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  • Breakaway Fastlinks

  • Breakaway IMPS

  • Gerrys American Snap Swivels

  • Behr Magic-Power Link (2 Per Pack)

  • Gerrys Swivel Link Quick Change

  • Gerrys Hook Snaplinks (30 Per Pack)

  • Gerrys Rotten Bottom Clips (25 Per Pack)

  • Gerrys Power Beach Link and Bait Clip (25 Per Pack)

  • HTO Lure Clip

  • Gemini Genie Bent Rig Clip G3001/2 (10 Per Pack) 1 Packet

  • Gerrys Interlock Snap Swivels

  • Tronix Rolling Swivel Coastlock Snap

  • Breakaway Spinlink Clips (10 Per Pack)

  • Gemini Big Bait Rig Clips (10 per pack)

  • Gerrys Power Beach Link (25 Per Pack)

  • Cox & Rawle Rig Clips (15 Per Pack)


Fishing links and clips are important tools for anglers of all skill levels. Links help to connect the various components of a fishing rig, while clips allow for quick and easy changes to bait, lures, or leader lengths. There are many different types of fishing links and clips available, each with their own unique strengths and features. Swivels, snap links, and quick-change clips are some of the most popular options. It’s important to choose the right link or clip for your fishing application to ensure that your rig stays strong and secure, and that your bait or lure is presented effectively. Whether you’re targeting freshwater or saltwater species, using the right fishing links and clips will help you to elevate your fishing game and improve your chances of success on the water.

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