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  • Sunset Seven Seas Ultra Power 420

  • Harrison Rods To Customise

  • PENN Tidal Beach Rods

  • Zziplex Fixed Spool Rods

  • Zziplex Rod Blanks

  • Sale!

    Leeda 10ft Float/Feather Rod 2-4oz

    £20.99 £15.74
  • Sale!

    Leeda 12ft Power Surf Rod 4-6oz

    £33.99 £25.49
  • Anyfish Anywhere Match Pro MK2

  • Zziplex Profile GT

  • Zziplex M4 GT

  • Zziplex M4 Evo 13ft 4

  • Daiwa SandStorm 14ft 2″ Multi 2pc


Beach rods are essential items for anglers who want maximum effectiveness and reliability when fishing from the shore. Our selection of beach rods includes various sizes and designs, providing maximum adjustability and control for your fishing gear. They are easy to use, versatile, and ensure maximum effectiveness and control for anglers.

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