Sea Fishing Bait

Having the best bait can mean the difference between catching and not.

We are all anglers at Gerry's so we strive to stock only the best bait available ensuring both you and us catch those dream fish.



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Sea Fishing Bait

Our carefully selected range of sea fishing bait ensures that you can tailor your choice to both the species of fish you are targeting and the prevailing conditions.

Frozen sea fishing bait

Of the highest quality, our blast frozen baits are suitably tempting and will help you to create the scent trail you need. You may already know which bait generally works best for you but it’s always a good idea to have alternatives on hand. It might come to the rescue if your first choice isn’t yielding the results you are looking for. Choose from blueys, Mackerel, mussels, sand eels and more to create a diverse menu that fish will find irresistible.

Mackerel is the most frequently used fish bait as its high oil content ensures that fish are readily attracted to it. Mackerel’s relatively firm flesh means it can easily withstand casting and impact with the water. Pacific saury (blueys) has become very popular as a bait while sandeel is another excellent choice for catching a wide range of species including bass, rays and pollock. Whitebait and pilchard are good additions to your bait and give you valuable alternatives when things aren’t going your way.

We will dispatch frozen bait in timely fashion and properly packed to ensure it arrives with you in great condition. Blast frozen sea fishing bait can be as effective as fresh fish and you can always vamp up any of your bait with our enticing additives.

Fresh sea fishing bait

We also keep a variety of fresh bait in store if you are local or visiting Morecambe. Blow lug and rag worms often work a treat and are worth considering. If you don’t have the time or the enthusiasm to dig your own, you know where to come for your supplies!