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Sea Fishing Rig Tubing | Sea Fishing Shrink Tubing

Rig tubing has so many uses for terminal tackle you might be amazed to learn that some anglers still don't have a ready supply in their tackle box!

Sea fishing rig tubing allows dependable, long lasting fishing rigs to be created, with the rig tubing acting as a natural spring, keeping your bait away from your main line.

Used in distance casting rigs, rig tubing can work as an alternative to the traditional rig springs used to ensure separation of snood and main line and rig tubing has a host of other uses in bottom fishing and float fishing.

Sea Fishing Shrink Tubing

If you want to create streamlined, long cast rigs then shrink tubing is your ally! This easy to use tubing simply slides along your trace line and can be secured over hook eyes and swivels with the application of heat from a lighter or match.

Luminous Rig Tubing

Want a cheap, easy way to create fantastic mackerel, launce and bass lures? Get some of our luminous rig tubing, thread a section over the hook of your choice and off you go! Our luminous rig tubing glows a vivid green colour when exposed to light and gives off light for a lengthy amount of time. Simply expose to strong sunlight or torchlight to activate!

Gemini Genie Neoprene Black Rig Tubing G3501 (1 Metre Length) Gemini Genie Neoprene Black Rig Tubing G3501 (1 Metre Length)
1 in stock
Gemini Genie Neoprene Rig Tubing This is the `heavy duty` rig tubing in the range ideal for high resistance sliding stop knots. Dimensions: 1.5mm Inner diameter. Supplied In 1 Metre Lengths
Gerrys Glow in the Dark Silicone Tubing (2m Length) Gerrys Glow in the Dark Silicone Tubing (2m Length)
14 in stock
Gerrys Glow in the Dark Silicone 2 Meters
Gerrys Silicone Tubing (2M Length) Gerrys Silicone Tubing (2M Length)
4 in stock
Gerrys silicone Tubing is avaialable in both clear or black in two different diameters1.5mm and 2mm. Best used to neaten up rigs by covering swivels and hook sleeves especialy when tying Pennel Rigs. Available in 2 meter lengths.
Sakuma Silicone Tubing (1M Length) Sakuma Silicone Tubing (1M Length)
1 in stock
Strong supple tubing that can be used for a multitude of trace making applications such as bait and rig stops knot protectors stand off boom s and pennel rigs. Available in 1 meter lengths.
Tronix Glue Tubing 6mm (For 40-70lb) 150 Per Pack Tronix Glue Tubing 6mm (For 40-70lb) 150 Per Pack
18 in stock
Tronix Glue Tubing 6mm (For 40-70lb) 150 Per Pack These simple silicon tubes from Tronixpro are a fantastic solution to building reliable match rigs that stay low-key and simple. When attaching rig components like snoods, slide one of these tubes either side of your rig bead and glue in position with a flexible Fishing Glue, giving you a tidy, low visibility, highly secure stop position on your rig without stopper beads, crimps or stop-knots! Features- 6mm tubes (fits 40 - 70lb) 150 per pack Great for keeping your rigs neat and tidy Save when you buy in packs of 5 or 10
Tronix Shrink Tube 3mm (8 Per Pack) Tronix Shrink Tube 3mm (8 Per Pack)
26 in stock
Tronix Shrink Tube 3mm The Tronixpro shrink tube is available in black or clear, and is 3mm in diameter. Heat up to “shrink” in place and make you rigs more streamlined and weed resistent. Features 3mm tubing 8 Per Packet Great for streamlining your rigs Save £££ when you buy in pack of 5 or 10


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