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Lead Weights

Sea Fishing Lead Weights

It's one of those often under appreciated pieces of sea fishing tackle, but where would we all be without our sea fishing lead weights!

The type and weight of lead that is used for sea fishing can have a dramatic impact on casting, line snags and fish catches, yet many fishermen regard their lead weights as an afterthought with a kind of 'any lead will do' attitude!

Getting the right type of lead at the end of your line can make the difference between catching fish and being constantly tangled in the rocks, so choose carefully and always carry a selection of not only different sizes but also types of lead weights.

Shore Fishing

For shore fishing, you are going to need grapnel leads for fishing over sand and mud as this stops the lead from drifting away in strong currents and strong waves, especially when fishing storm beaches.

For rocky ground, use either a lead lifter or a shaped lead which will naturally aqua plane as the lead is retrieved - this ensures that your terminal tackle gets away from the rocky seabed as soon as possible on retrieve.

Boat Fishing

Boat fishing especially can be heavily impacted by the type of lead being used. It's little use using a lead which isn't streamlined if you're trolling as this causes extra drag and cavitation, which can scare fish, but if you're drifting on wrecks you probably want a lead which gets down to the fish as quickly as possible - ball leads, and infact any lead which will avoid tumbling in the water are a great idea here.

For heavier fishing in deep water, you are better off with a traditional torpedo shaped lead which falls quickly and avoids tumbling - larger ball leads can be used but the additional surface area of these leads can add drag, definitely not what you want in really deep water over a wreck!

If you need advice on choosing sea fishing lead weights, give us a call on 01524 422 146 or call in and see us!

Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Breakaway Continental Impact Leads
75 in stock
Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Continental style fishing has become very popular in the UK over the past few years especially during the summer months when the water is clear and calm, Not only has this been a productive development in the match scene it has also added enjoyment to our fishing utilising long light rods and light line. Breakaway had been asked many times to make a suitable lead to go with the lighter gear after much thought they decided to use our Patented impact system we realise not all anglers will want to clip down rigs but its there if needed, we also believe the cone will protect the lead and enhance the smooth retrieve. Available in: 110g and 130g Save Money when buying in 5s or 10s
Breakaway Leads Breakaway Leads
In stock
Breakaway Leads   The start of it all.  The original Breakaway lead as used around the world for over 35 years by millions of anglers.   Holds across the tide with the wires locked into the recesses by the nylon rollers when fishing but folds back on the strike making the retrieval easier on tackle and fish. The original concept of the Breakaway lead was the brainchild of Nigel Forrest and Ian Gillespie. Over the years the shape and its overall performance has changed to keep up with the demands of the most serious anglers
Finn Breakfree Lead Finn Breakfree Lead
32 in stock
Finn Breakfree Leads The Finn lead is a whole new design of lead with some unique features. The side 'fins' are aerodynamic and aid long casting as well as acting as leadlift on retrieval. They also prevent the lead from rolling on the sea bed and allow it to lie flat on the bottom. This means that only two grips are needed instead of the normal four to anchor your rig in place. Great for sand and mud bottoms and for lifting your gear clear of close in snags. Sold singularly.
Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead
In stock
Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead The pyramid lead has a Long wire and are lumi coloured for added attraction, another great lead for plaice, flounder and whiting. Come in 5 differant colours White  Green  Orange  Pink  Yellow Available in 3 sizes 100g   120g    140g
Tronix Bait Capsule Leads Tronix Bait Capsule Leads
26 in stock
Tronix Bait Capsule Leads A particularly handy edition to anyone's box. The bait capsule is useful in several ways. You can use it to produce a more smoothline cast when using larger baits resulting in further distance and better bait presentation. You can also use the capsule to add additional scent around your bait by simply filling the capsule full of what ever bait you choose. Sold Individually Availablle in 130g, 150g, 170g
Ball Leads Ball Leads
40 in stock
Gerrys Ball Leads Gerrys Ball Leads are available in 8 sizes, and are very popular for boat and shore anglers. Available in: 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz
Bopedo Leads Bopedo Leads
In stock
Gerrys Bopedo Leads Bopedo Leads are great for boat fishing. Available in: 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz and 32oz.
Breakaway Flattie Lead Breakaway Flattie Lead
56 in stock
Breakaway Flattie Leads Flattie leads are a plain non wired lead designed to fish over mud flats ect in slow tides for Flounders and fish that may be temted by a slow moving bait. The lead settles on the mud rather than dissapearing into it like most plain leads do.It will hug the bottom and move slowly in the tide searching out the fish. Will plane to the surface on the retrieve. Available in 85g or 150g.
Breakaway Impact Softy Lead Breakaway Impact Softy Lead
1 in stock
Breakaway Impact Softy Leads The latest lead in this range is the soft wired version. This lead casts well and holds in strong tides, even with a small fish on it carries on fishing, so increases the chances of catching two or even three fish are increased. Once released from its hold the wires will straighten if pulled into snags especially lost tackle and line.
Finn Plain Lead Finn Plain Lead
25 in stock
Finn Plain Lead These plain versions of the Finn lead are really good for those situations where you want to add a bit of movement to your rig rather than anchoring it hard to the sea bed. The flat shape still holds reasonable well but tide pressure on the line will slowly move it along the sea bed to help search for fish and also attract the attention of flatties etc. They also work well on the boat for drifting over banks etc as the flat shape does not 'roll' like a standard bomb lead. Another use is for fishing with feather lures as the shape of the Finn lead allows you to work the lures near the surface and also gives an attractive 'flutter' to the lures as they drop through the water. Sold singularly.
Gemini Breakout Leads Gemini Breakout Leads
76 in stock
Gemini Breakout Leads The unique design of the Gemini breakout sinker has distinct advantages over conventional break-out grip sinkers other than the inter-changeability of the heads. Because the nose cone places the grips in front of the mass of the lead sinker this alters the centre of gravity bearing greater pressure on the grips into the sea bed. To test this place a Gemini sinker alongside a conventional style sinker of equal weights then in turn place your finger on the nose cone and push backwards.
Gerrys Barrel Leads Gerrys Barrel Leads
In stock
Barrel Leads Simple weights that can have many many uses, 1oz,1.5oz and 2oz
Gerrys Dumpy Distance Mould Roller Grip Gerrys Dumpy Distance Mould Roller Grip
2 in stock
Dumpy Distance Mould Neat and compact, this new mould is based around the pear lead .With a weight forward profile but a compact lead. Fit long tail wire that help with a straighter cast ,and that can be useful with large baits that are likely to wobble when cast. A long tail help cut down on properties when a snood below the weight is used. Holds great in fast tides with the twin tensioned grip wires that snap open on retrieve allowing it to be pulled over stones and weeds without the wires catching in the sea bed. Features : Compact pear Profile Long tail wire Roller grip twin tensioned grip wires Weight forward long casting * Pound coin is just for size reference .The lead in the picture is 4 oz *
Gerrys Lumi Double Looped Bopedo leads Gerrys Lumi Double Looped Bopedo leads
10 in stock
Gerry's Double Looped Bopedo As we all know the bopedo lead is the lead you need for fishing strong fast flowing waters. But what if your lead could give you the edge with the addition of the second loop you can fish a hook length running of the back of leads allowing you to make sure you are fishing a bait pinned on sea bed. You could also add a treble or assist hook with a muppets to make your lead an attactor to big spieces. White in colour
Kinetic Harpe Sinker 400gm Kinetic Harpe Sinker 400gm
10 in stock
Kinetic Harpe Sinker 400gm A drop shaped sinker has been used for years. Make your rig / bait feather strings stand out, this sinker is rubber coated in red. Lead free , The unique shape  helps prevent twist on the drop
Pyramid Leads Pyramid Leads
36 in stock
Pyramid Leads Looking for a lead that holds bottom in tidal bays? Then these are one of the best leads you can use...starting from an 1oz you can use them on your light beach or maybe lure and bait rod. These Pyramid Leads are a superb alternative to grip wire leads. They don't move about in the tide unlike some plain leads and have the added advantage of having no wires to break out or snag your line or weed.
Shorecast Pod Leads Shorecast Pod Leads
30 in stock
Shorecast Pod Leads •Luminous bright coloured leads make a great attractant •Available in Various Colours and weights. •Built in Swivel •Sold individually
Watch Leads Watch Leads
19 in stock
Gerrys Watch Leads Fantastic for flattie, bass and light beach work. Available in: 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz and 6oz


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