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Kinetic Gummimakk Pro Mix 10/0 Red Kinetic Gummimakk Pro Mix 10/0 Red exclusive
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Kinetic Gummimakk Pro Mix Red 10/0 Let´s go pro! These double rubber worm trick has been a hand made secret in Scandinavia for years. Now, with a perfect machined version you can do it even better than the pro anglers! Works wonders for Cod, Coalfish, Pollack and even halibut if you put a small Coalfish or Herring on the lowest hook. Deadly! Fish like the pro anglers Features- Double hook in each rubber worm Amazing catches reported Use bait to get more
Spro SB Halibut Live Bait Rig Spro SB Halibut Live Bait Rig exclusive
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Spro Salty Beast Halibut Live Bait Rig The Halibut Live Bait 360 Rig is the brainchild of Spro's specialist Norway consultant Sebastian Visse. Framed as the best possible rig for catching capital halibut! These dead bait rigs allow the fish to spin effortlessly through the water making the bait irresistible to the huge fish of the north. Of course the rigs are made from only extremely high quality saltwater components to cope with the job. The weighted head is ultra-bright glow in the dark and features huge attractive red eyes. Available in 4 weights 150g - 250g - 350g - 450g
Behr Dorsch Kohler Cod & Pollock Sabiki Rig Behr Dorsch Kohler Cod & Pollock Sabiki Rig sale
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Behr Cod & Pollock Sabiki Rig Sabiki means "to catch bait" in Japanese .But these beefed up Sabiki rigs are fitted with 8/0 circle hooks. The use of circle hooks keeps the fish from swallowing them, all 3 hooks are covered with Mylar plastic and with a tinsel tail to mimic small shoal fish. Perfect for fishing for large cod and pollock and other large wreck/ reef fish Tied to 1,00 mm  (100lb approx ) main line and at 1.5 mt long Features : Length 1.5mt Mono 1.00 mm (100lb approx) 3 x 8/0 circle Hooks Mylar and tinsel body
Behr Power Glow Gummi Makk Behr Power Glow Gummi Makk sale
7 in stock
Norwegian Power Glow Gummi-Mack One of the most effective rigs ever used in Norwegian waters for Cod and Coalfish. This is a must have in any tackle box. These can be fished on their own or above a pirk or Shad. 2 x per trace on heavy mono Comes with pirk clip and top swivel available in 8/0,10/0 and 12/0
Behr Starkes Natural Boom Rig Behr Starkes Natural Boom Rig sale
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Behr Starkes Natural Boom Rig A Norway /Big fish specialist 2 boom lumi muppet rig that is just the ticket for great presentation eliminating tangles. This rig is unique as in it's fitted with a strong stiff metal tube boom and floating bead  rigs this has a strong metal boom that stays stiff. It also features a small spinner blade and twin coloured floating site bead, Perfect to attract big Cod or Halibut Features : Stiff boom rig to reduce tangles Fitted with 2 muppet lures. 1 with an 8/0 hook and the other with an 11/0 Tied with 100lb main body
Behr Starkes Natural Muppet Cod/Halibut Rig 10/0 Behr Starkes Natural Muppet Cod/Halibut Rig 10/0 sale
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Behr Starkes Natural Muppet Cod/Halibut Rig 10/0 A specialist Halibut rig designed to flutter slightly differently to other rigs specifically to entice Halibut to strike. Fitted with an extra strong 10/0 hook to ensure you stay connected during the battle. 1 10/0 single hook Tied on 100lb mono Large muppet Unique action in the water
DAM Salt-X Live/Deadbait System DAM Salt-X Live/Deadbait System
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DAM Salt-X Live/Deadbait System One of the most effective way of rigging a live bait fish or deadbait up to fish deep down when targeting large species. The rig is fitted with a large fish shaped jig head with a screw out of the back allowing you to effectively attach your fish to it. The lure also features a teble just below the jig head and one on a stinger so you can hook it into the back of your bait. We recommend using a small cable tie to ensure you bait presentation says exactly how you want. 4 colours available and 2 sizes.
Kinetic Gummimakk 10/0 Red Kinetic Gummimakk 10/0 Red exclusive
21 in stock
Kinetic Gummimakk 10/0 Red Dark red rubber worms are not only extremely effective, but it´s one of the oldest fishing lures around. The deep, blood red color is still the most popular of them all. Never go fishing from boat after Cod, Coalfish or Pollack without them. Features- Strong Saltwater hook and brass swivel Catches multiple species Strong durable rubber 5 Per Pack Amazing allround worm


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