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Whether you are float fishing, feeder fishing or something a little more specialist we have the terminal tackle to keep you catching.

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Preston Innovations ICM Method Feeder

Preston Innovations ICM Method Feeder The ICM Method Feeder is great when a small amount of bait is needed, especially when fishing shallower water upto islands. The ICS/ICM Mould (micro size) can be used to perfectly compress your bait around the feeder. The micro stem means the ICM Method Feeder can be interchanged with any…


Guru Pinger Wire Stem Pole Float

Guru Pinger Wire Stem Pole Float Made in-house by famous builder Mick Wilkinson, this popular design is a truly great all-rounder for commercial fishing. Can be used with a wide range of baits, such as corn and pellet, and boasts impressive versatility at targeting an array of species such as F1’s and silvers. Suited to…