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Gerrys Micro Drop Shot Kit 70 Piece

Gerrys Micro Drop Shot Kit 50 Piece This fantastic drop shot pack offers not only great value for money but the quality and the amount of lures included is superb, this pack includes 20x Lumi Shrimps, 12x Drop Shot Hooks, 8x Mixed Drop Shot weights from 4 – 12g and 10x Drop Shot Micro Shads….


Savage Gear Smash Tail Minnow 170 17cm 72g

Savage Gear Smash Tail Minnow 170 17cm 72g The Savage Gear Smash Tail Minnow is a topwater lure with a difference! Its hard body design with semi soft fins and spinning tail makes it stand out from the rest!. The spinning turning tail creates a lot of disturbance and sound when retrieved through the water just like an injured baitfish, This…


Mepps Aglia Bronze

Mepps Aglia Bronze Mepps spinners have stood the test of time and have caught stacks of fish in the process, They are one of very few old lures that are still used today due to their fantastic fish catching capability. 360 degrees rotating blade Super sharp treble hook Solid design #0 – 2.5g #1 –…


Savage Gear Raw 49 Lure Trace 20cm 7kg

Savage Gear Raw 49 Lure Trace 20cm 7kg Ultra fine and soft uncoated carbon steel wire, twined in each end for finese presentation of small hard and soft lures 3 traces per pack