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Terminal Tackle

A good terminal tackle setup can mean the difference between getting no bites and landing the fish of your dreams. Stock up with all the best weights, swivels, booms and hooks now!

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It's always the weakest link which loses the fish. Sad but true... If you don't have the right terminal tackle for the kind of fishing you're doing, then you're probably just sitting out with a rod in your hand for nothing! A good terminal setup can make a vast difference to catches, especially for shy and hard fighting fish like bass. See our range of top quality hooks, swivels, booms and weights for every type of fishing in our sea fishing terminal tackle section. We have everything you need at low prices, all in stock and ready to be shipped to you!

Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack) Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack) exclusive
51 in stock
Behr Magic-Power Link The Magic Power Link is an absolute must for anyone using big pirks, jigs and heavy duty lures. There exceptional strength offers peace of mind when targeting big fish species, constructed from stainless steel, they offer durability and longevity from there construction. Available in 2 sizes 6/0 89kg (195lb approx) 8/0 140kg (308lb approx) 2 Per Packet
Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Breakaway Continental Impact Leads
62 in stock
Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Continental style fishing has become very popular in the UK over the past few years especially during the summer months when the water is clear and calm, Not only has this been a productive development in the match scene it has also added enjoyment to our fishing utilising long light rods and light line. Breakaway had been asked many times to make a suitable lead to go with the lighter gear after much thought they decided to use our Patented impact system we realise not all anglers will want to clip down rigs but its there if needed, we also believe the cone will protect the lead and enhance the smooth retrieve. Available in: 110g and 130g Save Money when buying in 5s or 10s
Breakaway Impact Leads Breakaway Impact Leads best
In stock
Breakaway Impact Leads  The ultimate range of leads for todays match anglers. The aerodynamic design of the Impact lead helps put your bait out to the maximum distance and the wire formation keeps you there where the fish are. This range of leads all use the Impact cone to release the baited hook from the integral bait clip on impact with the water. The advantage of this method is that you know when the bait becomes unclipped and as the bait travels through the water its forced onto the hook bend and not up the trace length. All good rigs would still incorporate a bait stop.
Breakaway Leads Breakaway Leads
In stock
Breakaway Leads   The start of it all.  The original Breakaway lead as used around the world for over 35 years by millions of anglers.   Holds across the tide with the wires locked into the recesses by the nylon rollers when fishing but folds back on the strike making the retrieval easier on tackle and fish. The original concept of the Breakaway lead was the brainchild of Nigel Forrest and Ian Gillespie. Over the years the shape and its overall performance has changed to keep up with the demands of the most serious anglers
Cox & Rawle Crab Hooks Cox & Rawle Crab Hooks
64 in stock
Cox and Rawle Crab Hook With their short shank and offset hook point, Cox & Rawle have delivered the classic crab hook, ideal for peeler and other soft baits. Forged for strength and chemically sharpened. We have extensively tested this crab and have found it very reliable and strong when targeting larger spcies such as Bass, Rays and Smoothounds. Available in sizes: • Size: 6 - Packet of 10 • Size: 4 - Packet of 10 • Size: 2 - Packet of 10 • Size: 1/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 2/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 3/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 4/0 - Packet of 6 • Size: 6/0 - Packet of 5
Finn Breakfree Lead Finn Breakfree Lead
In stock
Finn Breakfree Leads The Finn lead is a whole new design of lead with some unique features. The side 'fins' are aerodynamic and aid long casting as well as acting as leadlift on retrieval. They also prevent the lead from rolling on the sea bed and allow it to lie flat on the bottom. This means that only two grips are needed instead of the normal four to anchor your rig in place. Great for sand and mud bottoms and for lifting your gear clear of close in snags. Sold singularly.
Gerrys 5mm Round Black Rig Beads Gerrys 5mm Round Black Rig Beads
11 in stock
Gerrys 5mm Round Black Beads (CJT) Gerrys 5mm mixed black beads, either for putting on each side of your swivel to hold into position or for adding extra attraction to your rig. Available in packs of 100 or 1000
Gerrys Anti Tangle Booms 3 per pack Gerrys Anti Tangle Booms 3 per pack
10 in stock
Gerrys Anti Tangle Booms Anti Tangle Wrecking Booms, Great Value Wrecking Booms, Ideal For All Deep Water Wrecking And Reef Fishing Comes in two sizes 12 - 16 inch  3 per pack
Gerrys Bait Elastic with Bait Dispenser Gerrys Bait Elastic with Bait Dispenser best
16 in stock
Gerrys Bait Elastic with Bait Dispencer Gerrys Bait Elastic with Dispencer is ideal for keeping your bait elastic clean and grit free, bait elastic is 0.2mm thick.
