Shimano Ultegra 3500 XSD Competition


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Shimano Ultegra 3500 XSD Competition

With its shallower spool offering you unrivalled casting ability when using thinner lines, the Shimano Ultegra 3500 XSD Competition reel is ideally suited to surfcasting and spodding, giving you effortless reach, and a high-speed line retrieval rate of 103cm per turn.

A small hole in the spool allows the line to be drawn through and knotted on the inside of the spool, keeping your outer line smooth, increasing your casting range and accuracy, and ensuring that, cast after cast, your presentation is as low-impact as possible, putting your bait exactly where you want it, without startling the fish.Fully loaded with all of the performance-enhancing technology anglers across all disciplines have come to expect from Shimano, such as X-SHIP and Aero Wrap II, this is a reel that’s designed to give maximum impact with minimum hassle.

Super slow oscillation keeps your line smooth while you’re waiting for a bite, in play, and while bringing in, while high-speed drag bearings give hooked fish a smooth run once they’ve taken your bait, ensuring that neither hook nor line causes any damage, and allowing for a loose, free feeling while you’re playing the fish, which brings the pleasure back to angling, and ensures you’re keen to head out time after time.

With a 20kg/44lb brake, this spool will quickly and effortlessly stop most of the fish you’ll find in UK waters, keeping them out of the weeds, and away from potential underwater hazards.All of this comes on a durable aluminium spool that’s built to withstand the rigours of bankside life.

At 635g, this is a reel that packs a lot of punch, without weighing you down on your way to the bank, or causing you any strain as you handle a rod that’s been taken by a big beast of a fish, in fast moving water.Crafted with Shimano’s attention to detail and user-focused attitude evident in every inch, this is a reel that will last you a lifetime, and perform well at every single session.

Super Slow OscillationRatio: 4.3:1

Brake: 20kg

Weight: 635g

Hi-Speed Drag Bearings: 1 S A-RB + 3BB + 1

Retreive per turn: 103cm

Line Capacity: 200m of 0.20mm mono

Aluminium Spool

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