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Attractors, Spoons & Sequins

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Fishing spoons, attractors and sequins have gained fans over the years, especially for those wishing to hook into specimen Plaice, Flounder and Whiting. Adding a spoon or other attractor to a baited rig has been shown to give great results, especially to those species which rely on movement to find food.

Our range of fish spoons, fish attractors and fishing sequins will elevate your fishing rig to new levels, giving further attractiveness for both flatfish and carnivores of all species. Combined with a good quality worm bait and some of our liquid attractant, you will have an unbeatable rig that will not fail to attract any fish in range!

If you need advice on the best fish spoons, attractors or sequins to use for any particular species then give our team a ring. We have many years of experience of both pleasure and match fishing in our team and can point you in the right direction!

Trabucco Super Soft Hyper Glow Beads Trabucco Super Soft Hyper Glow Beads
31 in stock
Trabucco Super Soft Hyper Glow Beads These ultra bright, lumious beads are just awesome. They have been very effective for giving your rig the edge when fishing for Flatties and Whiting. The best bit about the beads is that they are they are soft, yet durable making them much more versatile for a host of things such as a bait stop or knot protector. These can also be added to rigs after they have been made by simply sliding them up the hook. Medium 30 per pack Large 25 per pack.
Gerrys Sequins Gerrys Sequins best
30 in stock
A multi coloured packet of large sized sequins. Ideal for fish attraction or sliding down with a bait stop to compress your bait. Available in packets of 100 or 500.
Inova Flexi-Beads (25 per pack) Inova Flexi-Beads (25 per pack) best
3 in stock
INOVA Flexi Beads Made from a 100% UV day glow compound with a soft centre. Flexi beads will never curl or break a line like beads made of hard plastics do. INOVA Flexi Beads can be easily applied to rig snoods and at any stage simply by pushing over hook point and over hook eye and onto line. INOVA Flexi Beads sink to the bottom of the sea and bounce and move about like a natural food source. Multiple uses in one bead - Re-useable bait stops, fish attractor and pennel hook holder. 25 per pkt. Length 5mm
Sakuma Metal Attractor Blades (10 Per Pack) Sakuma Metal Attractor Blades (10 Per Pack)
14 in stock
Best used when fishing in strong tides with long flowing traces. The weight of the blade will help keep the bait secured on the sea bed. Attach the blades with the clevices provided for maximum movement and attraction. Deadly for flatfish. Available in packets of 10.
Trabucco Popup Sticks 4mm Trabucco Popup Sticks 4mm
13 in stock
Trabucco Pop Up Sticks 4mm x 5 pc Great for lifting your hook bait up from the bottom avoiding crabs or to make your bait flutter enticingly in the tide. Made from a high grade ultra lightweight PVA 5 per pack 10cm long
Trabucco Pro Surf Knot Cones - Large (20 per pack) Trabucco Pro Surf Knot Cones - Large (20 per pack)
1 in stock
Trabucco Pro Surf Knot Cones - Large (20 per pack) The Prosurf Knot Cones form Trabucco are designed for surf-casting and beach ledgering, These are  bright cones that are used to make frames. Thanks to the particular color and to the technical characteristics, when exposed to light, once in the water emit a faint glow that attracts fish. Features- Stremlined cones to protect knots rig Large size will fit over rig links etc Luminous for extra attraction Protects knots from abrasion damage Streamlines your rig 20 per pack
Tronix Double Rattle Beads (3 Per Pack) Tronix Double Rattle Beads (3 Per Pack)
3 in stock
Tronixpro - Double Rattle Beads The Tronixpro Rattle beads are great for adding extra noisy attraction to your rigs and hook-lengths. Used mainly for bottom feeding fish these will work just as well for attraction a lot of UK species. Features- 3 Per Pack Three different colours Black - Orange - Lumi Save Money when you buy in packs of 5 or 10


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