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Ripping Rigs

Kinetic Mackerel Squid Rig Fluo/Red Kinetic Mackerel Squid Rig Fluo/Red exclusive
2 in stock
Kinetic Mackerel Squid Rig Fluo/Red This rig is perfect for mackerel and a variety of other saltwater species. This small squid lures are as versatile as you can get. Used with bait on the bottom or for when jigging for codling or pollock all fishes that cruise by will attack. Strong #2/0 hooks and 0,70mm main line with 0,60mm leaders ensures maxium catch rate on every hook. Features- Superb all-round tackle for a variety of species Glowing beads on leaders Catches Cod, Pollack, Coalfish, Flatfish - and Mackerel 0.70 mm and 60 mm monofilament Five hooks
Kinetic Cod/Mackerel Glammer Rigs Kinetic Cod/Mackerel Glammer Rigs exclusive
6 in stock
Kinetic Cod & Mackerel Glammer Rigs Superb boat fishing tackle in shallow waters with or without bait. Well known for catching Cod, Mackerel, Pollack and Coalfish. Wide and corrosive resistant hooks makes bait fishing easy and drilling the fish as safe as it gets. Four hooks in each package. Features- Amazing tackle combined with bait Pelagic mackerel and coalfish hunter Saltwater resistant wide gap #2 hooks Four hooks per package Proven colors
Kinetic Cod/Pollock Gummi Rig Green/Red Kinetic Cod/Pollock Gummi Rig Green/Red exclusive
36 in stock
Kinetic Cod/Pollock Gummi Rig Green/Red A double rubber worm rig is the most common big fish tackle in Scandinavia - by far! Strong 0,80 mm line with two 9/0 hooks secures even a 20 kg double take! Traditional red and green colors. Features- The most used big fish tackle Used in generations Designed to catch 2 x 20 kg fishes Strong saltwater hooks in #9/0 This rig is a brilliant all round rig for Cod/Pollock mant species in the uk or overseas
Kinetic Cod/Pollock Hokkai Rig Kinetic Cod/Pollock Hokkai Rig exclusive
24 in stock
Kinetic Cod/Pollock Hokkai Rig One of the most rigs on the market it is an extremely popular all-round bit of kit. The small rubber/feather imitations could easily be the best tackle around! 0,60mm line and red/white colors make this a killer for big fish. Features- Strong Sz 1/0 Hook 5 Hooks per rig One of Scandinavia's most popular Fishes multiple species Boat fishing only Works with or without bait
Kinetic Cod/Pollock Muppet Rig Glow Kinetic Cod/Pollock Muppet Rig Glow exclusive
14 in stock
Kinetic Cod/Pollock Muppet Rig Glow Glowing squids, strong hooks and wide gap 2/0 hooks. That´s all. This tackle is as simple but still one of the most effective all-rounders available. Perfect for Coalfish, Mackerel and Cod. 0.70mm line and five squids. Features- Five super effective squids Glows in the deep Boat fishing only Works with or without bait 0,70 mm line and 2/0 hooks
Kinetic Sea Winder Harpe Krogset Rig Kinetic Sea Winder Harpe Krogset Rig exclusive
9 in stock
Kinetic Sea winder Harpe Krogset Rig Cod/Pollock/Coalfish etc Sea Winder Rig hook set is all you need for a successful day in the boat! This enormously popular rig contains three interchangeable metal spoons and rubber Gummi worms in the most common colors. Features- A classical all-rounder for sea winders Used in generations Interchangeable hooks Strong saltwater hooks in #4/0 Brilliant Gummi and Spoon rig on this 3 hook rig!
Tsunami Mackerel Flash Rigs Tsunami Mackerel Flash Rigs
35 in stock
Tsunami Mackerel Flash Rigs This rig catches more Mackerel than almost anything esle as well as many many other species! 4 x size 2/0 clear mono snoods strong hooks and a well tied trace


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