very good chemical and solvent resistance Wide range of colours including green/yellow stripes Flexible Excellent physical and electrical performance Operating temperature range: -40°C to + 135°C


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