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  • Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait MK2 13ft

  • Century Tip Tornado Graphex Supermatch 13ft 6″

  • Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait MK2 15ft

  • Century Tip Tornado Super Match 13ft 6 Titanium K Guides

  • Century Tip Tornado Graphex Sport 13ft 11″

  • Sale!

    Penn Prevail Surf Rods

  • Sale!

    Century Eliminator T1000 14ft 10 Titanium K Guides

  • Century Tip Tornado Sport 13ft 6 Titanium K Guides

  • PENN Wrath Surfcast 14ft 170g

  • Sale!

    Century Eliminator T1200 14ft 10

  • Sunset Skandal Marea Power Surf 14ft 4-7oz

  • Akios Fury FX420 14ft

  • Sale!

    Century Eliminator T800-SGT 13ft 6in

  • Sunset Kemica Pro 14ft – 4-8oz

  • Sale!

    Century Tip Tornado Graphex Ultralite ST 13ft

  • Century Fireblade 14ft


Whether you are using needed a beachcaster to use from the rocks, the pier or off a beach we will have several beach rods in stock which you will love.

There are over 13,000 of coastline in the UK and for us to ensure you get the right rod, we stock hundreds of different models of beachcasters ensure that you can get the correct rod.

These days more and more anglers are switching over from multiplier reels onto fixed spool reels with braided line to put on their beach rods. The reason for this is because fixed spool now are much lighter and have superb line lay so anglers can use super thin braided line and hughely improve their distance without needed to learn a difficult casting style with their beachcaster.

Some anglers are a beachcaster to have sensitive tip for superb bite registration where other fishermen want a beach rod with a very stiff tip to use in heavy kelp beds and strong tides.

The build quality of a beachcaster is very important. If the wrong materials are used they can produce a beach rod which is too soft or to stiff making it a bad rod. We only stock beachcasters produced by the best tackle companys in the world, some of which are based in the UK such are Zziplex, Harrison and Century. These beach rods are not only made with the finest carbons and resins but the design of the rods are perfected over months by some of the leading experts of rod design.

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