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Fishing Booms

Whatever type of sea fishing you do, you've probably used a boom! From multi-boom setups for Plaice and Flounder to the longest booms used for trolling livebait and artificial eel, your fishing box definitely needs a good supply of booms!

We stock every type of boom available, from short plastic slider booms for easy attachment of weights to the longest metal trolling booms, allowing you to present that live sandeel at the very best angle in the water to get the best fish.

At Gerry's Fishing we stock a great selection of fishing booms and can advise you what you need to take along for your next fishing trip!

Gerrys Anti Tangle Booms 3 per pack Gerrys Anti Tangle Booms 3 per pack
12 in stock
Gerrys Anti Tangle Booms Anti Tangle Wrecking Booms, Great Value Wrecking Booms, Ideal For All Deep Water Wrecking And Reef Fishing Comes in two sizes 12 - 16 inch  3 per pack
Avis Swivel Booms (5 Per Pack) Avis Swivel Booms (5 Per Pack)
47 in stock
Avis Swivel Booms Very strong nylon swivel booms, 2.75" in length. A very inexpensive, adjustable and subtle (giving less air resistance) way to avoid tangles. Excellent for paternoster rigs and each pack of booms comes complete with rigging instructions. Used mainly for light sea fishing. Pack of 5 booms
Cox & Rawle 4 Uptide booms Cox & Rawle 4 Uptide booms
3 in stock
Cox & Rawle 4" Uptide Booms Designed to help avoid tangles by keeping the trace clear of snoods when casting. Supplied 4" tubes are good for most leads but can be cut to length. The included beads prevent damage to the booms and knots by placing on the line before and after the boom. Made in England from to qulaity materials. 3 Booms Per Pkt
Gerrys 15 inch Spreader Booms (5 Per Pack) Gerrys 15 inch Spreader Booms (5 Per Pack)
1 in stock
Gerrys 15" Spreader Booms These specially designed booms allow the bait to be fished hard on the bottom and spread apart covering more Sea bed than most spreader booms available. They are great for Flatfish! So why not try adding beads or sequins to your snoods for added attraction a real winner where Flatfish are concerned. Available in packets of five.
Gerrys DIY Boom Kit Gerrys DIY Boom Kit
7 in stock
Gerrys Diy Boom Kits The DIY boom Kits will save £s.  They contain all you need to make 20 anti tangle tubi booms. All you have to do is heat the tube with a lighter and bend into position slide on your chosen link swivel and cut to length you prefer. Available in 29cm (12) and 44cm.(17)
Gerrys Flying Collar Booms (5 Per Pack) Gerrys Flying Collar Booms (5 Per Pack)
3 in stock
Gerrys Flying Collar Booms are perfect for gilling or just general wrecking.  Will allow a fast drop off the boat without tangling. Available 10 or 15 in packs of 5 booms.
Gerrys T-Arm + Swivel Boom (10 Per Pack) Gerrys T-Arm + Swivel Boom (10 Per Pack)
4 in stock
These versatile booms are most commonly used in paternoster rigs. They can be used either sliding or fixed and even when fixed their position on the rig can still be adjusted. Can also be removed entirely from your rig without breaking down tackle.4" long x 10 booms per pack.
Storm Delta French Booms (10 Per Pack) Storm Delta French Booms (10 Per Pack)
18 in stock
These stainless steel booms are popular for trolling and deep water. Use with long traces. The French boom can be tied in place directly to the eye or to the eye via an intermediate split ring and swivel. Alternatively, the main line can be twisted around the triangular body to allow for position adjustment when required or indeed for removal without breaking down your rig. in packs of 10 Sizes ; 6 inch 150 mm 8 inch 200 mm 10 inch 250 mm
Storm Drifter 14 Boom (2 Per Pack) Storm Drifter 14 Boom (2 Per Pack)
15 in stock
Storm Drifter 14" Boom These extra long booms are excellent for use with long flowing traces in deep water. they will keep your tackle tangle free and in the fish. Length 14" 2 Per Packet
Storm Tube Boom 150mm (2 Per Pack) Storm Tube Boom 150mm (2 Per Pack)
8 in stock
Running ledger booms with stainless clips. Ideal for drift fishing, made from ABS Plastic. 2 per pack.
Storm Tube Boom 200mm (2 Per Pack) Storm Tube Boom 200mm (2 Per Pack)
14 in stock
Storm Tube Booom 200mm. Long anti-tangle weight boom, a favorite for lure fishing from the boat Pack of 2 booms
Sunset Sliding Mini Boom Sunset Sliding Mini Boom sale
16 in stock
Sunset Sliding Fish Finder Boom The Sliding Fish finder Boom is ideal for ledgering on spinning rods, tope fishing pretty much anything you would need a ledger boom for, 30mm in length, yellow in colour. 2 per packet
Tronix Spiral Booms Tronix Spiral Booms
2 in stock
Tronix Spiral Booms Perfect for downtide and uptide fishing, these simple wire booms feature an integral swivel to counter line twist and promote excellent bait presentation. Fix the Spiral Booms in position on the rig body with beads and crimps, or simply knot in place. Three booms per packet.
Tronix Zip Sliders Tronix Zip Sliders
6 in stock
Tronixpro Zip Sliders Tronixpro zip sliders are very common in boat angling when making running ledger rigs. Ours are made of clear plastic, to make them harder for fish to see and give you the edge. Features- 2 sliders per pack. Available in extra small and medium Great for shore and boat anglers Save £££ buy you buy in packs of 5 or 10
Tronixpro French Boom with Swivel 15cm (3 per pack) Tronixpro French Boom with Swivel 15cm (3 per pack)
2 in stock
Tronix French Boom With Swivel 15cm ( 3 per pack ) This is a great way to present a bait on a flowing hook snood or rig, fitted with a swivel to prevent line twist. Also good when fishing with soft shads get two togerther to enhance your chances great for Pollock fishing. Features- Boom Length 15cm 3 per pack Work well in flowing water Good for keeping your snood away from your rig body Save money when you buy in packs of 5 or 10
Tsunami Plastic Sea Booms 15cm 3pk Tsunami Plastic Sea Booms 15cm 3pk
19 in stock
Tsunami Plastic Sea Boom 15cm 3pk These green plastic bent tube booms are designed to help reduce tangles. They are ideal for both drifting with lures and light bottom fishing.
Tsunami Plastic Sea Booms 20cm 3pk Tsunami Plastic Sea Booms 20cm 3pk
16 in stock
Tsunami Sea Booms 25cm pack size 3 The Tsunami range of plastic and wire sea booms covers the needs of all type of sea fishing from the 40cm Twin Spreader boom down to the 10cm wire boom. One thing is certain, if they are sold under the Tsunami brand - they won't let you down!


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