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Bait Needles and Accessories

Breakaway Fish Measure Breakaway Fish Measure
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Breakaway Fish Measure Accurate fish measure can be used whatever method of recording fish is used measures up to 45 cms in clear protected print made from Number plate quality shatterproof A.B.S or (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) if you are none the wiser! Reflective for night fishing, Complete with M.A.F.F. legal north sea size limits for weigh in matches.
Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool
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Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool The Sokkou Knot Tool is one of the simplest tools for tying leader connections in light braided lines to monofilament leader. This tool is a must have for anyone wishing to connect mono to braid with its easy functionality and quick braid to mono connection every anglers should have this in there kit. To see a video of this then visit - Sokkou Knot Tool Video
Fox Rage Split Ring Pliers 5/ 13cm Fox Rage Split Ring Pliers 5/ 13cm
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Fox Rage Split Ring Pliers 5"/13cm Special tooth that helps with the opening of split rings of any size,making the changing of treble hooks a simple task!Also good for squashing barbs on trebles and have a side cutter that will shear through wire, braid and mono. Small enough  fit in your pocket - always on hand ready for use .
Gemini Spring Loader Gemini Spring Loader
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The Gemini Spring Loader Bait Tool The Spring Loader boasts the ability to package both single and cocktail baits in tight, well formed, robust packages with minimum effort or skill required. As the name suggests, the ‘Spring Loader’ incorporates a unique spring mechanism within its design to ensure the bait is wrapped nice and tight. The two pronged, sprung design allows you to thread bait onto the prongs or simply place the bait in the palm of your hand (between the two prongs), insert the hook onto the tool and begin wrapping. As you wrap the bait everything will begin to tighten up courtesy of the spring mechanism. Upon completion, unhook the hook and slide the bait off and feel everything tighten up. The Gemini Spring Loader is produced using a marine grade stainless steel to ensure quality and corrosion resistance. How does it work? It’s really very simple; because the sprung mechanism is always pushing out against the elastic being wrapped around the tool/bait, the elastic becomes ‘Loaded’ as it is being wrapped around (stretched out to its maximum and wanting to return to it’s shorter natural state given the chance). Loading the elastic around the bait/tool means that once the wrapped bait is removed from the tool, the constraints of the tool (two sprung loaded prongs) are no longer present to keep the elastic stretched out (loaded), causing the elastic to tighten up around the bait in an attempt to return to its original shorter length. The Gemini ‘Spring Loader’ comes in a pack of 2 (one medium/one large).
Ian Golds Fish Measure 45cm Ian Golds Fish Measure 45cm best
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Ian Golds Fish Measure An essential piece equiptment for the matchman. An easy way to measure your fish. 2 sizes ; Match 45cm £5.99 super 100cm £9.99 Lightweight Robust
Trabucco Bait Needles Trabucco Bait Needles best
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Trabucco Baiting Needles These are some of the bait needles we have seen in quite some time. They are a little different to your basic needle. Each pack contains 5 hollow, open ended needle tubes and 1 fine needle. You push the fine needle through the tube allowing you to to put on delicate baits such as creeper onto a standard sized needle without bursting the worm. Due to you have 5 tubes, so you can have 5 baits ready which is ideal when fishing in a match. There are 4 sizes. 200mm 0.6mm is ideal for the lightest and most delive baits such as small creeper, mussel and small crab. 200mm 0.9mm this is good for light baits but being a little thicker it can be used for blow lug and black. 300mm 0.9mm this is good for a lot most sea worms and due to it being longer ideal for big black lug baits during the winter. 200mm 1.4mm This is the thickest needle which is great for heavy duty baits such as Mackerel and squid
TronixPro Knot Pulling Tool TronixPro Knot Pulling Tool
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TronixPro Knot Pulling Tool This Handy tool is great for ensuring your knots are pulled nice and tight without having the line dig into your hands. Features Colors differ from clear and black 1 per pack Handy size for keeping one with you on your sessions


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