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Sea Fishing Shelters | Sea Fishing Brollies

If you're heading out for a long night fishing trip at your local beach this weekend think how much more comfortable you will be with a decent sea fishing shelter in your kit bag! Our range of sea fishing shelters and brollies have been designed to shelter you from the elements whilst you get on with the important task of catching those fish!

We stock a great range of sea fishing brollies for those who don't want the cover offered by a full sea fishing shelter. All of our brollies and shelters are easily affixed into a variety of different ground conditions including sand and shingle so you don't lose your shelter to the wind.

Give our knowledgeable staff a ring if you want advice before buying your next shelter or brolly.

Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter
6 in stock
Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter Tough sturdy lightweight and easy to assemble shelter offers the shore and beach angler the ultimate in base camp comport and weather protection. The shelter is very spacious allow room for up to 2 anglers to sit side by side and plenty of room for all the tackle baits and other equipment needed in today’s longer sessions. Wide side and rear external flaps at ground level allow sand shingle or rocks to be heaped on to keep the shelter secured to the ground. Flaps also have strong tent peg eyelet’s, with tents pegs supplied for additional security in strong winds. Easy to put up with a little practise, should take little more than a minute. Supplied with a carry bag too! size: 552 (140cm) High x 5ft (150cm) Deep x 9ft (270cm) Width please note these are approximate sizes as shelter can be squeezed in or up to change dimensions Gerry’s Highly recommend this product!
Ian Golds Bigaloo Shelter Ian Golds Bigaloo Shelter star
31 in stock
Daiwa Bigaloo Shelter Blue The newer version of the infamous Ian Gold's Igloo, the Bigaloo is bigger and better! With an area of 2.5sqm, it increases the ground room, creating increased comfort. Great for two people or lots of gear. In addition, it is slightly taller so has more headspace. The added feature of the door allows for greater protection during those wintry nights. It is easy to put up, and like the igloo, it is bound to be a winner! The door flap attaches to an extra pole you pull accross the front, so you can fish it completly enclosed or with a gap to peak out of a great idea! It will take a 6ft man stood up is 7ft wide and 6.6" Deep, this can be altered by moving the side legs out but will reduce the height a bit. This Shelter lays flat on the ground before erecting, making it exceptionally easy to put up, even in high winds! Angler can sit on their tacklebox and still have plenty of headroom... even when wearing a headlamp! Velcro straps to hold spare rods when fishing. You can even stand up in it! Full width doors. With enough room for a tall person to lay down and have plenty of room to spare. Set to be a top seller for the 2019/20 winter session
Ian Golds MK2 Igloo Beach Shelter Ian Golds MK2 Igloo Beach Shelter new
28 in stock
Ian Golds MK2 Igloo Ian Golds MK2 Igloo a bigger and stronger variation from the MK1 A new design of beach shelter which looks set to be a common sight on the beach. The Igloo is based on a three legged design which makes it simple and very quick to set up and also allows for it to be set in a number of different ways depending on if you need extra height or width. It will take a 6ft man stood up is 7ft wide and 6.6" Deep, this can be altered by moving the side legs out but will reduce the height a bit. It is secured by burying the attached flaps in the shingle and this will keep it stable in all conditions and go up fast! Ian Golds long time beach fishing experience and England team member has insured this product is a top drawer item robust and easy to use. Colours: Now Blue only
Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter
4 in stock
Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter A stable shelter which with a bit of practice is easy to erect, even when the wind and rain are against you . Easy to secure by piling sand or shingle onto the base flaps and once properly erected it is stable in even the worst conditions. More than enough space for an angler and all his gear and you could squezze two inside ! The roll up doors at the front roll up and are designed to give even greater protection should you need it. Features: Pegging points 8 pegs supplied Sand skirt Roll up doors doors can be fully closed
Tronixpro Beach Brolly Shelter Tronixpro Beach Brolly Shelter
2 in stock
Tronixpro Beach Brolly Shelter Great New products from Tronixpro just keep coming new to the range is this High quality beach brolley shelter already been seen up and down the country across shore lines, with pocketed flaps to fill with sand or shingle for stability this as been a beach match anglers dream. Features- Strong Brolly pole Quility Stitching Procteted flaps to fill with sand or shingle for stability Great allround shelter can be used across all disciplines of fishing Sea - Course - Carp


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