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Shark Fishing Hooks | Shark Fishing Swivels

Large apex predators like Shark require strong terminal tackle! Make sure you stock up on a good selection of forged Shark fishing hooks and swivels before your next trip.

Here at Gerry's Fishing, we stock a large range of super strong forged meat hooks in sizes right up to 13/0, big enough for the largest of Shark, Marlin and Rays.

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It's the weakest link that always gives way in a big fish fight! Our range of shark fishing swivels come in a range of breaking strains up to 8/0, roughly equivalent to a pull of 1,540lbs... way more than you can ever exert with your rod alone so will withstand tethering of a large Shark to your boat.

If all this is new to you, give us a call! We have many year's experience fishing for large predators like Shark, so can give you the low-down on all the tackle you need. Call one of our team on 01524 422 146

Gamakatsu LS-5314N Gamakatsu LS-5314N
48 in stock
Gamakatsu LS-5314N Hooks Probably Gamakatsu's most versatile hook. Best known for durability,strength and sharpness. Gamakatsu has the most advanced tempering system in the world. This enables hooks to be tempered in a stable condition. Every hook is heated to the exact temperature that is perfect for that particular style and size then cooled in oil. This process produces hooks which are super strong, but not brittle. It is extremely difficult to achieve a balance between strength and flexibility, and it took many years for Gamakatsu to perfect this process. Gamakatsu Hooks are famous for perfect sharpness! The sharpening process results in a perfectly conical point that is unequalled in sharpness. These hooks are perfect for all hard fighting fish especially ideal for Predator Species as the points are ultra, ultra sharp enabling them to penetrate even the boniest toothiest jaws Ideal hook for :Rays, Hounds, Huss, Conger, Tope and Blue water hard fighting fish from Snappers ,Grouper, Cuda etc Features : High Carbon Steel Classic shape Ideal live bait hook Super Sharp conical hook point Available in sizes 2/0-10/0 2/0 - 8/0 6 hooks per pk 10/0 5 hooks per pk


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