Gerrys Black Aberdeen Hooks (100 Per Pack) Gerrys Black Aberdeen Hooks (100 Per Pack)
10 in stock
These hooks are very similar to the famous Kamasan B940s except they do not feature a chemicaly sharpened point.  This can be a good feature as the points can be re-sharpened manually with a sharpening stone. We choose to sell this particular hook as they have a great strength a smooth rounded curve and a long shank making them an ideal all round hook. Sharp Point Long Shank Medium Wire Black Finish boxed in 100s  
Gerrys Bronze OShaugnessy Hooks Gerrys Bronze OShaugnessy Hooks
20 in stock
Gerry's Bronze O'Shaugnessys The O'shaugnessy range is an extra stong hook designed for big fish. It features a heavy gauge forged bronze wire wide gape and an extra sharp hook point. Ideal for Tope, Skate, Rays & Hounds. •Forged •Bronzed •Extremeley Strong •50 per pkt (Unless otherwise stated)
Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels best
In stock
Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels These small stainless steel swivels have double the strenght of typical brass swivels, finished off with a dark coating; these have a multitude of uses from light snood swivels to big game swivel. Available in five different sizes and breaking strains, sold in quantities of 50s and 10s. These are Gerrys biggest selling swivel that will cover all disciplines of angling! Available in Sizes: Size 18 (30lb test) Size 14 (45lb test) •Size 12 (60lb test) •Size 10 (100lb test) •Size 8 (195lb test) •Size 5 (225lb test) •Size 2 (700lb test)
Gerrys Lip Grip Circle Hooks Gerrys Lip Grip Circle Hooks
39 in stock
Gerry`s Lip Grip circle hooks have been designed to lip hook fish which makes it much easier for un-hooking purposes. The hook although it looks a strange place for the hook point to get hold the circl hooks turn in the fishes mouth and have a much better chance of hooking especially in the lip than a conventional hook try some and see. It is also believed to be less stressful on the fish and is a very popular with modern day catch and release. Made from a High Carbon with a Black Nickel finish.  Super sharpe hook points and availble in packets of 25 in a size range from 1/0 to 6/0 the in 15 from 8/0 to 12/0 then in 10s at 14/0. High Carbon Construction Black Nickel Finish Out Turned Eye Inturned Circular Point Fantastic Value Circles
Gerrys Oval Floating Beads (20 Per Pack) Gerrys Oval Floating Beads (20 Per Pack) best
8 in stock
Gerrys oval floating beads are quite a new addition to Gerrys rig accessories. A little larger and much brighter than the floating beads from other companys. Ther are great for both attraction and keeping your hook baits up off the bottom. Available in packets of 20.
Gerrys Pulley beads (10 Per Pack) Gerrys Pulley beads (10 Per Pack)
40 in stock
Gerrys Pulley Beads These beads are perfect to use in pulley rigs. They are designed to slide down to your lead which in turn keeps your hooked fish out of the way of snags and much easier to land. They can also be used on running ledger rig. in packets of 10 or buy cheaper in multiples of 5 or 10pks
Gerrys Rubber Beads (20 Per Pack) Gerrys Rubber Beads (20 Per Pack)
18 in stock
Tough rubber beads perfect for knot protection and a million other uses 20 per pack
Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb mono Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb mono best
40 in stock
Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb Will crimp 15-80lb mono. Ideal for rig making. These simply are the best crimps around with anodised finish no rough edges brilliant for rig making 4mm and 8mm lengths the longer the crimp the more the grip and brilliant value for money! Pkt of 100 or even better value 1000s, 
Kamasan B940 Match Hooks Kamasan B940 Match Hooks
59 in stock
Kamasan B940 Match Hooks A fine wire high carbon steel specialist Sea match hook. Designed specifically for delicate presentation of a wide variety of baits. Even baits such as white Ragworm and Harbour Rag can be used without damage. Ideal for everything from Dab, Flounder, Pout, Dogfish, Whitting and Plaice to larger Codling and Bass. Available in packets of 10 and in sizes 4 to 1/0s Features: • Carbon Steel • Fine Wire • Chemically Sharpened • Black Finish
Sakuma 470 Top Gun Hooks Sakuma 470 Top Gun Hooks
49 in stock
Sakuma 470 Top Gun Hooks Very strong forged offset hook with a short shank, straight eye and a long 'swept in' chemically sharpened point. Perfect for presenting crab and fish baits for species such as smoothounds, Bass, Bream and Wrasse. Features : 10 hooks per Pk Forged offset Hook Super Strong Heavy Wire Gauge Anti Corrosive Black Nickel Finnish Perfect Crab hook for smooth hounds and other hard fighting species
Sakuma Shimmer Beads 6mm (50 Per Pack) Sakuma Shimmer Beads 6mm (50 Per Pack)
13 in stock
Sakuma Shimmer Beads 50pcs As the name suggests these multi-faceted beads will catch the light and quite literally shimmer under water attracting fish to your baited trace. Best used in bright daylight and clear sea conditions whilst targeting sight feeding fish. Especially effective for Flounder and Plaice. 50pcs per pack
Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead
In stock
Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead The pyramid lead has a Long wire and are lumi coloured for added attraction, another great lead for plaice, flounder and whiting. Come in 5 differant colours White  Green  Orange  Pink  Yellow Available in 3 sizes 100g   120g    140g
Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance URFE (3 per Pack) Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance URFE (3 per Pack)
14 in stock
Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance URFE (3 per Pack) A superb addition to the bottom of any rig. Simply add it between your lead and rig. In the middle of the Urfe there is a moving swivel which you can add a small snood to target smaller species. We have found this is very effective when its used with moving leads and when targetting flatfish. This model has been design for use at distance. 3 per pack Length 8cm
Trabucco Shinken 53117 Pint Hooks Trabucco Shinken 53117 Pint Hooks
18 in stock
Trabucco Shinken 53117 Pint Hooks (10 per pack) The Trabucco Shinken Pint hooks are one of the most sort after hooks in the match world. They have become one of our best sellers in the last couple of years. In design these hook have a Wormer shape with a small eye and a much lighter finer gauge, making it better for slightly more delicate baits and giving you an overall better presentation. The Pint is also slightly off set Features- Super Chemically sharpened Needle Point Hook Quality High Carbon Steel Construction 10 hooks per pack Available in 4 sizes 8 - 6 - 4 - 2
Trabucco Super Soft Hyper Glow Beads Trabucco Super Soft Hyper Glow Beads
37 in stock
Trabucco Super Soft Hyper Glow Beads These ultra bright, lumious beads are just awesome. They have been very effective for giving your rig the edge when fishing for Flatties and Whiting. The best bit about the beads is that they are they are soft, yet durable making them much more versatile for a host of things such as a bait stop or knot protector. These can also be added to rigs after they have been made by simply sliding them up the hook. Medium 30 per pack Large 25 per pack.
Tronix Bait Capsule Leads Tronix Bait Capsule Leads
70 in stock
Tronix Bait Capsule Leads A particularly handy edition to anyone's box. The bait capsule is useful in several ways. You can use it to produce a more smoothline cast when using larger baits resulting in further distance and better bait presentation. You can also use the capsule to add additional scent around your bait by simply filling the capsule full of what ever bait you choose. Sold Individually Availablle in 130g, 150g, 170g
Tronix Crimps (100 Per Pack) Tronix Crimps (100 Per Pack)
23 in stock
Tronix Crimps Available in in 3 sizes covers mono's from 0.6mm to 1.0mm, great crimps for keeping your rigs neat and tidy. Features- 100 Per Packet Three sizes available small 0.5m - medium 0.7mm - Large 1.0mm Save £££ when you buy in packs of 5 or 10
Tronix Rubber Stops 4L (30 Per Pack) Tronix Rubber Stops 4L (30 Per Pack) best
17 in stock
Tronix Rubber Stops 4L (30-80lb Lines) Tronixpro rubber stops have become a must have item in rig tying. The 4L size are fantastic on rig bodies to trap swivels. Use in place of crimps for adjustable rigs. Features- Size 4L is for lines 30lb-80lb. 30 per pack Great for a number of thing bait stops, pulley bead stops etc Save £££ when you buy in packs of 5 or 10
VMC 9145 Extra Fine Wire Blued Aberdeen VMC 9145 Extra Fine Wire Blued Aberdeen
26 in stock
VMC 9145 Extra Fine Wire Blued Aberdeen boxed in 25 At last an alternative to another fine wire match hook thars never in stock, this VMC Blued fine wire Aberdeen is a perfect hook for match angling where being able to pull the hook out with bending it to 1. stop having to change hooks, after fish being deeply hooked 2. return the fish without killing it, saving the species! 3. perfect for Maddies ,small Rag and Blow Lug! They are ultra sharp, made from Hi Carbon steel with long shanks and a round bend, as well as being competitivley priced!
Tronix Pro Circle Hooks (10 Per Pack) - SALE Tronix Pro Circle Hooks (10 Per Pack) - SALE sale
12 in stock
Tronix Pro Circle Hooks (10 Per pack) Tronixpro circles have proved to be one of there best sellers. As the sea fishing community becomes more conservation minded, we are always searching for ways to improve what we do. Circle hooks give us a fantastic feature when bass or flatfish fishing, a fish will be hooked right in the scissors almost every time and hooks can be easily removed and fish returned. These are a fine wire hook, but still offer very good strength. 10 hooks per pack
AFW Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels AFW Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels save
Buy 5 AFW Products & Get 10% Off
15 in stock
American Fishing Wire Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels These swivels are designed to offer high perfomance without the high price. Each swivel is designed to provide an extra smooth rotation to avoid line twist and kinks. The eyes are also perfectly designed and constructed to avoid failure 'pull out' under severe tension. These are finished with a highy quality and easy to use coastlock snap.


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