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  • Penn Surfblaster III 8000 LCEU

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  • Penn Surfblaster III 7000 LCEU

  • PENN Tidal XT 8000 Longcast

  • Shimano Buls Eye 9120 Fixed Spool

    Shimano Bullseye 9120 Fixed Spool

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    Tronixpro Virtuoso Air | 8000 | 350m/0.20mm | 250m/0.28mm | 200m/0.35mm

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  • Daiwa 20 Tournament Basia Surf 45 SCW Power Reel

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    Tronixpro Virtuoso Air 5000

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  • Daiwa Crosscast Surf 35 SCW 5000C QD Reel

  • Sonik Dominator XS 1000 Surf Reel

  • PENN Spinfisher VII 7500 Long Cast

  • PENN Tidal XT 7000 Longcast


Longcast fixed spool reels have become increasingly popular amongst shore anglers in the UK over the past few years. These reels are designed to provide maximum casting distance, with minimal effort from the angler. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of longcast fixed spool reels and how they can enhance your fishing experience on the UK shore.

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at what longcast fixed spool reels actually are. These reels are a specific type of fixed spool reel, which feature an oversized spool and a specialized rotor. The oversized spool allows for a larger amount of line to be held, which in turn allows for longer casting distances. The specialized rotor helps to reduce drag and friction on the line, allowing for a smooth and consistent cast.

One of the most significant advantages of longcast fixed spool reels is their ability to cast further than most other spinning reels on the market. By holding more line, the angler can generate a higher speed during the cast, resulting in an increased distance. These reels are particularly useful for beach casting, where a long-distance cast is often essential to reach deeper water and attract larger fish.

Another advantage of longcast fixed spool reels is their ease of use. Anglers who struggle to cast long distances due to a lack of strength or experience can benefit from the simplification of the casting process that these reels provide. Because the reel’s gearing system has been designed specifically for longcasting, the angler can cast with minimal effort and with more control over the distance and accuracy of their cast.

When it comes to UK shore fishing, longcast fixed spool reels are particularly useful due to the nature of the fishing conditions. In the UK, the shore fishing experience can be challenging, with a variety of factors such as tides, winds, and waves to contend with. Longcast fixed spool reels enable anglers to cast further and reach deeper water, where larger fish are often found. This can be especially useful during low tide when the water is shallower, and larger fish are forced to move towards deeper water.

However, longcast fixed spool reels are not without their limitations. These reels can be heavy and bulky, making them difficult to transport and handle. Additionally, beginners may find the large spool intimidating and difficult to manage. As with any fishing technology, there is always a learning curve and a level of finesse that must be acquired to utilize these reels effectively.

When it comes to purchasing a longcast fixed spool reel, anglers should consider a variety of factors, including the weight of the reel, the size of the spool, and the materials used in the construction of the reel. Reels made with lightweight materials such as graphite or carbon fiber are often preferable, as they provide better handling and maneuverability.

Line Lay

Line lay is the process of how fishing line is distributed onto the spool of the reel. An even and consistent line lay is essential for good casting performance, especially when fishing at longer ranges. A good line lay allows the line to flow freely and smoothly off the spool, which reduces friction and tangling, enabling longer and more accurate casts.

Longcast fixed spool reels are designed with a tapered spool that produces an almost perfect line lay. The spool shape and dimensions are critical to ensuring that the line packs onto the spool in a consistent and neat pattern. The spool of a longcast fixed spool reel is usually wider than a standard spinning reel and can be loaded with a thicker line, typically between 15lb and 25lb test. The wide spool enables a greater capacity of line to be loaded onto the reel, allowing for longer casts and improved performance in rough conditions.


Oscillation is another essential component of an effective fixed spool reel for beach casting in the UK. Oscillation is the motion of the spool inside the reel. In a fixed spool reel, oscillation is responsible for laying the line onto the spool at the correct angle and ensuring an even line lay.

The oscillation mechanism in a longcast fixed spool reel is usually a combination of a worm gear and a cam. The worm gear turns the oscillation cam, which moves the spool both back and forth and up and down, thus laying the line evenly onto the spool. The worm gear and cam system of a longcast fixed spool reel is a significant improvement over a standard spinning reel, providing increased casting distance and accuracy.

Drag Strength

Drag strength is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a longcast fixed spool reel for beach casting in the UK. Drag strength refers to the tension on the fishing line when a fish pulls on it. A good drag system ensures the line can stretch sufficiently to prevent it from breaking, but it must retain enough tension to tire and control the fish.

The drag system in a longcast fixed spool reel usually consists of multi-discs that are made of cork or carbon fiber. The discs are placed inside the reel, and the tension is adjusted by tightening or releasing a knob on the reel’s handle. A good drag system allows the angler to adjust the tension in response to changing conditions and the size of the fish being targeted.

Spool Shape

Spool shape is another factor to consider when selecting a longcast fixed spool reel for beach casting in the UK. The spool should be designed to help reduce friction, ensuring that the line flows smoothly. A spool with a concave shape can increase the distance of the cast, while a flat spool can enable more accurate casting. The diameter of the spool can also affect the line lay and casting distance.

Many fixed spool reels for beach casting in the UK have tapered spools with wider diameters. The design of the spool enables the line to flow more freely, increasing casting distance and accuracy. The shape and dimensions of the spool are an essential part of the cast, and choosing the right spool shape can make a big difference in the success of the cast.

Ultimately, longcast fixed spool reels are an excellent investment for any angler looking to improve their casting distance and reach deeper water. They provide a significant advantage over traditional spinning reels and can enhance the overall fishing experience. While they may not be suitable for every angler, those who are willing to invest in these reels can expect to see a significant improvement in their fishing success.

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