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Power Gum

Sea Fishing Power Gum

If there's one piece of tackle you really need in your fishing box it's a reel or two of power gum! This flexible, stretchy line enables stop knots to be made which adhere to the main line, meaning no more slippage when casting. Stop knots can be tied tightly with our sea fishing power gum, meaning your main line isn't damaged - something that is possible when trying to create a stop knot with monofilament.

More than one use...

Besides being the superlative method for creating stop knots for when float fishing and ledgering, power gum can be used to create shock absorbent traces and connectors for when targeting soft mouthed species like mullet. Low stretch monofilament or braid may cause hooks to rip through delicate mouths on these kinds of species, but with a length of power gum in your trace all is well. Breaking strains and colours are available to suit most fishing scenarios, so make sure you have a selection in your tackle box!

Drennan Power Gum Drennan Power Gum
8 in stock
Drennan Power Gum Power gum has been used for longs periods of time by all anglers, used for multitude of disciplines, from feeder fishing to float fishing and carp fishing.   •Ideal for finishing stopper knots •Excellent for shock absorption on feeder & legering rigs •Diameter: 0.65mm •Breaking Strain: 14lb / 6.3kg •Spool Size: 10mtrs Available in 14lb (Red or Clear)
Inova Flexi-Beads (25 per pack) Inova Flexi-Beads (25 per pack) best
5 in stock
INOVA Flexi Beads Made from a 100% UV day glow compound with a soft centre. Flexi beads will never curl or break a line like beads made of hard plastics do. INOVA Flexi Beads can be easily applied to rig snoods and at any stage simply by pushing over hook point and over hook eye and onto line. INOVA Flexi Beads sink to the bottom of the sea and bounce and move about like a natural food source. Multiple uses in one bead - Re-useable bait stops, fish attractor and pennel hook holder. 25 per pkt. Length 5mm
Sakuma Power Gum (6M Spool) Sakuma Power Gum (6M Spool)
27 in stock
Mainly used to tie stop knots making rigs fully adjustable . Essential when replacing snoods on clipped down rigs.Can also be used for bait stops and adjusting the depth on float rigs . 6 meter spools in clear or red .


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